How does billing work?

At TIDY, we try to offer several billing options to work best for you to maximize your savings.

You can pick one of 3 options:

  1. Charge me after the cleaning. 
    This is where you will be billed when a cleaning is completed.
  2. Charge to hold my next appointment.  (Save 10%)
    This is where you are charged to hold your next appointment (one cleaning at a time).  Charges are refundable if you cancel, we just ask 24 hours notice. For example, if you book an appointment for next week, then you will be charged to hold that appointment.  If you cancel tomorrow, we will refund.  If your cleaning is completed, your charge will be used on that cleaning.
  3. Buy a bundle.  (Save 20%)
    Purchase a bundle of credit to save even more.  Learn more here.


How do refunds work?

If you ever have not used a charge and want it refunded, you will be refunded right away.  Just email us at  For example, if you charged to hold an upcoming appointment, then wanted to cancel and get a refund, no problem.  Just email us :)  You can see full terms at


Billing Options Help You Save

By offering you more billing options, you can optimize cashflow or savings, whatever works best for you.  Have questions?  Contact

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