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Automate AirBnb Turnover Cleanings & Much More

Our powerful software & team of AirBnb experts can put your properties on autopilot. We can help find you new pros or work with people you already love.

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Automate Cleaning & Maintenance

Smart Property Assistant

We've seen millions of properties, pros, & jobs in our Property Genome Project.
Our AI tools will create a digital twin of your property. 
We proactively suggest ways to save money & prevent issues.

Easily Schedule Jobs

List your preferred pros in priority order.
Send them job requests.
Your pro easily accepts. No app install necessary.

Let TIDY Find You a Pro

Control everything about what you want from a pro.
We help find you a match from our network of thousands of pros.
We help arrange standby pros who can improve reliability.

Automatically Schedule Jobs

Set your preferences for automatic scheduling.
Integrate with AirBnb or over 1,000 other apps.

Pay & Manage Service Pros

Easily pay vendors the way you want, including credit card.
Track payments, invoices, & agreements for each vendor or property.

World’s #1 Cleaning & Maintenance API

TIDY was the first in the world to have a open API for cleaning & maintenance.

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"I have 12 properties. I used to pick up the phone and play phone tag with 3 different people to come get turnovers done. It was a ton of work, but now I just ues TIDY instead, it's way easier."

Mark J. - AirBnb Superhost

Improve Quality for Guests

Digital To-Do Lists

Ensure it’s crystal-clear what they should do.
Add photo or video instructions.
Require feedback from pros.
Pros easily see your list. No apps or logins.

Easy Inspections

Ensure jobs are inspected by third parties or employees.
Assign checklists for in-person or remote inspections of jobs.
A happy professional customer

"It's my job to make sure things are right between guests. TIDY makes it WAY easier, like I'm managing properties "like the Sims"."

Stephanie C. - AirBnb Superhost

Understand Your Properties

Track Assets & Issues

Track assets on the property. 
Enter minimum supply levels.
Pros or guests can trigger alerts.
Monitor alerts and resolutions.

Track It All in 1 Place

A happy rental cleaning customer

“I use TIDY to automatically book turnover cleanings for my 30 rental properties. We have our own property management system, and TIDY automatically gets us the right person in the order we want. It's great.

Wendy N. - AirBnb Superhost

Simple, transparent pricing





/ month

For 2 properties.

Use TIDY for free with your own pros using all our features.
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Multiple Properties


/ property / month

3 to 3,000 properties.

Starting with your 3rd property, its one simple fee for all users & all features.
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Varies by location

Instantly book a pro matching your exact criteria from our network. 100% of these funds go to get you a great pro.*
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Pricing Examples:

Example 1: You work with Ana who cleans your rental property. You add her to your TIDY account to share your digital to-do list and automatically book her for cleanings when guests check out. You send her 100 jobs using TIDY. Your cost is $0 (free).

Example 2: Your business grows and you add 5 properties total. Your first 2 properties are still free, and your remaining 3 are $20/month for a total of $60/month.

Example 3: Ana can't handle all the work, so you use TIDY to find you a new pro named Maria at $100 per cleaning. Maria does 2 jobs in a month, for a total of $200 owed that month. Jobs with Ana are still free.

*Our goal is to make money off subscriptions, not per job. When booking jobs you see the max amount you can expect to pay for jobs booked over the following 1 year. This includes the amount to pay pros, pay standbys, pay advertisers to promote your jobs, pay credit card processing fees, and any other fees that might be applicable to get you a pro. At the end of each year, all customers who have been active the full year get a rebate back for any unused funds less than the max.

TIDY can save you $2,211 per property, per year.

TIDY has so many things included for free, that most people save a ton. The more features you use, the more features you save.
  • Included home manager software like Upkept, which has a value¬†of $60/property/year.
  • Included free maintenance advice sessions that are an estimated value¬†of $150/property/year.
  • If we save you 1 major repair a year that's an estimated value¬†$241/property/year.
  • If we save you just 1 no-show a year, that would get you more stays for an estimated value of $500/property/year.
  • If we save you 1 negative review per year that hurts your business for an estimated value¬†of $300/property/year.
  • Our team can save you 1 hour per turnover in coordination, for an estimated¬†value¬†of $1,300/property/year.
  • A total value of $2,451. TIDY¬†is just $240/property/year.

TIDY has human experts to help you.

TIDY isn't just some software website. We have a dedicated team of genuine human experts to help make sure things go smoothly. Need help setting up? Let us do it. Adding a pro? We can walk them through how things work. Have a no-show? Our team can pick up the phone and start calling new pros. Our team has probably seen it all and can help.