TIDY for Rental Owners

The Ultimate Way for Rental Owners to Automate Cleaning & Maintenance.

TIDY helps property owners get cleaning & maintenance done anywhere in the US. Our powerful software gives you complete control over your properties. Our AI helps you make smarter decisions. Our humans work to get your jobs done right.

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Shortcomings of a Rental Property Owner

Explore the key challenges faced by rental owners and discover how TIDY can provide effective solutions.


Rental property owners often struggle with turnovers between guests or tenants, requiring efficient cleaning and maintenance.

Calendar Control

Property owners find it difficult to coordinate cleanings and maintenances efficiently, TIDY's schedule automation is here to solve this.

Low reliability

Property owners may face issues with vendors arriving on time or not showing at all, affecting the reliability of services.

Property Maintenance

Ensuring timely and cost-effective maintenance to keep the property in good condition and retain its value.

Operating Expenses

Managing utilities and operational costs efficiently to maintain profitability. TIDY can help this problem by monetizing cleanings.

Coordinating inspections

Coordinating property inspections and ensuring all tasks are completed on schedule can be challenging for property owners.

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TIDY Solutions for Rental Property Owners

Powerful Software

TIDY's robust software empowers property managers with digital property management, streamlined cleaning, and maintenance across multiple properties, all digitally automated.

Advanced AI

Leverage TIDY's AI to automate operations based on probabilities, predict potential issues, and optimize acceptance rates, while receiving valuable task suggestions.

Automate all your workflows with TIDY

Real workflows we solve for rental property owners:

TIDY Integrations

TIDY integrates with your property mangement tools.

We extend your existing property management system to completely automate cleaning & maintenance, reducing operating expenses.

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