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Automate turnover cleanings for your rental.

Our powerful software & team of experts can put your Airbnb/rental properties on autopilot. We can find you new pros or you can use people you already love.

  • ⚡ Instantly book a certified Pro from our network.
  • 🙋 Add & manage your exising pros/vendors.
  • 📋 Create & share stunning digital to-do lists.
  • 📲 Easily send job requests to one or many pros.
  • 🚀 Integrate with Airbnb & more for automatic booking.
Join over 10,000 property managers & AirBnb superhosts like:

How TIDY typically works for rental properties


Integrate AirBnb & More...
Most rentals start by integrating, so you can see guest check-outs & automatically book turnovers.

Create a Digital To-Do List
Next, set up a To-Do List to show exactly what you want done & how. Photo notes help!


Add Any Existing Pros
Customize one list of who can do your turnovers, including any existing pros for free.

Instantly Get New Pros via TIDY
TIDY can help get you new pros that match your exact criteria and passed certification.


Better Know Your Properties
Use TIDY to track all work done on the property, get photos of issues, and resolve them in app.

Features To Make Turnover Cleanings Better

TIDY makes turnover cleanings easier to book and helps ensure consistent quality.

Manage jobs anywhere

Automate Bookings around Guest Stays

Integrate with any booking channel or property management tool to automatically schedule turnover cleanings after your guests leave.

Always Get the Best Available Cleaner

You can use TIDY absolutely free with Pros you already work with. So when you request a booking online, you can opt to have it served by people in the priority list you choose. No more playing phone tag!

Digital to-do list for cleaning

Get the Cleaning You Want With Digital To-Dos

To-Dos are unique to TIDY, and they allow you to show the cleaner visually exactly what you want and how you want it done.

  • Mark what's important

  • Show with photos

  • Share with any Pro

Smart standby cleaners

Get Reliable Cleanings With Smart Standbys

TIDY can predict issues with your cleaning before they occur, like if someone won’t be able to make an appointment, and already have solutions lined up for you. Smart standbys reduce the possibility of an issue by over 50%, and what makes TIDY the most reliable way to get a cleaning.

A happy rental cleaning customer

“I use TIDY to automatically book turnover cleanings for my 30 rental properties. We have our own property management system, and TIDY automatically gets us the right person in the order we want. It's great.

Kara P.

Use TIDY to Find Your Perfect Pro

Top performing professional cleaners

Only Top Performers

Our rigorous certification process and ongoing quality checks means you can book with people who:
✓ Pass a thorough background check and verification
✓ Pass a highly selective TIDY Certification process
✓ Speak English and are a legal US resident
✓ Have green, non-toxic, pet and baby safe products
✓ No "gig workers" allowed

Relax and let TIDY do the work

The Same Person Each Time

Many clients prefer the same cleaner each time. We make it easy to develop long term relationships. You control your list of priorities, so you get the person you want and extra redundancy. If ever you aren't 100% happy, easily request a new match.

Custom to You

We don’t dictate things, you get cleanings on your terms. What you want cleaned, who you want to clean, what to do if they are sick, and more. Hundreds of preferences that you can tweak to your liking (and the TIDY Concierge is here to help set you up too). Or just use what’s most popular and go on autopilot. It’s all in your hands.

Happy house cleaning customer

"TIDY got me an amazing person to come clean. She finished sooner than expected and everything was amazing! she even put the clean dishes away which was the cherry on top of the sundae for me. She got out stains I've tried over and over to get out. I will definitely book her again!"

Jalisa B.

Simple, transparent pricing





/ month

For 2 properties.

Use TIDY for free with your own pros using all our features.
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Multiple Properties


/ property / month

3 to 3,000 properties.

Starting with your 3rd property, its one simple fee for all users & all features.
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Varies by location

Instantly book a pro matching your exact criteria from our network.
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Pricing Examples:

Example 1: You work with Ana who cleans your rental property. You add her to your TIDY account to share your digital to-do list and automatically book her for cleanings when guests check out. You send her 100 jobs using TIDY. Your cost is $0 (free).

Example 2: Your business grows and you add 5 properties total. Your first 2 properties are still free, and your remaining 3 are $20/month for a total of $60/month.

Example 3: Ana can't handle all the work, so you use TIDY to find you a new pro named Maria at $100 per cleaning. Maria does 2 jobs in a month, for a total of $200 owed that month. Jobs with Ana are still free.

Need help integrating?

We have a dedicated team who can help you integrate Airbnb and other channels, add pros, and get your rental account set up.

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