Realtor Cleaning Services and Management

As a Realtor, it is very difficult to manage cleanings for all your listings. Booking, scheduling, coordinating, all make it very difficult to get right.

Your clients demand a great experience, and you need to focus on your business. Let TIDY help you easily book and manage cleanings and cleaners. It’s simple!

  1. Easily book cleaners online. Select the best time for you, select cleaners, and watch them come! Its so easy. No phone calls required, its a lot like booking an Uber/Lyft for cleaners.

  2. Set a To Do list with all of your details. TIDY lets you customize a TIDY To Do list with everything you want done in the cleaning. Have a special touch you love to see for your clients, like folded toilet paper? Just mark it on your list and the Homekeeper can do it for you.

  3. Track and manage cleanings. We have GPS tracking on cleaners so you can watch cleaners as they come to your home, check in and out. Use Before and After photos to see what they were able to do, and show your clients.

  4. Easily resolve issues. We have tons of features to help you manage a cleaning crisis. Book multiple cleaners, set backup times, allow our network of substitute cleaners to help if your original cleaner can’t make it, and more.

Realtors across the country use TIDY to get their properties and listings cleaned, on demand, anytime.