Huge Updates to Our Member Homepage

Over 55 Updates To Make Scheduling Cleanings Easy

Home Cleaning App Updates

We are excited to announce our biggest update ever to your member homepage.  You can now:

  • See in real-time what the status of your cleaning is.
  • Be able to easily give detailed feedback after each cleaning.
  • If your Homekeeper has an issue, you can resolve it instantly online so your cleaning happens as you want it, when you want it.  No need to contact support!
  • Not 100% happy with a cleaning?  Easily replace a homekeeper and get instant credit :)

Here are some more features that came out in this release!  It is a big one:

  • Improved templates for one time TIDYs and MIGHTYs
  • Improved accessibility on older browsers, so you can access things from your old work computer.
  • Instant notifications to Homekeepers if you cancel a cleaning at the last minute, so they don't show up on your doorstep confused.
  • If a Homekeeper can't make it to a cleaning, it will show that online.
  • If a Homekeeper can't access the home, it will show that online.
  • If a Homekeeper can't find the home, it will show that online.
  • Enable you to indicate if it seems like a Homekeeper hit something in error, so we can get it right for you.
  • You can report if a Homekeeper hasn't shown up on time.
  • Enable you to blacklist a Homekeeper.
  • Enable you to get credit instantly when a Homekeeper does badly :(
  • Added more useful information to MIGHTY TIDYs.
  • List your home access notes on your cleaning.
  • And of course, some pesky bug fixes.

TIDY Mobile App - Now in Beta!

We are thrilled to announce the beta launch of our free mobile app.  This app will help you get the exact cleaning you want, and is the best way to:

  • Add or edit your list of To Dos for each cleaning.

  • Add notes to tell Homekeepers how to do something to your liking.

  • Add Do Nots to tell Homekeepers what not to do.

  • See how much a Homekeeper should be able to get done in a cleaning.

This is a beta, so we look forward to your feedback.  The first version is available on iOS, and Android is coming in 4-8 weeks.

One Time Cleanings

We are proud to announce that you can now easily book One Time Cleanings online at  One time cleanings are great for a little extra help at the last minute.  To book, simply:

  1. Log into your account.
  2. Tap "Book a One Time Cleaning"
  3. Pick a cleaning type.
  4. Select a good time for you.