Same Day House Cleaning Services

Need a last minute cleaning?

TIDY offers easy online booking of a cleaning appointment today (within 24 hours).

How does it work? 

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1. You pick times that work for you.

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2. A top-rated Homekeeper in your area accepts a time.

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3. You get notified with the details!

Most requests are accepted within 15 minutes, and over 90% of requests are filled!  It is the easiest way to get a last minute cleaning.  You can get exact pricing for your location in a few easy online steps.  Try it today! 





Can you give us more details on how it works?

Sure, you can see more details on the exact process here:

Can you guarantee someone today?

While we try to be 100% transparent about the current state of your request, and make it as easy as possible, we cannot guarantee someone can make it the same day.  People are human, and we have to work with home cleaners on their schedule.  However, about 90% of all appointments do get served, so the odds are very high.

How do I maximize my chances of getting a cleaning today?

When asked what times can work for you, pick as many as possible.  This flexibility allows more possible Homekeepers to help you.

Can I cancel my request?

Yes, you can cancel your request for no fee.  Once a Homekeeper has accepted your appointment, you can cancel the appointment but it would be subject to our last minute cancellation fee.

What happens if you can't get someone out to me today?

You are eligible for a full refund OR you can re-book for another time.  Its totally up to you.

What if I don't need it today?

Before 8pm you can book a next day home cleaning for our regular rates.  You can also book further out, of course :)