San Diego House Cleaning Guide

The Ultimate Guide to San Diego Cleaning Services

The demands of everyday life mean that many people in San Diego rarely have much spare time. When they're not working, they have to run errands not usually possible during the week. As you can imagine, that leaves San Diegans with little to no free time to keep their homes clean.

Get your house professionally cleaned to get your time back!

Over 20% of San Diego county use a Home Cleanineg service regulalry.  For a reasonable fee, you too can have one or more people clean your home for you.

The only trouble is, finding a good cleaner isn't as simple as just doing a Google search. It's important that you have trustworthy and dependable cleaners for your home. So, how can you make sure that happens?

That is why we created this guide.  We want to help you start the process of thinking about a home cleaner.  Then, we can give you some general pricing for services in your area.  Finally, we will say that TIDY does offer home cleanings.  But we believe in transparency, so more important than your business is making sure we find you the right  home cleaning services in San Diego for your needs.  

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Here is what you need to know before you hire someone:


Home cleaning in San Diego: what are your requirements?


Think about what you want out of a cleaning service

Before you search online, the first thing you must do is think what it is you want from a cleaning service. Each customer will have their individual cleaning requirements. Plus, they will have unique routines that they'd like the company they hire to follow.

It's crucial to establish what you want before you start contacting any service providers. That way, you'll be armed with the information they need to offer a cleaning service for your needs.

For instance, one client may only want the floors in each room vacuumed once a week. Another may wish to have a more comprehensive cleaning service. If you're not sure what you want a home cleaner to do, here are some typical examples of what they can offer:

  • Vacuuming carpets and mopping tiled floors;

  • Window cleaning;

  • Dusting and polishing of furniture;

  • Kitchen and bathroom cleaning;

  • Wash the dishes;

  • Taking out the trash;

  • Disinfecting toilets, bathtubs, and sinks.

The above is by no means an exhaustive list.  Most San Dieg0-ans end up wanting to customize their cleaning.

How often do you want a home cleaner to attend?

Once you've decided what you need doing in your home, there is another question you must ask yourself. How often would you like a home cleaner to visit?

Again, the frequency of visits from home cleaners will depend on each person's requirements. Some San Diegans only want home cleaners to attend a couple of times a week. Typically, these might be single occupants living in an apartment. Others, such as those with large families, may need a daily cleaning service for their houses.

Many householders assume they must weigh up the frequency of visits against the cost. But, here's the thing: regular cleaning will mean tasks get carried out quicker. That's because the work involved won't be intensive due to the regular upkeep. And that translates to lower costs! So, you don't need to worry about paying high fees for daily cleaning services in San Diego.


Questions to ask providers of cleaning services in San Diego

Building up a criteria

Now that you know what you need, it's time to research the right cleaning services provider for you. The next stage is to ask a series of questions to companies that offer home cleaning services in San Diego.

At that point, some folks aren't too confident of what they need to ask. Sure, they will have an idea of what they need. But, they might not always ask the right questions. It's important to build up a criteria list so that you can find matching service providers. Otherwise, you could end up with a service you aren't happy with.

Here are some questions you should ask when looking for home cleaning services in San Diego:

How flexible is the service offered?

When you need house cleaning in San Diego, most providers will offer you a flexible service. Still, you should not assume that everyone does! The first question to ask any provider is how flexible their service is. Why is that question relevant? Well, you might have specific requests that you need to have fulfilled.

For instance, some San Diegans might want a home cleaner to feed their pet cats when they attend. Others may wish to have their mail placed in a particular part of their homes out of public view. Some clients may even need some indoor plants watered.

Those are just a small sample of the specific requests some customers have for providers. Establishing a company's flexibility from the outset will avoid problems later on.

The best providers of house cleaning in San Diego tend to offer a concierge-like service. is an example of such a provider.

Can you adapt to timetable changes?

As you can imagine, when you hire a firm that offers house cleaning in San Diego, they'll stick to a timetable. It's something that both you and they will agree to before they begin cleaning your home.

Following on from the previous question, ask how flexible they are to timetable changes. There will be times where you might need to swap days around if you have guests visiting your home. Or, if you go away on vacation, you will want to reduce the frequency of cleaning in your absence.

At, we offer an innovative way to manage timetables. Using a web-based interface, clients can easily make changes to any schedules. It's also possible to customize any to-do lists so that you get the perfect service you desire. We will soon be offering apps for iPhone and Android users for added convenience.

Can you provide cleaners that speak my language?

San Diego is a culturally diverse city. As you can imagine, many people speak more than one language here. Sometimes, English is the second language spoken by some householders.

It's worth asking if the cleaning service has multi-lingual cleaners that speak your language. Doing so means that you can communicate instructions in your native tongue. It can also offer the benefit of some requests not getting "lost in translation" as it were.

What cleaning products do you use?

Some San Diegans don't care what products a cleaner uses in their homes. But, for others, it's a vital question. Households with young children or pets will not want cleaners to use harsh chemicals. Instead, they will want cleaners to use child and pet-friendly products. Other people may want only eco-friendly products to get used in their homes.

For the avoidance of doubt, some clients will ask that cleaners use the products they provide. If you have such a requirement, ensure that any maid service in San Diego you use can cater to it.

Do you offer a cleaning service for emergencies?

There might be times where you need a cleaning service in an emergency. For example, a water pipe may have leaked in your home during your absence. Or you may have recently had a party and need help cleaning up the aftermath!

How trustworthy are your cleaners?

Perhaps one of the biggest concerns that a client will have is trust. After all; they are allowing strangers into their home. It's their private space away from the world. And they want to make sure that no-one takes advantage of them.

Often, a maid service in San Diego will carry out cleaning when the client is not at the property. As a result, it's of utmost importance that householders can trust their cleaners.

Some providers claim to do some background checks on their cleaners. Make sure you check this prior to booking with someone.  Safety is always first, and you never want to use a provider who doesn't look into people's history.

Did you know that only 3% of the cleaners that want to work for us get the job? As a client, you can be sure that only the best and most trustworthy people will clean your home.

What value for money do you offer your customers?

Let's face it. When you're paying someone to clean your home, you want to ensure you get a good deal.

When looking for a maid service in San Diego, it's crucial you get the best bang for your buck. You don't just want to pay for a set list of services. You want to ensure that the company you use is committed to excellence. And you don't want to worry about poor service levels.

How open are you to feedback?

As with any service you pay for, it's important that you can leave feedback to the provider. For one, it ensures that they review any issues and stop them from happening again. And, for another, it means the service offered will evolve with any changing needs.

The sad truth is that some firms that provide cleaning services in San Diego aren't open to feedback. If you use such a company, it's often a warning sign that you're hiring the wrong people.

Do you provide the same home cleaners?

When you use a home cleaning service, you want to enjoy continuity. Where possible, you should ask your provider how often they can provide the same house cleaner.  Ask them how, if the person can't make it, can you ensure your list of to dos is accurately handed off.

Are you insured?

Last, but not least, one question you should always ask is what insurance coverage a provider has. Accidents sometimes happen. It's important to know that the cleaning service you use can cover the cost of any accidental damage.