Integrate TIDY and


Beyond worries about all the finance stuff for your property. We handle the cleaning. Integrate TIDY with Beyond today to save time, resources, and be able to focus on growing your business.

  1. You will be able to see all your reservations in TIDY
  2. You will save time by automatically setting up cleaning requests. That’s right. No phone tag with cleaners. 
  3. You can bring all the cleaners you work with and love to the app and make their life easier, too. Yep. It's free.
  4. All the tracking you want and need: upcoming jobs, completed ones and what turnovers need to be done. 
  5. Integrating is as simple as clicking a couple of buttons, see below.

Book cleaning appointments automatically once your Beyond and TIDY accounts are integrated. A straightforward process that saves you time, resources and guarantees perfectly turnover between guests reservations. See below for the steps to link the two platforms.

To integrate TIDY with your Beyond account:

  1. Log into to both accounts, if you haven't already done so
  2. Copy your iCal link from your Beyond settings page
  3. On your TIDY home page, look for and click on "Integrations", in the left menu bar
  4. Click "Add Integration"
  5. A new screen will show different types of integrations, select "iCal" and search for Beyond
  6. Paste your iCal link on the indicated field
  7. Complete the form with your property's address
  8. Select "Automatic Booking" and configure it according to your specific needs, such as check-in/check-out time and types of cleaning

How Automatic Booking works:

  1. When TIDY identifies a new guest reservation from your Beyond account, it automatically adds it to your "Reservations" tab in the app
  2. Once the check-out notification occurs, TIDY automatically requests a turnover cleaning, following the instructions you set under "Automatic Booking"
  3. The Pros you already have listed under the "My Pros" section in the app each will have the opportunity to accept the job, in the order you previously determined
  4. Once a Pro is assigned the job, they will receive your instructions, have access to the To-Do List (if you have one) and be able to communicate with you through the app
  5. Done! Now your property is ready for the next guest, without you having to worry about a single thing.

You can also combine both TIDY's and Beyond's APIs to do even more. And if for some reason you can't accomplish what you want, we offer our free REST API to make it happen, and a specialized support team to get it done.

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Easy Administration

We make it easy to determine cleaning credits on a one time or recurring basis for your team.

TIDY is well reviewed

Loved By Employees

Cleaning takes employees on average 1 hour per day. Cleaning is a benefit they will love.

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100% Free

There is no charge for integrating. Most people use it absolutely free, even with someone we don't know.

TIDY is well reviewed

Use Any Vendor

Irritating to play phone tag to set up an appointment? Add them to your account to automatically send them jobs after your guest checks out.