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Look no further, TIDY serves many customers in the Hollywood area.  We know your needs and can customize the cleaning to exactly what you need.  Any special requests?  Just let us know and we will take care of it for you.  Try TIDY risk-free.  If you aren't satisfied, we will send someone to make it right.


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Amazingly fast, I couldn’t believe how much she got done in so little time. I have recommended this to like 10 friends. A+++
— Tess P., Vista St
Customer support really helped me out when I forgot to add my unit number. The homekeeper came and did a great job!
— Amanda S., Vine St

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If you aren't happy with your first cleaning for any reason, we will send someone out to make it right.  No questions asked.

Case Study: TIDY Helps Hollywood Customer Get More Time Back and Help Get Their Homes Cleaned


Testimonial from Anna K.

After having my third child, my husband and I felt like we were stretched so thin that we could hardly enjoy our family. Between taking our first two kids to Grant Elementary every morning and taking care of the baby, I didn’t have time to do much housework while my husband was at work. He suggested that we hire a maid, but I resisted. I had always been able to keep the house clean on my own, and I felt like I should be able to handle cleaning on top of my growing responsibilities.

One day, though, I looked around the house and realized that something had to change. I didn’t like the idea that my children would grow up in a house that wasn’t as clean as the one I remember from when I was young. I simply did not have the time to keep my home as clean as I would like. That’s the day I decided that we needed a cleaning service.

We didn’t need or want to pay for a full-time maid. (Despite stereotypes, plenty of Hollywood residents work hard to make ends meet! We don't spend money needlessly.) I just wanted a little help so I could give more time to my children and feel less stressed.

After reviewing a few cleaning and maid services, we decided that TIDY looked like a good option for us. One of the things that we liked about TIDY is that we could choose an amount of time that worked for us. Most weeks, we have one housekeeper come over for about 2.5 hours. Some weeks, though, I have more time to do the housework myself, so I just need the maid to come by for an hour. It fits our cleaning needs and helps us save money.

I was also happy to see that TIDY uses eco-friendly cleaning products. I don’t want my children exposed to potentially harmful chemicals. It’s so hard to keep up with what products are safe to use. It gives me some peace of mind knowing that TIDY does that for me.

Our TIDY maids have been a wonderful help. I spend more time playing with my children and I feel less stressed. Although I was hesitant at first, I’m really happy that I decided to use TIDY as my cleaning service. I recommend it to all moms who feel like they’re exhausted before they even get the kids in bed.


We would be honored to serve you and your family.  Please contact the TIDY Concierge if there is anything we can do for you.  They are available by text message at 949-438-2742 or email at

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