Co­-Branded Accounts

Most users of the Co­-Branded account start by looking at the Express Integration, but want a more fully integrated experience for their customers. With Co­-Branded Accounts, your customer can start inside your application, then tap a link to go to a version of the TIDY web application that allows them to do everything including book, reschedule, leave reviews, manage their To Do list, and more.

Benefits of the Co­-Branded Account include:

  • Customers of your application can easily do almost anything possible on, its a full featured experience.
  • Your brand is alongside the TIDY brand while they are in the experience.
  • Integration is fairly straightforward, requiring your engineering team to coordinate with ours on the right way to share authentication tokens.
  • Need help? Our engineers can help you install this.

To request access to this feature while it is in beta, please fill out this form: