5 Ways to Make Cleaning More Fun

When it comes to cleaning, many people regard it as a tedious and mundane chore that simply has to be done in order to achieve a clean and tidy home. What if there was a way in which to make cleaning fun? Well, with a little inspiration, this is entirely possible! Here’s how…

Burn Some Calories

First of all, especially if you are struggling to fit exercise into your already tight schedule, you should view cleaning as the calorie burning physical activity that it is. For instance, did you know that the average 125 pound person will burn 165 calories per hour doing general housework?

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Play Some Tunes

Since music makes any form of exercise more enjoyable, why not put on some of your favorite workout tunes to motivate you into working faster?

listen to music while you clean

Make it a Game

Everyone loves a fun-filled game, even if it involves cleaning. If you turn cleaning into a game involving every member of your household, such as your roommates, siblings, children, spouse, etc, keeping a points chart and awarding points whenever anyone completes a cleaning task, everyone will want to play! At the end of the week, whoever has the most points will win a prize.

If you live alone, why not time yourself every time you clean and see if you can beat your personal best time? If you are able to do so, reward yourself with a relaxing bubble bath or a longer break.

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Combine Activities

Don’t have time to watch your favorite tv show AND clean? No problem! Do both! This is exactly how soap operas became so popular back in the day- so moms could watch them while they were working and cleaning around the house. This is a great way to fold laundry and clean at a faster pace and you won’t even notice!

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Make Cleaning Into Mindful Meditation

Mundane tasks can serve as a form of light mediation as well. Try mentally disengaging from routine and repetitive cleaning tasks to improve mindfulness and self-awareness.

Although cleaning may not be regarded as the most enjoyable task, with a bit of creativity, you can turn it into a highly enjoyable activity!

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