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Outdoorsy is a great place for people to find and book RV, Trailer, and Camper rentals.

But organizing and scheduling the cleaning after each guest finishes can be hard! With TIDY, you can make this easy.

Integrate Outdoorsy with TIDY to automatically sync guest reservations from Outdoorsy into your TIDY account. Then, set up your Automatic Booking preferences to schedule a job of your choosing. The cleaner will automatically have your TIDY digital to-do list available to them, to help ensure they get the job done right.

While unfortunately Outdoorsy is a bit harder to work with than some, there are at least 2 ways to integrate Outdoorsy with TIDY:

1) iCal - Some people have been able to set up an iCal link:

The URL will be formatted something like this:

https://printer.outdoorsy.com/calendars/[YOURID]/bookings.ics?token=[UNIQUE TOKEN]

2) Zapier - Outdoorsy has a software tool called Wheelbase, and they have a Zapier integration. You can use Zapier to integrate TIDY and Wheelbase/Outdoorsy.

Feel free to contact us to set something up so we can look at your setup, and help you get this right.

Note: Make sure you have the address at the correct location where the cleaning is to occur. Since integrations work to automatically schedule to a specific location, if the RV is changing locations for each cleaning, you would need to manually schedule each one and specify the location.

We look forward to helping you with your RV, Trailer, or anything else that needs cleaning or maintenance.

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There is no charge for integrating. Most people use it absolutely free, even with someone we don't know.

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Irritating to play phone tag to set up an appointment? Add them to your account to automatically send them jobs after your guest checks out.