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Fundamentally Better Home Cleanings

Our team has combined the best of the hospitality industry with some of the worlds top engineers to create a fundamentally better cleaning experience from the ground up.  There are 6 key advantages to TIDY:


Get exactly what you want done in the home.  Snap a photo of how you want the pillows on your bed to look.  Show exactly where the spatula goes.  All from our mobile app.


Schedule Assurance & Notifications

Every person has a different schedule, with different priorities.  Some people prefer the same Homekeeper, and if they can't make it to an appointment, skip it.  Others prefer to maximize reliability and make sure a cleaning gets done.  We support both.  Set your Schedule Assurance settings, and TIDY will automatically make scheduling requests for you.

TIDY sends notifications to help you know exactly what is going on with your Homekeeper and inside your home.  Homekeepers are human, and occasionally stuff happens.  We update you as soon as we can about any unforseen circumstances so you can plan your life and get the most transparency.

Customize the rooms to be cleaned


We start you with the most popular To Dos based on your type of home, but you can control exactly what is done down to the minute.  



"I have used other housekeepers and TIDY has something special. My house is clean now ALL the time!"

"Everything was wonderful, we were very impressed. The girls left it perfectly clean and with some surprising personal touches!"

-Patty C.
Los Angeles, CA
-Johanna E.
Dallas, TX

satisfaction GUARANTEED

If you are unhappy with your first cleaning for any reason, we will offer you a credit for another cleaning.  To give you peace of mind, we ensure Homekeepers pass a background check and protect you with our $2M insurance policy.

Our PLans


1 Homekeeper, 1 Hour.

Best for studios, 1 bedroom apartments, or very small homes. Typically scheduled weekly.

This quick clean for the budget-conscious typically includes primary areas, like the kitchen, living room, master bedroom, and master bathroom.

(Most Popular)

1 Homekeeper, 2.5 Hours.

Best for homes with 2+ bedrooms, or deep cleans of small homes. Typically scheduled weekly.

This deeper clean has more time for the major areas of your home (bedrooms, bathrooms, and living spaces), customized to your preference. 

Mighty TIDY

2 Homekeepers, 4 Hours.

Best for homes in need of deep, thorough cleanings. Typically scheduled 1-2 times per month.

This deep clean generally covers all rooms in the home, and gives extra attention to the details you care about (stairs, hallways, floors, etc).

    Our packages are great for those who want regularly scheduled Cleanings; your feedback is used to improve your experience every time. 
    Try TIDY today, cancel anytime.