Give Cleanings to Your Employees

Nobody likes cleaning. The average person spends 1 hour per day cleaning, the number worst ranked chore. Offering cleaning to your employees is a great benefit that they will love. For remote workers, this can be pre-tax and 100% tax deductible.

TIDY makes administration and compliance of this benefit easy.

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Used by Marriot, Chick-Fil-A, Toyota, Delouitte.

Easily integrated into your HR system.

We make administering cleaning benefits easy by integrating into your HR or Payroll system. We work with all major systems. The fastest way to learn more? A 15-Minute call.

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Tax-Advantaged Cleanings

Cleaning expenses for employee workspaces has long been recognized as pre-tax for employees. Easily clean your employee's remote spaces with TIDY.

Easy Administration
We issue benefits as credits, tracked to make sure they are actually used for the purposes of tax deductions.

Advanced Usage Proof for IRS
The digital receipt for employer-sponsored cleanings clearly indicates the employee's office-related expenses.

Discounted benefit for other cleaning needs for the customer
Since about 1/3 the cost of cleaning is travel, customers can get additional cleaning time at a discount. This can be paid for by employees or by the company.



What does this cost?

Using TIDY is typically one of the least expensive benefits to offer employees. Between TIDY's software (which keeps admin costs extremely low), the possible tax advantages, and the flexible nature of TIDY's tooling, we can help you offer this benefit for almost any budget.

Home Access Information

Do your employees need to be home?

It's up to the employee! About half of clients are home, and the other half leave instructions online so the cleaner can see exactly how to get it. Don't worry, we encrypt your access notes and only show them when they are needed.

Pets are ok

Are pets ok?

We love pets! Most households have a pet so it probably won't be a problem. But employees should use their judgement. If they have a large or aggressive animals, they may want to lock them up while the pro is there.

TIDY Concierge

Can employees get more help?

Of course! Employees can contact us super easily by tapping the "Concierge" tab in their app, or emailing our team. We offer full support to them, and to you.

* TIDY does not offer tax advice, please consult your tax advisor for specific tax advice.

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