It’s now easy to book a Housekeeper to your home.

With TIDY you can book one in a matter of minutes.

Easily book a housekeeping service

At TIDY, we believe it should be painless to book a Housekeeping service. So we let you do so in a few clicks.

Experienced Housekeeping

Our rigorous certification process is passed by less than 5% of applicants. TIDY has a quality screening process to make sure you get the best Housekeeping Service. Many Housekeepers have decades of experience, with most years.

Safety First

All Housekeepers must pass a certification process and pass a background check before being able to enter any homes. We understand your safety is of upmost importance. All Housekeepers are required to have location services on in their phone, to make sure you can track their whereabouts. Issues are incredibly rare though, and often quickly resolved.

Customize your housekeeping

You can use our digital To Do list to specify exactly what you want done in the home, down to every detail. Add photos to make sure the Housekeeper knows exactly what you want done. This way, no mater who comes and cleans, they will know exactly how you like things.