What does it mean to live Consistently Clean?

TIDY has the transformative ability to change any house into a beautiful, lovable home. The TIDY Team recommends that customers evaluate their home needs and start with a TIDY Plan that will get your home sparkling clean and KEEP it that way. One time cleanings does not offer the consistency needed to maintain the level of quality we demand here at TIDY. Using a combination of our three services, TIDY can curate the perfect cleaning plan for your home. 

How does TIDY allow you to live Consistently Clean?

Tommy., Corona Del Mar - 2 Bedroom & 1.5 Bath Apartment.

"I started with a TIDY+ because I had not had my place cleaned in awhile. They got the place looking great! Now, I have TIDY come twice a week and it has changed the way I live. I forget about doing dishes or making the bed, because I know TIDY will take care of everything."

circle photo.jpg

Maria., Buena Park - 3 Bedroom & 2 Bath Home.

"With 3 kids, I barely have time to breathe, let alone clean! TIDY has helped me so much. They recommended that I start with a Mighty TIDY to get the home beautiful. The best part is that they are so affordable that I have them come twice a week. I get a TIDY on Monday's to start the week off right and a TIDY+ on Friday's to get the house ready for the weekend!"

happy businesswoman.jpg

Businesswoman, Newport Beach - 2 Bedroom & 3 Bath Home.

"TIDY is a life saver! I get a TIDY three times a week, so I do not have to worry about a thing. I sneak a TIDY+,  if I am expecting guests."