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TIDY’s mission is to dramatically improve the quality and economics of home services through technology.

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Property Managers

Home services are an extremely challenging business. There are many property managers/owners in need of services and great entrepreneurs out there providing them. However, if you have ever had a bad experience then you know there is a lot broken. Every service is at a unique location, making scheduling hard and handling cancellations even harder. Every service provider has different talents, and every client has different goals. Communication is challenging from all sides, and costs traditionally increased when adding managers or administrators.

What was missing was well crafted, thoughtful technology to help. TIDY proudly creates a software operating system for property managers and service providers (pros) to run their businesses, with the goal of serving the majority of both.

Our software helps property managers:

  • Automate the process of managing pros.
  • Find and book the perfect pro for them.
  • Describe what they want done.
  • Customize how they want it done.
  • Get accurate pricing.
  • Make services more reliable.
  • Track and manage the services.

Each of these problems is actually really hard, and best done with software, and this is all before the pro has even shown up to do the service. There are not many software options for clients in specific industries to actually make their experiences much better. Most other software tools focus on tools that apply to a broad set of markets, but our experience here says specific tools and features are required to make the experience better.

Our software helps pros:

  • Get more clients.
  • Keep track of all clients and jobs.
  • Be amazing at follow ups.
  • Survey customers and understand how to improve their business with deep analytics.
  • Make themselves bookable online.
  • Easily collect payments.
  • Track expenses for tax optimization and more.
  • Manage their teams, to ensure they know what is going on at all times.

We have found that the best pros tend to be individuals or groups of under 20 people where the owner is very involved and there isn’t much middle management. It’s not surprising that these groups handle over 90% of most home services. We focus on this group, but what is interesting is that almost nobody else writes software for them! Most software companies try to appeal to large customers with many “users” who can pay large fees.

Our relentless focus on software.

TIDY is different. We have focused our whole company on building software solutions to help solve the fundamental challenges in cleaning and maintenance. If you believe you may be able to partner or join us in our mission, reach out!

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