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You can integrate your Booking.com account with TIDY in order to automatically book appointments after reservations made in Booking.com. You no longer have to play phone tag with your vendors in order to clean after your Booking.com appointments.

Here is how to integrate with Booking.com:

  1. Copy your iCal link from Booking.com.
  2. Paste your iCal link in the field above.
  3. Configure your Automatic Booking settings to make sure they match what you want, including Check In time and Check Out time and the type of cleaning you want.

Export your Booking.com calendar

This option lets you copy your room statuses on Booking.com to third-party calendars. Here’s how:

  1. Log in to the Extranet, click the Calendar or Rates & Availability tab and select Sync calendars. This will take you to your calendar sync overview page.
  2. Click Add calendar connection, then scroll down and click Skip this step.

Important: If you haven’t already imported your calendar from another platform, bookings from that website won’t be reflected or blocked in your Booking.com calendar. You should only skip this step if you plan to manually block the bookings you receive from other websites, or if you have already imported your other calendar(s).

  1. In the pop-up that appears, give your connection a name and then click Export Calendar.
  2. Copy the link by clicking on Copy link, then paste it into the relevant field in your third-party calendar. Once you’ve done this, go back to the Extranet and click Done.

You’ll now see this calendar in your overview of connections. It takes a while for us to finish setting up the connection, so you’ll see the status as Activating while the connection is being set up. Once your calendars are synchronized, the status will change to Export only.

  1. To deactivate your export from Booking.com to a third-party calendar website, remove the connection on the other platform.

How Automatic Booking works:

  1. When we get new guest reservations from VRBO, we will add them to your "Reservations" section in the app.
  2. After each guest reservation, we will automatically request a turnover cleaning, following your instructions.
  3. Each Pro you have in the "My Pros" section has the opportunity (in order) to accept the job in the order you specify.

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There is no charge for integrating. Most people use it absolutely free, even with someone we don't know.

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Irritating to play phone tag to set up an appointment? Add them to your account to automatically send them jobs after your guest checks out.