Safety is Always First - COVID19 Information

At TIDY we are committed to putting the safety of the general public as well as our customers during this crisis time of COVID-19 (also known as "Coronavirus").  Our particular focus is on our customers, including customers booking cleanings and and providers using the TIDY software to make their cleaning business better. This article is focused on safety for customers booking cleaners using the TIDY software. A quick summary includes:

  • The CDC recommends cleaning as protection from COVID-19.
  • Cleanings, disinfecting and sanitizing are generally considered essential in the regions we have reviewed. 
  • We are taking many extra precautions, including recommending "contactless cleanings".
  • If you show any symptoms of COVID-19 notify us and we will pause your account until you are better and make sure you are not assessed any fees.


Essential Activity

Some local regions have have declared an order to only leave for essential work. We have reviewed the guidance, and there has been no order (that we are aware of ) to declare cleaning as non-essential. In fact, it is explicitly recommended by the CDC to clean more than ever ( and at least some of the orders have listed cleanings (including sanitation and laundry cleaning) and caretaking as essential activities. Many people rely on TIDY to help them get proper sanitation, and we hope to continue to provide our services throughout the crisis. Everyone should do their best to comply with orders in the way they feel is best, but at this time we do not see any indication that cleaning shall be banned during this crisis. There will be no fees for cancelling in a timely fashion due to a new government order (within 24 hours of the latest guidance). If you are aware of an order that bans cleaning, please let us know and we will review, but given that drive through Taco Bell is essential we believe cleaning and sanitation in accordance with CDC guidelines is more likely to be considered essential.


The CDC Recommends Cleaning as a Best Practice

The CDC does recommend cleanings, so we are not aware of any recommendations to cut cleanings at this time. We will update this if we hear otherwise. You may want to update your To Do lists to better reflect tasks related to disinfecting, or make other changes. 

The CDC does recommend cleaning as protection from COVID-19 but staying 6 feet away from others.  
Here is an excerpt: 

"transmission of novel coronavirus to persons from surfaces contaminated with the virus has not been documented. Transmission of coronavirus occurs much more commonly through respiratory droplets than through fomites. Current evidence suggests that novel coronavirus may remain viable for hours to days on surfaces made from a variety of materials. Cleaning of visibly dirty surfaces followed by disinfection is a best practice measure for prevention of COVID-19 and other viral respiratory illnesses in households and community settings."

See for more details.

Vendors like Target have increased their cleaning efforts in an effort to combat the disease. While cutting back from crowded events is a good way to slow the spread of disease, cutting back on cleaning is likely not the best approach. Consult your health care professional for their opinion though.


Daily Temperature Checks

Where required by law, cleaners must take a temperature check before jobs. Any reported fever for any reason will disqualify them block them from going to cleanings.



Where required by law, masks are required. We strongly recommend they wear one for the duration of the cleaning (in addition to not ever being in the same room as clients). Cloth / handmade masks or reused but sterilized surgical masks are good options. We recommend leaving N95 masks for healthcare professionals. Stanford researchers recommend sterilizing masks regularly in the oven at 158-degrees for 30 minutes.  


Contactless Cleanings

We have long had our Digital To Do list, that allows you to have a fully "contactless cleaning" (enable the cleaner to do the cleaning without you being in the same room at any time). We recommend this at this time.


Self Quarantine & Suspension of Cancellation Fees


IF ANY CLIENT OR CLEANER CANCELS DUE TO COVID-19 SYMPTOMS THERE SHALL BE NO CANCELLATION FEES PERMITTED IF THEY ONLY FIND OUT WITHIN 48 HOURS OF THE CLEANING. Contact and we will make sure we get this right. Neither party has a right in this situation to charge cancellation fees.


Changed Cleaner Behavior

We have told cleaners that we recommend the following behavior changes:

  1. Washing their hands immediately upon entering a client's home and immediately prior to leaving.
  2. Keeping hand sanitizer in their car and using that between cleanings.
  3. Stay 6+ feet away from the cleaner. Waving hello is safer than shaking hands.
  4. If you believe a cleaner is not taking proper steps please notify us at

Paid Sick Leave

We have recommended that all vendors/providers using TIDY offer paid sick leave to all employees.


Please Provide Hand Soap

Please provide hand soap and ensure the water is on for cleanings.


Stay Informed

We’re reminding everyone who uses TIDY to follow advice from public health authorities. For more information, visit the World Health Organization website.  We are trying to keep up with this too, so if you see some updated guidance from a health organization please share it with us at