One Time Cleaning Services

Need a one time cleaning?

TIDY offers easy online booking of a one time house cleaning. You just need to sign up and book, selecting “One Time” as the option. We know that not everyone wants a recurring plan, either because they need intermittent cleanings or just want to try it first.

One time cleanings are great for:

  • Rental turnovers that need to be booked on a particular schedule.

  • Cleanings before a party or special event.

  • Maid services on demand, to help clean up a particular mess or just some extra help.

  • Anyone who doesn’t need anything regularly scheduled.

How does it work? 

same day cleaning.png

1. You pick times that work for you.

emergency cleanings.png

2. A top-rated Homekeeper in your area accepts a time.

last minute home cleaning.png

3. You get notified with the details!