TIDY API Integration

Completely Integrate Cleanings Into Your Application

TIDY has been built from day 1 on top of a robust, well supported API. This API allows all of our applications to work seamlessly across platforms: web, iOS, Android, and with Third Party Applications.

You can use the TIDY API for a wide range of usecases to create and manage cleanings for yourself or on behalf of your customers. For example, a large property management company may wish to use the API to book cleanings for its properties or a software provider may wish to allow its users to book cleanings.

The primary uses of the API are:

  • Send credit or booking links to others.
  • Book & manage cleaners for scheduled events.
  • Get alerted of cleaning updates with webhooks.

Send credit or booking links to others.

You can automatically send TIDY credit to other parties, with an optional link. This allows them to book the cleaning they want, the way they want, with it paid for by a third party. This is great for things like:

  • Sending gifts to people from an app.
  • Offering to cover the cost of a cleaning, but where you want your recipient to handle the details.
  • A simple integration. This is the easiest way to integrate with TIDY.

Book & manage cleaners for scheduled events.

You can also integrate with the API to fully complete bookings for yourself or third parties. This includes the ability to:

  • Create and manage addresses.
  • View availability for a given address and service type.
  • Book a given service type for an address.
  • View scheduled services for an address.
This is good for more robust integrations and a more controlled experience.

Get alerted of cleaning updates with webhooks.

You can use webhooks to get alerted of events that you might care about in your other applications, including:

  • When a service is confirmed to be completed by the service provider.
  • When a service is scheduled.
  • When a service is canceled.

How to Get API Access

To request access to our API while it is in beta, please fill out this form: