Property Maintenance Powered by GPT

Welcome to TIDY, your all-in-one cleaning and maintenance solution that elevates your home to new levels of cleanliness and efficiency. Our innovative platform combines the power of artificial intelligence and the personalized touch of human concierge services to deliver exceptional maintenance tips that save you money and make your home pristine.

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“TIDY is the easiest system I have ever worked with. Adding photos to my cleanings made a huge difference in making sure cleaners set up my home the way I want. Just fantastic!”

Amanda L.

How a Typical Homeowner Uses TIDY

Scan Your Home

Scan your home, and our AI will automatically track major appliances and where things are.

AI-Made Personalized Plan

Based on what is in your home, our AI system powered by GPT will give you regular maintenance recommendations. We have helped thousands know:

  • What maintenance tasks are recommended.
  • When most people do the task.
  • How experts do the task.

Digital To-Do Lists

Create a great looking to-do list with photos. Create a link and share it with someone cleaning so they know exactly what you want done! No log in required.

Help When You Need It

Our powerful AI system can assist you most of the time, but if you need more guidance, our human concierge team is ready to help you at a reasonable price!

100% Free to Use for Managing Your Home

Manage Your Home Smarter

"I feel like I am controlling my home like a video game, like the Sims. TIDY reminded me to check a smoke detector and it was broken!"

Jessica M.

Frequently Asked Questions
How is this free?
It is free to use for all maintenance suggestions. If you ever need professional help, TIDY can help you with that, and that is how we make money.
But it's our belief that everyone should manage their home digitally, so we offer it for free.
How much set up is required?
You have 2 set up options. Option 1 is to scan your home using our app, and we will enter everything for you. This typically takes 5 minutes, and also gets you a digital map. Option 2 is to set everything up manually, and this typically takes about 30 minutes.
Can I get professional help to do things?
Yes, TIDY can help find you a professional to get things done. It is totally up to you how much help you want, or don't want.