Reliable Home Cleaners

Schedule Assurance

Some people prefer the same Homekeeper each time, and prefer to skip appointments if that person can't make it.  Others prefer to maximize reliability and make sure a cleaning gets done.  We support both.  

Schedule Assurance is a unique TIDY feature that collects your preferences and automatically schedules you according to your wishes.  TIDY will automatically make scheduling requests for you.  Homekeepers are human, and things will happen.  Schedule Assurance ensures you get clear communication and handles them as you want.

You can easily set your schedule assurance settings online, or via the TIDY Concierge.


What else makes TIDY better?

Personalized Cleanings

Homekeepers Focus on what is important to you, not someone else

TIDY To Dos is our advanced feature that allow you to customize down to the minute exactly what you want to get done in your cleaning.  

Everyone is different.  By focusing on what you want, and not what someone else does, we save you money.  Snap a photo of how you want the pillows on your bed to look.  Show exactly where the spatula goes.  All from our mobile app.

Learn more about TIDY To Dos.


Homekeepers can do more in a day

Our advanced technology helps Homekeepers book other cleanings in your area with minimal downtime, so they spend less time driving and more time making money.  This means they make more money overall, while giving you a great cleaning at an affordable price.

Great Home Cleaners
Mission Driven

OUR mission is to give back your most precious resource - time.

Home cleaning takes 1 hour per day from the average American.  This is time away from people's families and things you love.  We are building technology so that someday, nobody has to do chores.

This long term mission starts by understanding what makes you happy in the home, so we can make it happen.

Learn more about our vision for the future.

Trust and safety is our top priority

✓  Homekeepers must pass a background check.

✓  TIDY is insured up to $2M.

Less than 5% of applicants pass TIDY Certification.

✓  Solutions are green, non-toxic, pet and baby safe.

Our cleanings


  • 1 Homekeeper for 2.5 hours.
  • Best for focused cleanings, frequent cleanings, or small homes.
  • Typically scheduled weekly.
  • $40-$45, depending on your area.
Short Home Cleaning


  • 1 Homekeeper for 2.5 hours.
  • Best for typical cleanings of medium sized homes.  
  • Typically scheduled weekly.
  • $75-$90, depending on your area.
Regular Home Cleaning

Mighty TIDY

  • 2 Homekeepers for 4 hours.
  • Best for deep cleanings or large sized homes. 
  • Typically scheduled every 2 weeks.
  • $200-$250, depending on your area.
Deep Cleaning

    Our packages are great for those who want regularly scheduled Cleanings; your feedback is used to improve your experience every time. 
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