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We have been supporting the community and helping customers find great Homekeepers since 2014. In that time, over many thousands of homes, we have seen it all. Most customers use for the long term, and our positive TIDY reviews dramatically outweigh negative TIDY reviews. If we ever don’t get it right, please let us know and we will do our best to help. Remember we do have our Satisfaction Guarantee if you ever have an issue, and our concierge is available to help as well.

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When we say we have a lot of positive TIDY reviews, we mean a lot! Here are 1,000 reviews, straight from our customers.
(Updated 10/16/2018)

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Katherine FThanks Norma!2018-10-15
Delondra WJohnathan always does a great job.2018-10-15
Elizabeth GShe did such an amazing job. So nice to come home to a clean home after a long day of work. Very nice, professional, and quick!2018-10-15
Siva SNice work2018-10-15
Robert MJeremy is the best.2018-10-15
Mel SExcellent! Good attention to detail!2018-10-15
Aja FLoved it, house is sparkling, however she did arrive 15 min late and left 5 min early so I am assuming that the note about not enough time to take out the trash meant that she was late for her next appt?2018-10-15
Veronique RGood job, pro2018-10-14
Donald DDid a nice job, appreciate the work2018-10-14
Clint YAwesome job! Thanks Britney.2018-10-14
Shawn ODis a great job for the time she had shiwed uo on time and nice2018-10-14
Renee CGreat to work with2018-10-14
Stephanie BExcellent job!! Very happy with the service he did!2018-10-14
Danny LAnother great job love it2018-10-14
L'TANYA PShe is OUTSTANDING, i would love to have her anytime she is available on my scheduled days of cleaning!2018-10-14
Lora LLinnet stayed the full hour and she was exceptional! She did an amazing job even if this was her first day! She was very competent and had a very very good attitude! She has excellent customer service skills and I would love to have Linette clean again. She is an awesome addition to your team.2018-10-13
Vanja SSybil was terrific. She went the extra mile and even unclogged my vacuum. Smart, very kind and thorough!2018-10-13
Ella KGreat job!2018-10-13
Vicky MMiriah was great as she was the last time. Thank You !!!2018-10-13
Katrina OMichael arrived on time. He was friendly and got a lot done in 2.5 hours.2018-10-13
Donna VI asked her not to clean the second bedroom.2018-10-13
Aida RAwesome!2018-10-13
Gillian SExcellent. Efficient, friendly, and cleaned everything perfectly.2018-10-13
Nika SShe was great2018-10-12
Sue BVilma told me she woukd like to become my permanent clearner could i Please have her fir my next scheduled cleaning on the 24th at 9:30am2018-10-12
Dawn SThanks Louise!2018-10-12
Sandra WAlways excellent work and always on time.2018-10-12
Dawn SVery complete; boys rooms and bathroom, hardwood floors all CLEAN!! Thank-you so much!!!😁2018-10-12
Kat CLouise is the best!! She is way more detailed than any other I’ve had from you. I only want Louise from now on.2018-10-12
Susan XTerrific2018-10-12
Niki WLetty was friendly and hardworking. I really appreciate her help today!2018-10-12
Victor KRusssell said Josh did a very good job and he's pleased. Thanks.2018-10-12
Renee CGreat to work with!2018-10-12
Liz LChristian did an excellent job! He was thorough and did a terrific job! Great work!2018-10-12
Bridget FElira was fantastic!!!!2018-10-12
Karen GGreat work, thanks so much for the extra effort!2018-10-12
Lindsey SIcela was absolutely wonderful— efficient and detail oriented. She created order out of the chaos of our home. We would love to have her back as our regular homekeeper/cleaner. Thank you Icela!!!2018-10-12
Lori HGreat attitude and focus!2018-10-12
George BSharon did terrific! My apartment looks fantastic, and she really went above and beyond my expectations!2018-10-12
Bitten SThanks Vanessa!2018-10-11
Ryan KI think she’s sold herself short on what she was able to get done.2018-10-11
Connie SExcellent job with a positive friendly attitude!2018-10-11
Stephanie YLauren is always great! I have used her repeatedly over the last year!2018-10-11
Jerry LDane was here from 9:30 until 12 PM and did a great job! Please make sure you compensate him for ALL his time.2018-10-11
Kia CThank you2018-10-11
Laura DLorraine did a fabulous job!2018-10-11
Cara YShe was very thorough and efficient. Would absolutely love to have her back!!!2018-10-11
Mattie CThanks Sybil!! Sybil was very professional and polite. She checked everything off my To Do List and left the place looking and smelling great.2018-10-11
Kerry PThanks for making the effort to get to our home and taking the full time to clean!2018-10-11
Jana RAaron shows up on time, ready to dig in & does an exceptional job!2018-10-11
Michael HAlyssa, really like your work , hope you will be my regular. Thank you2018-10-11
Chris YI have had multiple people come from tidy maids to clean my apartment and hamds down Mariah is the absolute best and most friendliest employee from tidy maids. Its because of her I continue to use this service.2018-10-11
Stacey PThank you so much for the extras that you did. My son an I were so happy to see our beds made. And my whole soul relaxed when I saw the vacuumed carpets and the cleaned up toys. Thank you so much!!!2018-10-11
Nicole LLauren was great!! Thank you so much :)2018-10-11
Robin SPenny did an incredible job. Best housekeeper that I have ever had. Attention to every detail. Very personable and wanting to please.2018-10-11
kaeton lshe was awesome!!!2018-10-11
Anna BJoan is AMAZING!2018-10-11
Hilary MPer usual, Elizabeth did a meticulous job! Thank you, Elizabeth!2018-10-11
Sandra MKarina did a great job! I hope yo see her again.2018-10-11
maria SAlma did such a great job. Thank you.2018-10-11
Anastasia NLorraine did a great job!2018-10-10
Nathan & Jayme HSharon did a great job!!2018-10-10
Scott BGreat work thanks a million!2018-10-10
Nina YWas great as usual :)2018-10-10
Margaret PGreat job! Really appreciate your thoroughness!2018-10-10
Taylor MThanks Ramona our place looks great!!2018-10-10
Christopher TShe's friendly, efficient, and thorough! Can't ask for more.2018-10-10
Meghan LThank you! Mariah did a great job. We would be happy to have her back.2018-10-10
DeDe MThanks Henry! We appreciate all you do for us.2018-10-10
christine sShe was pleasant and had a great attitude and SPOKE ENGLISH!! Did a great and thourough job!2018-10-10
Lee Anne DAttention to detail, excellent work! Communicates arrival and questions throughout service window.2018-10-10
Tasha SJeremy was right on time and got everything on my list done. This house looked great!2018-10-10
Melissa GFast, efficient and nice!2018-10-10
Michael FTeresa did an amazing job. I want her to be my permanent person.2018-10-10
Paulina CVery well done! She did an amazing job the house looks spotless. Arrived on time and got pretty much everything done on the to do list. Thank you,Geraldine!2018-10-10
Edine SElizabeth is great, she works fast but thorough. She's also very kind and polite.2018-10-10
Sonya CAna did a great job. My house has never been so clean and organized! She was very attentive and organized.2018-10-10
Elizabeth SI am so grateful for the work Vilma did. She cleaned the house thoroughly and beautifully. She went above and beyond any cleaner from Tidy that I have experienced. She was also a good listener and communicator.2018-10-10
Mel SExcellent work. He's on our ""go-to"" list, now.2018-10-09
Reyna FLauren is absolutely great, love having her!2018-10-09
Elizabeth BThank you so much! Polite, quick, and efficient. :)2018-10-09
Melissa CSuzzane arrived on time and she stayed late than the alotted time. She was friendly and did a great job2018-10-09
Jennifre SKaren was great to work with. We had a good open communication right from the start. She is very easy going took directions and recommendations very well.2018-10-09
Sabrina HWalberto was great! Very polite and thorough. Hope to have him again.2018-10-09
Pam PTanya is simply the best employee you have! She actually cleans to where I don't have to go around and clean things that were missed. Please send me only Tanya!2018-10-09
Lellie SGeorgette was amazing. Did a great job & worked around our kids that were home from school!2018-10-09
Brien RGREAT JOB !!!!!!2018-10-09
Melanie LAida was great!! She even dusted the big photo frame! Five Stars!2018-10-09
teresa fExceptional!! My husband has never commented on the cleanings before, but this one he made 3 comments on how great a job was done. No joke. Remember the folgers coffee commercial from the 70s? The wife thinks, he's never asked for a second cup when i make coffee... that's because it isn't folgers. Well, that's exactly what happened today. He loved how clean everything was, repeatedly. Thanks so much!!!! You rock!2018-10-09
Denise MOnce again Rosa was great! Highly recommend.2018-10-09
Katherine HVery polite and through. Amazing job!2018-10-09
Deanna CGreat job!2018-10-08
Gavin GAlways great!2018-10-08
Will BThank you! Great job.2018-10-08
Nikki BJennifer did a great job and was very accomodating and pleasant!2018-10-08
Brian EGreat service2018-10-08
Barb RTetyana is the best!!! Much appreciate the great work she does!!2018-10-08
Helen VShe the best!! So happy!!2018-10-08
heather rMajd did an exceptional job cleaning and organizing our clutter. He went above and beyond and would welcome him back anytime!2018-10-08
Stacy BMy house looks beautful - thank you Anabelen2018-10-08
Matt MGlen did an efficient and effective job cleaning in the time that he had.2018-10-08
Autumn JTravis was very thorough... The house looks amazing!2018-10-08
Jill DBest cleaning ive had w Tidy!2018-10-08
Angela BJoffre was timely and did a great job cleaning my house! Very prompt and professional.2018-10-08
John ZReally clean thank you2018-10-08
Khadija AReese was fantastic! A conscientious worker and good cleaner. Thanks!2018-10-08
Isabelle JBrooklyn was great as always. Efficient and quiet2018-10-08
Nicole FNelson was fast, professional and friendly. His work was excellent and I would recommend him.2018-10-08
Greg LGregory did a great job2018-10-08
GuamM MLove it2018-10-08
Laura DKayla did a great job and my kitchen looks great now!2018-10-08
Consuelo PThank you!2018-10-08
Lesley LJonathan is great!2018-10-07
Vickie RJohan was a great guy and did a good job.2018-10-07
Ryan SThank you! She did a great job!2018-10-07
Libby CLinnea was great!2018-10-07
Tiffany RThank you!2018-10-07
Mike TAmanda did a great job. Very thorough and efficient.2018-10-06
Milford FRachel did a good job2018-10-06
Rebecca SGreat job!2018-10-06
Robin PGreat job! Friendly and a very hard worker!2018-10-06
Aida RGreat job!2018-10-06
Susan LRolando did a terrific job. We are very oleased!2018-10-06
Joan LEverything was great she did more than asked for and my house is She did more than asked and my house is very clean, although there were a few spots left on the downstairs bathroom mirror and she left a bottle of something there.2018-10-06
Loral SErin was on time, professional, and thorough! What a sweetie2018-10-06
Richie GNice2018-10-05
Sandra WExcellent as always.2018-10-05
Scott FBritney does a great job, shes thorough and does things in a professional and timely manner.2018-10-05
Sarineh MVery clean results. Shes the best2018-10-05
April D🤗2018-10-05
MeLissa WHouse looked great! Thank you!!!2018-10-05
Sarah DSuzanne did a great job! My husband walked in after work and said, “it looks like there’s been a woman’s touch on this place!” (Not that women are the only ones that clean...just a figure of speach). Everything smells great and is super sparkly.2018-10-05
Bryan BElira really went above and beyond to make my home look lovely.2018-10-05
Guam1 Tok2018-10-05
Inah HHi Ruslan, thank you for an excellent cleaning. My house smells really pretty and ready to receive my guests.2018-10-05
Guam1 Tok2018-10-05
Susan DThorough and excellent as always! She went above and beyond by surprising is with also doing the dishes we had left in the sink. We didn’t expect her to as it wasn’t on the list, but certainly appreciated it. Thanks!2018-10-05
Ray KShe did a great job2018-10-05
barry cAbsolutely awesome job. The whole house sparkles.2018-10-05
Jerri MThorough and friendly2018-10-05
alex dGreat job! Very flexible.2018-10-05
Joni APeter did a wonderful job! Thank you!2018-10-05
Renee CGreat housekeeper! Did an amazing and fast job. I hope we work together again.2018-10-05
Ken AGreat job. Thanks again.2018-10-05
Cindy SAwesome as usual! Thanks Wade!2018-10-05
Judy JTeresa was very pleasant. She arrived early and worked non-stop the whole time.2018-10-05
Erika EDid a great job just next time if we could get inside the shower to clean, that would be even better!2018-10-05
Wendy MI really appreciate the help! Amanda did everything on my list and worked efficiently. Would definitely recommend her!2018-10-05
Sevan KAngelisa was very pleasant and did a great job!!!2018-10-05
Debbie RThanks Icela for helping me out today!! Have a great weekend =)2018-10-05
Elizabeth WThe house looks great! Thank you so much.2018-10-05
Brooke DWe love Josh! He checks all the boxes for my family!! He is helpful and self-directed. Friendly. Someone we feel comfortable having in our home week after week. We love being in our house after he has cleaned it!2018-10-05
Afrouz DAwsome job!2018-10-05
Mark RNicely done! (as usual)2018-10-04
ARNAUD BAlthough the app sent him to a wrong address,Gregory called me to get the correct address and did the cleaning. I really appreciated the commitment to get the cleaning done. Thank you!2018-10-04
Louise BYou are a good friend more than a house keeping! You are a hardworker and a person that we can trust!!! Thank you Faris!!! God Bless You and your family!!!2018-10-04
Ashley AThank you so much !!2018-10-04
Dianne MLinda went above and beyond as always.2018-10-04
Colleen LGreat job. Thank you so much.2018-10-04
Chris DReally great job. Very impressive. Probably the best one to come through yet.2018-10-04
Oren OThank you Mckenna. I fell asleep and woke up to a extremly clean kitchen, it was a welcomed site.2018-10-04
debbie SHe really worked at cleaning our home. Very happy with him!2018-10-04
Rebecca WThank you Latoya you did such a great job!!2018-10-04
Bradley NPhenomenal job!2018-10-04
Shelly MShe’s the best2018-10-04
Harleen GI love samantha she was thorough2018-10-04
Julie VThank you for such a wonderful job!2018-10-04
Nicole SFernanda does a great job. Thank you!2018-10-04
Lynn PTerry did an awesome job as usual. Love it when the house smells and looks so clean.2018-10-04
Jamie DWe love Rachel's work!2018-10-04
Trevor TGreat job.2018-10-04
Laurie JBangon does beautiful work! She is fast and efficient and takes note of every detail. Very reliable too! Thank you Bangon for creating a lovely space in my home.2018-10-04
Edward CBest cleaning I have ever had by a long shot.2018-10-04
Shandy LMy first tidy experience was really poor so i was skepical going into this cleaning. I came home to find that Donna did a GREAT JOB! She did everything that i asked and the house looks great2018-10-03
Connie KHappy for the good news update. Thanks so much for your help.2018-10-03
tristan pLorraine performed excellent work and maintained a professional demeanor. I would definitely recommend her to anyone looking to get their house cleaned.2018-10-03
Bethany FThank you Crystal! She was great with communication and knocked out the important tasks on the to do list.2018-10-03
kassie hGreat job, nice associates. Thanks much.2018-10-03
Kimberly VPerfect as always....2018-10-03
Caroline DAjah was great! I strongly recommend her.2018-10-03
Joann GExcellent work. Made my bathrooms look like new.2018-10-03
Ross BAwesome!2018-10-03
Chana BVery clean. Thank you2018-10-03
Shauheen KJeanie was prompt, friendly, proffessional and thorough2018-10-03
Chad PVery clean and smells great. Thank you!!!2018-10-03
Jennifer MGreat work on the house thank you!!2018-10-03
Chris ALoved it as always2018-10-03
Hilary WWe love Khlilah! She did a great job!2018-10-03
Connie SThanks - Everything cleaned looks great!2018-10-03
Mel SSuperb, as usual! Did an exceptional job on a stained carpet.2018-10-03
michael tShe did a fantastic job. Super impressed.2018-10-03
Laura MLaKrystle did a wonderful job and she is a very pleasant and polite person. I would highly recommend her.2018-10-03
Connor TLooks great. Thanks2018-10-03
Kathy FThanks for the Awesome job!!2018-10-03
Lachelle Cthanks for all your help!2018-10-03
Jordan MLooks great!2018-10-02
Cornell CAna has done a wonderful job cleaning our house. No complaints at all. Everything is clean and smells fresh.2018-10-02
Jason BGreat job and focused on what i needed her to.2018-10-02
Katherine YGreat, as always!2018-10-02
Hutch HShe was very nice and Did a great job. I will use her again.2018-10-02
David GFriendly and did a solid job. Would like her to come again in the future2018-10-02
JEFFERY HShe did simply outstanding!! Everything was done, even the hard stuff, i was very impressed.2018-10-02
Brynn TGreat job just what i needed, thank you!2018-10-02
Loriann HThere was a mixup about who was suppose to clean today, but Erin came in, handled it, and it looks good. Thanks so much Erin!2018-10-02
Lauren WSuch detailed and great work! Thanks so much Erica!!!2018-10-02
Lori-Etta TWould love to have her back. She did a great job.2018-10-02
Madeline LThanks so much everything looks awesome2018-10-02
Jonathan EZoila did a fantastic job!!!!2018-10-02
John ZKitchen counters were not wiped?2018-10-01
Janice SVery thorough and clean. Kitchen and bathroom floors were nicely cleaned. Thumbs up to Tetyans!2018-10-01
Maria Jose NShe was wonderful and on time!2018-10-01
Chris SReally great cleaning!2018-10-01
Bonnie OI will def request Tara from now on !!!! The most professional, wonderful young lady. Did EXACTLY what I wanted perfectly. ❤2018-10-01
Richard PMichelle worked hard and finished on time. Would happily recommend her.2018-10-01
Bill NLatoya was awesome!!2018-10-01
Tracy KThank you for making everything beautifully clean!2018-10-01
Matthew KShe did a great job!2018-09-30
Zach KThanks again for great job.2018-09-30
Danny LSo far she is one of the best cleaning person i had love the job want to keep her2018-09-30
Thomas HLatoya was friendly, communicative and my house was cleaned to expectations. I’m very happy, thank you2018-09-30
Jen LMargaret did a wonderful job making our house look great. She did everything on our list. Can't wait to have her back again.2018-09-29
James VGreat job all around, and very fast.2018-09-29
Caitlin JJessica was amazing! We ended up home with all 3 kids and did our best to stay out of her way. But its three kids so it wasnt ideal. She got everything i wanted done and then some in less than the expected time! The house looks and smells amazing! She was so kind and professional! I hope to work with her again!2018-09-29
Jennifer vElira was very professioal & thorough. She listened to our request and completed some of tge task my husband and I never have the chance to get to. It was so nice having such a friendly professional who communicates on the same level as us. Thank you! Tidy for making this a fast, convenient & affordable... for my family and i to take a break from cleaning and enjoy our family.2018-09-29
Kathy AWe love Denise always does a great job.2018-09-29
Aida RGreat job!2018-09-29
Jennifer LThank you so much! We appreciate your hard work. Everything looks great!2018-09-29
Matt CWade was AWESOME! Really really understood what we needed today and honed in on it!!!!!!!!2018-09-29
Jenifer BThank you!2018-09-29
Dave HTanya was awesome!2018-09-29
Jenifer BAwesome! She did an amazing job! Thank you!2018-09-29
Benjamin BCrystal did an amazing job!2018-09-29
Wendy DShe was awesome!2018-09-29
Ellen GQuick, great work, very pleasant.2018-09-29
Beverly CThank you, Mariah! 😊Love it!2018-09-29
Shannon MVery thorough!!2018-09-29
Cori SShe is great!!!2018-09-28
fernando dGood job!2018-09-28
Bitten SThanks Vanessa! We really appreciate your work on our house!2018-09-28
Jennifer BMargaret was great! We has a major flood jn our bathroom and she left it sparkling clean. Warm and friendly and right on time. Thanks margaret!2018-09-28
Kim DRolando was punctual, well-groomed and polite. He did a great job cleaning within the hour and I was very pleased with his work. I would definitely use him again! Top notch!2018-09-28
Jill WMeyboll did a wonderful job! Very thorough! I already changed my next cleaning to allow more time to get to everything (hopefully!). Thank you!!2018-09-28
Dawn SReally great job! Can we have Oralia clean next time please!!!!!😊2018-09-28
Sandra WExcellent as always.2018-09-28
Vicky MMirah did a fabulous job!!! Very sweet We will use her again. Thank you.2018-09-28
Judy PRogeria is fantastic. I seriously love her work. Shes fast edficient and the place is absolutky spotless. She is perfect!!2018-09-28
Marcia PShe was great ! Thank you !2018-09-28
Gayle Jdid a good job thank you2018-09-28
Heidi MItzel is great! Big thank you and we appreciate having you come every two weeks. Really fantastic and so nice! Thank you and we appreciate you! Heidi2018-09-28
Linda SJennifer did an outstanding job, plus she is a delight to talk to.2018-09-28
Kristen DZoila did a great job! She completed the cleaning a little early and then asked me what more she could do. Will definitely be asking for her back!!2018-09-28
Nathaniel SGreat work, thank you for all your effort!2018-09-28
Gillian SAmazing! Efficient, friendly, and goes the extra mile.2018-09-28
Marco MI LOVEEEEED ITTTT! THANK YOU SO MUCH MARGRET! As soon as I walked in, I was like "wow...... she cared" Thank you so much. I will be referring you to my brother.2018-09-27
Robert BReally good job, please come again! :)2018-09-27
Drew KKitchen and downstairs looked great!2018-09-27
Pattie MTara’s helper didnt dhow up do she text me to ask what my priorities were as she didnt think she could complete everything on her own. She did a good job with what she was able to complete. I would love her to come back again2018-09-27
Janice MThanks Ramona I loved your service todsy!!!!!2018-09-27
Nedun CElira, you are professional and the best. The quality of your work is excellent. I would give more than 5 stars for your work if there is an option. Nedun2018-09-27
Elizabeth SGreat communication and listening. She worked quickly, and she worked hard. I hope she comes back!2018-09-27
Andrea NShe did a great job! It was a big task but ahe got through most of it.2018-09-27
Elizabeth MVanessa did a WONDERFUL job and thoroughly completed my whole list!2018-09-27
Karen SAwesome. Thank you.2018-09-27
Kate HMonique did a great job! She was on time, professional, and left the place in great shape. I would gladly have her come back2018-09-27
Amanda WAlex was great! She was on time, very professional, did a great job, and most important I felt I could trust her with my pets and my house. I will be calling her again soon!2018-09-27
Lisa LToday was our first day, and what Aaron did get done was amazing! We will get it all dialed in first day is always a learning experiance!2018-09-27
Brenda DGreat job! Thank you so much.2018-09-27
Margaret Rose SThank you Raymona for a good job!!2018-09-27
Michael FAs always exceeds expectations2018-09-27
Melba WGeraldine was awesome. She was so thorough and gave my apartment an inspection before she left. She is very pleasant and helpful. I asked her to do some specific tasks and she gladly did them. I am going to request her every time.2018-09-27
Jason PEverything looks great. Thanks!!2018-09-27
Shad SMaureen's 1 hour cleaning exceeded my expectations. Great Job2018-09-27
Tina BThank you Rosa! I really appriciate the communication through text messaging.2018-09-27
Phil DBrooklyn is literally the best cleaner we’ve ever had and a pleasure to work with. We are very grateful for her help and her professionalism! She is wonderful2018-09-26
Stephanie KShe’s fantastic!2018-09-26
Ashlee KThank you so much!!2018-09-26
Mary DAphrika cleaned the patio sliding doors today. I had been putting that off until building renovation was done. She did a great job!2018-09-26
Anastasia NChrystal did a wonderful job!! Very happy with her work!!! Thank you!2018-09-26
Gabby ZHouse looked great when they were done! And was awesome with my dog.2018-09-26
Jenn MOralia did a great job cleaning my home and focused on the areas of most importance to me. I was impressed by her speed and attention to detail.2018-09-26
Shanna GThank you so much, Portia, for your expert help today in our home! Everything looked great and it was such a pleasure meeting you!2018-09-26
Julie AMegan always does a great job!2018-09-26
Linda CRogeria was efficient and prompt . Worked very well, quick, and thorough. Great worker.2018-09-26
Chante MSarah was great and I would book her again. She was punctual. She did a great job following the requests on the TIDY to Dos. I appreciated her going underneath my living room furniture where people don't look yet dust accumulates. She also did a great job of managing her time and had no problem with fitting in the couple of things I requested that maybe weren't explicitly stated on the ToDos but were needed today. (i.e. wiping out fridge, vacuuming behind my heavy tv).2018-09-26
Marianne DVery friendly, efficient ans he did an amazing job.2018-09-26
Gregory BVery clean2018-09-26
Michael CGreat! Thanks!2018-09-26
Sheryl TTanya did an excellent job, her attention to detail was appreciated2018-09-26
Nina YAlways happy with the cleaning. It is nice to come home to a fresh clean house.2018-09-26
Lucia BMy bathrooms were sparkling when Ana was done with them! She showed up right on time, was nice, thorough and efficient!2018-09-26
Elizabeth BHe dud a great jon especially with the downstairs bathroom. Defintiely cleaned everything thoroughly, didnt just wioe things down2018-09-26
Madison RFirst time having Megan here and she did an amazing job!! Everything is so perfectly clean!2018-09-26
Judith TGreat job today, Alma!2018-09-26
Brenda RGreat fast and dedicated work !2018-09-26
Guy GI just asked Donald to redo a couple of things but overall it was a nice job.2018-09-26
Hilary MI can never say enough aboit Elizabeth. She does such a thorough and meticulous job every time! And she’s always on time! So dependable!2018-09-26
Cory SGreat work super happy and good energy2018-09-26
Elsie SI came home after a long days was a real pleasure to arrive to a clean smelling super thorough cleaning job!! Thank you!! You did great and as the days continue ill keep discivering the areas u worked on! Beautiful job!2018-09-25
Renee CBest housekeeper!2018-09-25
Melissa CSuzanne is great! She always goes above and beyond.2018-09-25
Emily ESybil was great. She showed up on time and did a thorough job.2018-09-25
Kelly BWow! She took half the time and did a much better job than anyone I’ve hired before! Great housekeeper!2018-09-25
Brian EGreat job cleaning and friendly service!2018-09-25
Lisa GTerry did a good job. Appreciate it.2018-09-25
Roxy DRogeria is polite and professional. We had a blackout in my area, but that didnt stop her. She was thorough and completed every task. I would gladly have her back. Thank you2018-09-25
Robert FGreat work2018-09-24
Jan JWhen I come home after Muchelle has been here. I am so happy! It just lifts me up. She does such a great job!2018-09-24
Michelle KCraig has been to my house twice and he does an excellent job!2018-09-24
Jack VJennifer was great, went above and beyond to clean and dry a few dishes that were left out.2018-09-24
Mel SExcellent!! Very thorough work!!2018-09-24
Melissa HThank you so much i really appreciate it2018-09-24
Veronica GThan you!2018-09-24
Barb RAnother amazing job - thank you, Tetyana!!2018-09-24
John LIcela is very polite and quiet as she works. Nice job!2018-09-24
Caitlyn PThis was such an amazing cleaning job!!! Grateful and can't wait to hire again!!2018-09-24
Victoria APortia was great and did everything i asked.2018-09-24
Jenean PGreat job and my house smelled clean. Thanks Erin and would love to have you back.2018-09-24
Amy EAmazig!!! Thabk you!!!2018-09-24
Renee CQuick, thorough, and friendly!2018-09-23
Teddy TShe's awesome. Straight to the point & did a wonderful job.2018-09-23
Kendra RCristaldo was great! Very efficient and came prepared with his own supplies!2018-09-23
John WShe was great!2018-09-23
rosana vEva was great. She was moving furniture items in order to mop the floor which means alot. Very friendly and helpful. Would highly recommend her.2018-09-23
Veronique RI recommand Josh on time, pleasant, pleasant, meticulous. Good work. Thanks2018-09-23
Ryan TRolando was awesome. Super helpful. Great job with everything. Hard worker. Highly recomend. 5 stars2018-09-23
Jacquelyn AShe always does a good job2018-09-23
Romy AShe’s Awesome!2018-09-23
John MVery fast and professional! Great cleaning service!2018-09-22
Lisa FGreat job2018-09-22
Xi YThank you very much.2018-09-22
Jennifer GShe always does a great job!2018-09-22
Maribel pGreat work. Very friendly.2018-09-22
Christina AVery satisfied. Lorraine was friendly and did a thorough job!2018-09-22
Jodianne DEva was extremely pleasant and did an amazingly detailed job! I really appreciated working with her!2018-09-22
Sam SShe was very sweet.2018-09-22
Tracy HTraynisha went above and beyond what i expected!2018-09-22
Charlotte VMichelle did a great job! She paid extra attention to the bathrooms and making sure they were spotless. When she dusted, she got the tops of furniture but missed a couple areas like lower shelves. Overall, I had a great wxperience with Michelle. Thank you!2018-09-22
Jenifer BI realize its a way bigger job than expected, but he did amazingly! Thank you for your help!2018-09-22
Salita Hgreat job on refridgerator today ! pantry next time?2018-09-22
Tiffany KThank you SO much, Mariah! My home really needed a cleaning and you provided great service!2018-09-22
Lydia DRobert was pleseant and throurogh.2018-09-22
Charity HTerah is beyond AMAZING! He is very through and meticulous, just like I like!2018-09-22
Adam SGood job2018-09-22
Rita WGeorgette is friendly Georgette is super thorough and her final work is outstanding2018-09-22
Guy BNice job. Thank you. Go Steelers!2018-09-21
Stephen WLauren worked 2.5 hours at my home this morning. Great job!2018-09-21
DONNA COnce agan, great job!2018-09-21
Krista WWe love Vanessa! She’s cheerful and very thorough. Consistently does a good job.2018-09-21
Carole DZoila was personable and a hard worker. The schedule was too loaded for one lady. I need deep cleaning. Will keep her in mind. Thanks2018-09-21
Bonnie SThank you for the good job L.2018-09-21
Natasha ASharon is the absolute best! I am so grateful for her care and excellence!! Thank you!!2018-09-21
Mary SThe house looks great! Thank you so much!2018-09-21
Mark BPhenomenal job from Rogeria...again! It is so nice to have such a clean home and I do appreciate her work and using our products. Thanks!!!2018-09-21
Natasha LAlyssa did an amazing job!!!!!!!!! Thank you!!!!2018-09-21
Janice WChrystal was great and did the best she could in the amount of time purchased. I would request her again.2018-09-21
Gabi NJosh rules!2018-09-21
Allison 👭❤️ TShe was punctual, finished all items requested and did a great job! Even the hubby commented on a job well done!!2018-09-21
Sandra WAlways on time and always does excellent work!2018-09-21
April DEverything looks great!2018-09-21
Kelly HPerfect like always!2018-09-21
Victor KJosh was on time and saw his way through this new job well. He gave me an idea of what could be expected on future cleanings. He used his time well. We're grateful.2018-09-21
Amy BVilma always does a great job.2018-09-21
Elizabeth RVery thorough! Thank you!2018-09-21
Todd GGrear job will call again2018-09-21
Colin CThank you!!2018-09-21
Lindsey SLeticia was great! Had me show what was the most important items to sort through, really great personality, very thorough with everything I asked that she do. Would definitely book her again!2018-09-21
Erica RGreat job, thank you!2018-09-21
David CBritney was super. Efficient and quick. Best Tidy to date!!2018-09-20
Andy HMaria is always 100% great.2018-09-20
Mary HZoila was amazing!! Thank you so much!!!2018-09-20
Melody RAlyssa was very professional, friendly and thorough!2018-09-20
Mary ZTara did a great job! I would highly recommend her and will be using her again!2018-09-20
Precious HThank you so much! You really did a great job and accomplished a lot for it to be you just by yourself. She was on time, she came in and got to work non stop until the four hours was up. I would recommend Yakelin as a great Tidy housekeeper. Me and my family was greatly satisfied and would use the services again. A big thank you to Yakelin for helping and going beyond for my family in the time of need. I give her 5 stars.2018-09-20
Janice RHe did a fantastic job. Very detail oriented and thouroughl cleaner.2018-09-20
Liz SStaci was great! On time and professional asjed what my areas of concern, most needed were. Asked to be shown around and got right to work. Will definitely have her back!2018-09-20
Bree AVery nice and thorough!2018-09-20
Daniel VOn time. Very personable and did a great job. Thanks Lauren!2018-09-20
Laura TMichael was great, worked very quickly and was efficient, but thorough!2018-09-20
Jennifer MWonderful!2018-09-20
debbie SI am quite happy with the cleaning job that he did. I hope he can clean my house regularly.2018-09-20
Lauren WShe was great!! Arrived right on time and was friendly and professional. My house looks AMAZING.2018-09-20
Erica SAngelisa was great! Polite and friendly and very thorough.2018-09-20
Lauren WShamira was wonderful!! She arrived right on time and was so friendly and professional. My house looks and smells so great!!2018-09-20
Audrey STere did an amazing job and was vey attentive. She worked the entire four hours gracefully, and we are happy with her work.2018-09-20
Linda WAna did an excellent job. Competent, pleasant and professional!2018-09-20
Aida Rawesome job!2018-09-19
Vanessa SBest service we’ve had yet! Thank you! Eveything looked and smelled great! Keep it up!2018-09-19
Michelle PHi Vanessa, thank you so much for doing such an awesome job at 24 Estates! With our busy schedule I cannot convey how nice it is to come home to a clean house. Keep up the good work. 😁👍👍💗2018-09-19
Elise LVanessa is the best!2018-09-19
Hilary WLove Khlilah!!!2018-09-19
Kristy WGreat work, thank you Matthew!!!!!!!!!2018-09-19
Ambra VMalena did an excellent job at my home yesterday. It looked better than it ever has before.2018-09-19
Mallory BWonderful!!2018-09-19
sean cLoveed you thanks so much2018-09-19
Connie KThank you for getting some overlooked items spiffed up. See you soon.2018-09-19
Brenda BCarlos was very thourough! My bathrooms have never been so clean!2018-09-19
Kristen CGreat job, thank you!2018-09-19
Shannon FThe absolute best as always2018-09-19
Sarah WMaureen was amazing!2018-09-19
Ashlee SLorena did an amazong job! Was super friendly and worked really hard to make our place look beautiful. I couldnt have done it better myself.2018-09-19
Stephanie MMegan does a great job! She is fast and efficient.2018-09-19
Susan GAmy is great-- friendly, fast, efficient and flexible. What more could anyone ask?2018-09-19
Chana BVery happy. Thank you. Well done2018-09-19
Alliison BReese was wonderful! So pleasant and such a good worker! He did everything needed to prepare for my new Sleep number bed. I would like for him to come back and help me again after the bed is delivered. You have s real quality employee in Reese! Allison Bedell2018-09-19
Piney KPrefer Tara. She was Fantastic!!!!!2018-09-19
Bitten SThank you Vanessa!2018-09-18
Rebecca BFantastic job, thanks very much!2018-09-18
Dana JIsabel did a great job in only 1 hour! I really did not like the smell of the cleaner though. Is there an unscented or different sent?2018-09-18
Naomi SThank you! Ana did a great job.2018-09-18
Rachel BSuper helpful!!!!!! Thank tou Aaron!2018-09-18
Chanel WShe did very good job. But forgot to take out the tradh in the master bathroom. But not a big deal, woukd like her to clean for me again2018-09-18
Sabrina CLorena was great! I know it is challenging to get through the TO DO list but she really put her best effort forward- and I sincerely appreciate that. She has a great effort, great attitude and super friendly. Thank you and I appreciate working with me on my home.2018-09-18
Cheryl HBrandi and her Team mate were tremendous. When they left the areas cleaned or sparkling and there was a freshness throughout the whole home. We really admired their professional and friendly styles and the cooperative way in which they worked together. Please thank them for us and let them know that our changes are needed because of And earlier workday and I will pay later in the week opportunity.2018-09-18
Jean Maria AMarcos does the job well without much guidance. His cheerful attitude and calm presence are a gift to the house in addition to the housecleaning. Jean Maria Arrigo2018-09-18
Barbara MThanks Mariah! As always you never disappoint! The place looks so great! We will ask for you everytime!!2018-09-18
Tori LGreat job and very hard worker! Happy to use again!2018-09-18
Kate MGreat job!2018-09-18
Peter SLetty did an outstanding job cleaning our home. She does a thorough job our rooms look wonderful. Thank you for sending Letty.2018-09-18
Megan BEffiecient and thorough! Very nice as well2018-09-18
Dawn Marie SMy place looks great after Natalie finished cleaning it2018-09-18
salauddin bgood job. thanks.2018-09-18
Kenny PVanessa is very eady to wirk with2018-09-18
Kyson JShe was very pleasant and quiet. I was able to work from home while she was there.2018-09-18
Greg HGreat job!2018-09-18
Mindy LGreat2018-09-17
Elise LMatthew was GREAT and so was the cleaning. Our house REALLY needed it and he was such a huge help to me.2018-09-17
Mel SSuperb, as usual2018-09-17
Susan AThanks Johan!2018-09-17
Kimberly KShe was great2018-09-17
Laura PCarmen arrived on time ready to work! She has a good understanding of what my cleaning priorities are and focuses on those areas. She is friendly and efficient and quiet, leaving me to attend to other matters while she cleans. The house smells, looks and feels clean after she is done. I would recommend Carmen to a friend!2018-09-17
Sherry ZHenry works very hard. I loved it!2018-09-17
Kevin OExcellent attentuon to detail. Thorough, professional and very courteous. ⭐️⭐️⭐️⭐️⭐️2018-09-17
KATLYN AJennifer did a wonderful job & was a pleasure to work with. Thank you!2018-09-17
Michala PLooks amazing!2018-09-17
Ryan DFantastic!2018-09-17
Jenilee RChristina is awesome.2018-09-17
harlyn aShe was extremely professonal, and pleasant. She did a great job!2018-09-17
Wendy vHi Alexander, Thank you for cleaning my house today. You did a great job and I wouldn't do anything differently, except--if you come back--that light weight blue blanket on the bed doesn't need to be removed. Thanks again and have a good week. Wendy2018-09-17
Kristin NWas wonderful. Thank you very much!2018-09-17
Norma LDid a lot in the span of 2.5 hours. Thank you Matthew!2018-09-16
Gabby ZSybil was incredible! Great job cleaning and a wonderful person.2018-09-16
Cora DVery good...2018-09-16
L'TANYA PMarvelous2018-09-16
Lori WShe was great! Excellent job2018-09-16
Zach KThank you for a woderful job.2018-09-16
Alicia RSharunda was great! Unfortunately ran in to a difficult situation during this move out clean. The landlord had already changed the locks and had a maintenence man inside painting and therefore Sharunda was unable to actually clean. She was nothing but professional and offered multiple times to complete the job, but we sent her home. Great “first experience” with Tidy!2018-09-16
Cara ACristaldo (C-Jay) did a great job! He is professional, friendly, and has a good attention to detail. He had me check the rooms before he left, just in case I needed anything else. If you need an efficient and hard worker, he is your guy.2018-09-16
Leonard BRamona was prompt and efficient, not to mention cheerful! Did a realy good job as well.2018-09-15
Kathryn KI am very happy with your wory. I’m also hlad I can get work done outside while you are taking care of the inside. Thanks2018-09-15
Amy WGreat job! Michael is a pro.2018-09-15
Nydia DWas very thorough and communicative.2018-09-15
Ellen GAwesome! Beat cleaner yet! Thank you.2018-09-15
James VKaren was amazing! Super fast, everything looked and smelled wonderful. Now I can invite guests over and not feel bad.2018-09-15
Andrea MMarquis has cleaned my apartment twice now and has done a good job each time! I keep forgetting to ask him to sweep/mop the walk-in closet as it gets very dusty in there. All in all, a great job!2018-09-15
Karyn FJackie worked very hard ans went above and beyond what i expected. She can come back any time!!2018-09-15
Lisa FGrear job2018-09-15
wendy sAMAZING!! Thank you!2018-09-15
Aida RGreat job!2018-09-15
Kristina HMaureen was upbeat, attentive, listened to all my input and worked above and beyond!2018-09-15
Shane PAmy was amazing. It was a pleasure to have her in my home. Any client Amy visits will have the best experience.2018-09-15
Maria HThanks Julie! Excellent work2018-09-15
Melissa GOur house looks gorgeous!!! Thank you!!!!2018-09-14
Sandra WAlways does excellent work.2018-09-14
Madison PShe's so sweet and did a fantastic job. Everything was perfect. Thank you!!2018-09-14
P AGreat2018-09-14
Susan XAlways the best!2018-09-14
Daniel LHope she can do my area. She did an excellent cleaning, and would like to have her here again.2018-09-14
Kathleen SShe was very responsive to my needs. She left things nice and tidy.2018-09-14
Pam RThanks Linnin! Great job again!2018-09-14
Lauren PAna did the most amazing job! Im so grateful that she was able go clean the house last min. Thank you Ana for taking such good care in my house and being respectful.. I am so thankful for this company. Can’t wait for the next cleaning !!2018-09-14
Lindsey HKristal was friendly and did a professional cleaning job. My apartment has never been this clean. She also put in some dishes and started my dishwasher without me asking, and made my bed in a cute way.2018-09-14
Sarah HJohan did a great job. He really seemed to care about making sure the job was done well.2018-09-14
Sara BKandice does such an amazing job! Thank you so much! :)2018-09-14
Heidi LKandice did a fantastic job! Very thorough and pleasant!2018-09-14
Cori SReally goes above and beyond. Great job!2018-09-14
Lena EOmg Jennifer was amazing !!! She even organized my kitchen, made my whole house organized and pretty! Way better then i could have imaginef ! Deff worth the money2018-09-14
Brenda DThanks so much Josh! Sorry for the last minute confusion. Glad it all worked out. See you next time.2018-09-14
Julie HLinnen always dies awesome!2018-09-14
Nova MGreat job, thank you!2018-09-14
Stephanie CThanks Sarah! You rock.2018-09-14
Caroline LNice job!2018-09-14
Shubir DFirst time user and we had an awesome experience! Aphrika was very thorough and did a great job2018-09-14
Robert KThanks for another great job. There were a couple fo things I should have gone over with you but no big deal. I'll show next time. Thanks again!2018-09-13
Nika SThank you for doing a great job. Im looking forward to see you again.2018-09-13
Michelle TLauren was absolutely wonderful and detail oriented. Thank you so much!2018-09-13
Michael FAwesome job great sevice2018-09-13
Maria BThank you Matthew. Everything looks great!2018-09-13
Katrina GAnabelen is the best! Love it2018-09-13
ryan mVilma did a great job as usual, I am going to be sad that we can't continue to use Tidy! She is always extremely thorough.2018-09-13
Pam TOralia did the BEST Tidy cleaning I've had! She paid attention to detail and worked hard for the whole time. I am happy that she didn't try to rush and leave early as some cleaners have done in the past.2018-09-13
Sarah WThis was a great cleaning. Thanks so much.2018-09-13
KATIE PVery much appreciated.2018-09-13
Cary JJaron was very professional and went about completing the job.2018-09-13
Lisa HGreat job! Thank you so much!!!2018-09-13
Ashley gThank you for cleaning today, you did a great job!2018-09-13
Nicole LCameron did an awesome job! Thank you!2018-09-13
Mark RWade is always terrific. Thanks!2018-09-13
Lynette TRogeria arrived promptly at 2:00 and actually staida littlt after 4:00. She did very good job and i am looking forward to seeing her in two weeks. She informed me that she could not get in touch with her companyand tell them she had arrived. Please be assured she was here and did really good job. Thank you,Lynette Tracy2018-09-13
Samantha PAmazing job, thank you!2018-09-13
Heather PPenny did amazing!! I will be requesting her and only her from here on! Thanks so much Ms. Penny!2018-09-13
Elizabeth BGreat job, thanks!!2018-09-13
Khristine LYakelin did a wonderful job! Would highly recommend.2018-09-13
Mary DAphrika always does a wonderful job! Plus she is very personable.2018-09-12
Kristi GRuslan is cery cheerful and polite. He is also a hard worker and did a fantastic job!2018-09-12
Yvonne FVERY polite and awesome job! We loved her.2018-09-12
Kristin CEverything looks great! Terry did a wonderful job! Would absolutely use her again. :)2018-09-12
William CShe showed up early and did a great job in the house2018-09-12
Roni JThe service was great. Thank you!2018-09-12
Nina YThank you, the house looked great today!2018-09-12
Madison RSoooooo happy with Alishia!2018-09-12
Laura KSophia is wonderful! Does such a great job and is so nice!2018-09-12
Jeff CAnneka is fantastic.2018-09-12
Cary MExcellent job!2018-09-12
Elizabeth PEverything was done with great care.2018-09-12
Lainey DRobert was great! Did a fabulous job2018-09-12
Tracy TI'll be happy to have Vanessa every time. She's wonderful & such a hard worker. Thorough & conscientious!2018-09-12
Michelle CAlma was great!2018-09-12
Keeshia SShamira was very pleasant. I enjoyed talking to her. Cleaning was quick and to par. Will use her again!2018-09-12
Emily NLatasha is a great deep-cleaner! Her hard work made a real difference!2018-09-11
Margurite GWe like Ajah & the work she does.2018-09-11
Jamie SThank you so much for speedy service.2018-09-11
Samantha JShes fantastic!2018-09-11
Don TTamya did a good job2018-09-11
Taylor MThanks Isabel you did a great job again! You’re the best.2018-09-11
Denise MRosa was professional and did as much as she could with the time allotted. I would highly recommend her!2018-09-11
Renee CShe was on time, friendly, and worked quickly!2018-09-11
Sam JExcellent work! I'm very pleased :)2018-09-11
Kirsten MGreat job!2018-09-11
Anastasia NChrystal did a terrific job! She thoroughly cleaned our home efficiently and quickly! We really appreciate the job she did! Thanks!2018-09-11
Cheryl WChrystal was wonderful! She did an excellent job and was kind and loving to my kids as they followed her around! I would definitely recommend her!2018-09-11
Lynn KRosa is amazing!!!2018-09-11
Rebecca HAjah is good, sweet and trustworthy2018-09-11
Lauren SVanessa is wonderful!2018-09-11
Henry FJosh did a great job cleaning our apartment. Very thourough and made sure every surface was spotless. Made sure all the little details were perfect. Thanks Josh!2018-09-11
Gillian SShe was amazing. Friendly, efficient and very thorough. The cleaning products she used were excellent!2018-09-11
Abbie HShe did a great job! My house was a MESS and she did a spectacular job! I would definitely recommend Alexandria!2018-09-11
Ka Wai HShe was great. Didn't miss a thing.2018-09-11
Sheryl HThank you for doing such a good job2018-09-11
David WEva was great! Would love to have her again2018-09-11
Laurie JBangon did a beautiful job cleaning and styling my airbnb! She took a lot of care to set everything up neatly. Eveything was perfect!2018-09-11
judith mAlbert did a great job with a lot of attention to detail. Warmly recommended!2018-09-10
Haley AMicheal was great! 10/10, such a nice guy and did a great job.2018-09-10
Kat CShe was the best I’ve had so far! I want her to come every time now!2018-09-10
Scott GAlba did a great job. I highly recommend her for future jobs. I let her go a few minutes early as we were finished and it gets hot in my apartment. If I had the option I would have scheduled the cleaning to start at 8 am but we made it through. Please do not deduct any of her salary. Thank you, Scott2018-09-10
Colin LGreat job:)2018-09-10
Amy EThanks! You were awesome!2018-09-10
Colin LGreat job!2018-09-10
Gavin GAnother great job. Thank you2018-09-10
Ginge CGreat thank yoh2018-09-10
Miles YGreat job thank you!2018-09-10
Herman CShe was Very Very good and thorough. Thank You.2018-09-10
Lisa BAnna was fast and did a thorough job. She even had a some time left and offered to clean the kitchen! Thank you Anna!2018-09-10
John BGreat job! House feels so clean. Floors especially look great.2018-09-10
Ronda HThanks Anna!!!!2018-09-10
Helen VAngelisa is amazing and will get the job done very thoroughly!! Highly recommend!!2018-09-10
Barb RVery thorough - thank you!2018-09-10
heather rSuzanne was so thorough and went above and beyond. We would love to request her everytime!2018-09-10
John KJoan was very friendly, positive, and professional. Our home looks great and she was very thorough.2018-09-10
Theresa HThank you!2018-09-10
Diane NGreat job as usual! Thank you, Christian!2018-09-10
Caroline LThank u Sharunda. Looks great!!2018-09-09
Angela LTiffiny was a great homekeeper. She went above and beyond. I hope to have her on a regular basis!!!2018-09-09
Geri VErica did a great job! She is always on time, and my bathrooms sparkle!2018-09-09
Merritt TFantastic job! Thank you so much!2018-09-09
Alysia KMadj was great and I would reccomend!2018-09-09
Laraine IMy place smelled amazing after you left. Thank you for all your hard work!2018-09-09
Dana SThanks Tanya! Looks great.2018-09-09
Brittany BKandice is kind and lovely and thorough! So helpful!2018-09-09
susan bGreat work. Professinal accommodating and easy to work with!2018-09-09
Kathy AWe are always pleased with how Denise shows up with a positive attitude and does a wonderful job cleaning my mother in laws apartment.2018-09-08
Lisa FExcellent thorough job!2018-09-08
TRICIA HShe was a cool lady. Showed up early.2018-09-08
Melissa HThank you!!2018-09-08
Mia AMichael was very thorough and did a great job! He went above and beyond in cleaning my kitchen and restroom. Thanks Michael!2018-09-08
Randy FGreat job2018-09-08
Milford FGood Job Rachel2018-09-08
Jerred MAlma was great and was very accomendating. I will use the service again.2018-09-08
Thom RExcellent. Professional proficient polite! Janet was great from start to finish... -TSR2018-09-08
Charles PJanet was wonderful! Excellent work and friendly!2018-09-08
Stephen SDid a great job, and was very fast. Easy to work with. Will Will Hey great job and was fast. Easy to work with. Will use again use again2018-09-08
Jamie TKatrina did a great job! We would like to schedule her again in approximately 1 month. Thank you!2018-09-08
Heather ABrielle did an absolutely perfect job!! Thank you. Great forst experience.2018-09-08
Erin SRolando did a great job2018-09-08
Brooke BFaris was great. Updated me frequently and asked for preferences. I would definaty use your service and Feris again.2018-09-08
Rick ASusbeth did a great job. I look forward to seeing her again!2018-09-08
cheryl hJohan did an awesome job, didn't have to supervise him he was very thorough. was punctual too.2018-09-08
Laura PDonald was very nice, arrived on time, and did a good job2018-09-07
Aaron GNice job!2018-09-07
Laura PChanel is very eager to help and has a great attitude!2018-09-07
April D☺️2018-09-07
Zoe JProfessional and on task2018-09-07
Neda MShe is amazing!!! Best cleaner from Tidy ive ever had!2018-09-07
Bonnie SGood job Linnin, thank you!2018-09-07
Kathleen CIt was good but I think we need to schedule a longer time so more can get completed. Our place is big so it makes sense to increase the service. Chanel did a great job !2018-09-07
Patty DNice job! Thank you!2018-09-07
Ellen GEverything was done well. She did clean the tub in the master bath, as well as the rest of the bathroom.2018-09-07
Bella LDear Tetyana, thank you for your cleaning.2018-09-07
DONNA CJohan was friendly and thorough, he did a great job!2018-09-07
Gabi NJosh was great! This was my first experience with using a homekeeping service and I’m so happy I did! Josh was professional, pleasant, and did a fantastic job!2018-09-07
Bitten SThanks so much Vanessa! It was such a pleasure to come home today, we really appreciate your hard work.2018-09-07
Sandra WExcellent as always!2018-09-07
Sharon SExcellent job2018-09-07
Cynthia FSmelled great2018-09-07
Stephanie PThanks, Alex! You did a lot in an hour. So nice to come home to a clean house. 😌2018-09-07
Robin SNina - thank you for a great job! It says you don't normally work my area but I thought you said you will be back next time. Robin2018-09-07
Robyn RLoved her attention to details; particularly in the bathrooms!2018-09-07
Tania CTerrese was great! Our house looks super clean and smells amazing. She took her time and scrubbed every surface. I'm very happy with her work.2018-09-07
Mark BHouse was sparkling!! Can't say enough good things.2018-09-07
Carl SLovr it great service2018-09-07
Rachel AAmanda did a great job in a short amount of time!! The house looks awesome!2018-09-07
Sean LBeyond expectations, focussed, professional.2018-09-07
Tara GMaria did a wonderful job cleaning the downstairs floor of my apartment. Very impressed with her attention to detail!2018-09-07
Jennifer CWalberto is excellent.2018-09-06
Louise BI simply like her!!! She is a very good house cleaner and a very good person too!!!2018-09-06
Jodie EThank you, Abbey. We doo appreciste your hard work:)2018-09-06
Dianne MLove Linda. She is the best.2018-09-06
Natalie MKayla was thorough, prompt, friendly, and did a great job! Thanks!2018-09-06
Kelsey AEverything always looks great! Thank you!2018-09-06
Sabrina HOn time and flexible with our cleaning needs. Very thorough job!2018-09-06
Anna BShe is amazing, I wish she was available as my regular person!2018-09-06
Kelly TI came home to a great cleaning service by Josh. He even left a note of everything he completed.2018-09-06
Kelly RHe did a GREAT JOB! We have a lot of pets and I was impressed that he got so much pet fur off the furniture. Our only suggestion - my roommate was unaware that he was a Tidy employee when he knocked on the door because there was nothing identifying him as such - perhaps a name tag with Tidy's logo or a shirt that has the logo would be a good idea!2018-09-06
Cheryl PAlma was great a pleasure2018-09-06
Lorey MI would like to schedule Itzel for future cleanings if possible. The time and day can be changed to accommodate availability. Let me know. Thanks!2018-09-06
Amanda DLove Edith! She does a great job!2018-09-06
Caitlyn MErika did a great job! The house was very clean when I got home, I could tell she did a thorough job. The only improvement I'd suggest is to make the bed properly by pulling the fitted sheet tight and tucking both that one and the flat sheet in. They were kind of just laid loosely on top. Great job overall though!2018-09-06
Diana SThank you Tanya - Everything looked Great!2018-09-06
Greer KThank you Janet!!!2018-09-06
Nicole SNice work! Thank you!2018-09-06
Kate SJeannie did an amazing job. Great attention to detail! Look forward to using her again2018-09-06
Sarah MShe did such a good job maximizing the time she had here! It looks amazing! I cant believe she was only here for an hour. Great job!2018-09-06
Marty FSarah was great and will definitly use agin and will recomend to friends.2018-09-06
Hilary MElizabeth is so thorough and cleans with a terrific attention to detail. It’s like coming gome to a hotel!2018-09-06
Jamie DNatalie’s work is awesome!! Please keep us posted if she can come again :)2018-09-06
Tara ZLauren did a great job cleaning. The place looks wonderful!2018-09-05
Kim AShe did amazing and would love to have her back when the time comes.2018-09-05
Michelle DReese was great! We'd love to have him back.2018-09-05
Elise LVanessa is awesome! Our house is always so much nicer after she’s here.2018-09-05
Megan OMy place looked AMAZING and so clean! Thank you for being so diligent and taking such care. I appreciate it!2018-09-05
Sheela SKitchen dishes and bathrooms were done well!2018-09-05
Barbara BJeremy was a hard worker, attention to detail. He can comeback anytime.2018-09-05
Morgan HI was extremely happy with her work. You are my go to for cleaning!! Thank you!!2018-09-05
Margaret HI wish he was my normal guy. Did a great job and got a lot done in the timeframe, very happy with him. Gpt cat hair off the couch that i struggle with! He’s amazing, would be happy to have hime back anytime.2018-09-05
Joann HMichelle helped to make my house look great for my party! Thanks Michelle.2018-09-05
Chris RYakelin did an excellent job. Very professional and efficient.2018-09-05
Ruth BHeather is professional, efficient, did a great job cleaning, and had a super positive attitude and energy.2018-09-05
kathleen bthank you once again for such a lovely job.2018-09-05
Connie KThanks as always for your good job!2018-09-05
Elisabeth AJoan did a fantastic and thorough job!2018-09-05
Andy REverything looks great- thanks!2018-09-05
Susan CThank you so much for makibg my house sparkle for the wedding.2018-09-05
Mark NThanks Vanessa, Great Job !! 👍2018-09-05
merle mGreat job2018-09-05
David SI’ve had several different cleaners with Tidy, Lorraine exceeded all of the previous work done and I would like her to return for future cleanings.2018-09-05
John ZThanks2018-09-05
Ted KI'll gladly take Rosa for all of my cleanings!2018-09-05
Chana BThank you so much. Very thorough.2018-09-05
Robin SThank you! My floors look amazing!2018-09-05
Delondra Wgreat job!2018-09-04
Pat AThank u. So much. Looks great. Have a great week.2018-09-04
Sara OGreat job!2018-09-04
Chanel WShe did quick and well2018-09-04
Jen FI loved waking into a well-done, freshly cleaned apartment. Fantastic job woth great attention to detail!2018-09-04
P AShe is happy and pleasant to have in my home.2018-09-04
Bradley NHouse looks amazing! You always do such a wonderful job!2018-09-04
Jawana FShe was Awesome! Very detailed got all the nooks and crannies in just 1 hour!2018-09-04
Kendra BThe place looks great, thanks Lauren!2018-09-04
Lucy MAlways a great job.2018-09-04
Christine VShe did an awesome job. The house waa very clean.2018-09-04
Alex SThank you!2018-09-04
Faustino SShe was good cleaning2018-09-04
Mary VLakeda is amazingly thorough! Highly recommend her!2018-09-04
Jan Mthanks for cleaning! My place looks great!2018-09-04
Robert KGreat job. Great guy! Thank you. This was a gift for my wife for our anniversary.2018-09-04
Tyler VTanya did a great job. Our place was not the cleanest so we were not expecting her to complete all the tasks, but she just about got to everything. She was on time and finished after the expected 2.5 hours. I highly recommend Tanya. Thank you!2018-09-04
Alexa WMatthew was thorough and even asked me if the cleaning was acceptable or if he missed anything.2018-09-04
Belle LAwesome clean! Thank you!2018-09-04
David SAwesome and thorough job!!!2018-09-04
Michele KMark did a great job, thanks!2018-09-04
Cody WCleaning was incredible!2018-09-03
Mel SSuperb, as usual.2018-09-03
Kianna GIcela did a wonderful job!!!!! Best clean I’ve had so far on tidy. She went above and beyond and what was once a terrible mess in my kitchen and living room is now spotless and beautiful!!2018-09-03
Suva RElsa, Thank you for staying 2 1/2 hours whole time cleaning my place. I loved your work. Thank you so much!2018-09-03
walker d👍🏼👍🏼2018-09-03
Jessica DShe was awesome as always!! She takes great care of my place and is super friendly!2018-09-03
Heather HThank you so much for doing a beautiful job, Shawn! (I’m sorry I spelled your name incorrectly in my texts!). I was so nervous about my in-laws coming back to a messy house and you set me at ease by cleaning it beautifully and with calm confidence. Sorry I had to be in the frontroom w/mu baby🙄. I know that can be frustrating. You overcame). We welcome you back!... Maybe you can do MY house, next time:)?2018-09-03
Sandra PRolando did a great job!2018-09-02
Anna FLoved sybil, she did an aweslme job!! I will definitely be looking to schedule her again.2018-09-02
Chana BVery thorough. Thank you2018-09-02
France BMaria was great!2018-09-02
Clint YBritney is the best!!! Thanks!2018-09-02
Michelle sJanet did a great job! Thank you!2018-09-02
Ruta LAbbey left our house sparkling clean. Thank you.2018-09-02
Jacquelyn AAnother great job by Denise2018-09-02
Heidi LErika did an excellent, thorough job and completed as much of our To-Do list as she could in the 1-hour time frame. Very professional, friendly demeanor too. I would highly recommend her!2018-09-02
Brittany DThank you! Super wonderful job. Im active duty military and dont get alot of time to take care of the little things, so the help today was huge!2018-09-02
Erica GHouse looks and smells amazing! Sybil even got all the gunk off of the stovetop!2018-09-02
Sylvia MThanks you, Carmen. It was very nice meeting you and i aloreciate your hard work this morning.2018-09-01
Leif EGreat job and house looks fantastic. And she was able to a little early as well!2018-09-01
Emerald JAlma did an excellent job! She did an especially great job on our floors which are always so gross.2018-09-01
Joy WOscar did a great job! He was kind and cleaned the entire house in the time allotted. We appreciated his attention to the details. Thanks Oscar!2018-09-01
Mumtaz TTanya did everything i needed and worked super hard.2018-09-01
Val GAmazing job - super thirough2018-09-01
Marc SOn time, did a nice job and communicated well. Very professional.2018-09-01
Bapa Rao KGood job, very professional.2018-09-01
Geoff JThank you!2018-09-01
Beverly CThank you, Mariah!! Mom is sooooo happy! 😊2018-09-01
Sandra WGood work as always!2018-08-31
Cindy BCarol did a great job. Thank You.2018-08-31
Abby VLiane did an amazing job! We haven't seen our home this clean in a long time and will definitely be using her again. Plus, she was very pleasant, sweet and had a great attitude.Thank you so much Liane!2018-08-31
Jeff CJennifer is fantastic.2018-08-31
Abbie CGreat job today! Very friendly and professional. She listened to my current needs and ensured those were met first.2018-08-31
Lynn PGreat job again by Terry. Really appreciate the work she does. The house looks great.2018-08-31
Lourdes LYou did a great job in such a limited time, as well as being great with an animal in the house. Thank you!2018-08-31
Kathryn GThank you!2018-08-31
David NRosa was really wonderful, very kind and polite ! She did a good job on a very challenging area (extreme dust build up). We definitely will request her to come back again. Regards, David & Robin2018-08-31
Natalie DVery thourough and friendly! Went above snd beyond.2018-08-31
Charlotte FSuper sweet ans did a great job!2018-08-31
Abi WShe was fantastic2018-08-31
Taryn TEdith always does an amazing job!2018-08-31
Geraldine RRaymona did a superlative job!! So much attention to detail, every inch of our home sparkled when I got home, and I am especially grateful to Raymona. Thank you for being here and for all your hard work.2018-08-31
Danielle BGirard did a very thorough job - I'm impressed with what he got done within the time frame. He was super friendly, too!2018-08-31
Richard PAnna was great! Great woman, great work ... very personalble!2018-08-31
Diane dThank you Tanya the house looked and felt great. Excellent Job!!2018-08-31
Donald PDenise cleaned very well with the mess of an apartment she had to work with. Very hard worker.2018-08-31
Leslie FTanya was terrific. When the 2nd cleaner cancelled, I explained that I needed to get my home cleaned for tomorrow’s walk through with my lamdlord before my move out next week. Tanya undestood the need to get as much done as possible. We worked together to prioitize the work and she did an excellent job of deep cleaning the priorized rooms. Thank you Tanya!2018-08-31
Brooke HGreat job!2018-08-30
Joel BRosanna did a great job in our 2-bed apartment. Thanks, Rosanna!2018-08-30
Mary OLinda is great! She arrived on time, was very thorough, and she seems like a genuinly nice person who sincerely wants to help keep my house in good condition. Im looking forward to working with her again.2018-08-30
Callen WIf i could give 6 stars I would!!. This young lady is amazing at her job. Was my first time having my place cleaned since i moved in so it was a little more messy than she may be use to but went above and beyond making it look great. Even stayed an extra 20 minutes past her scheduled time to finish everything. Seriously couldn't be more impressed with this TIDY service. Highly Recommend. Especially if you're getting Tisha2018-08-30
Robyn GThank you Edith! I had hired somebody originally who hid my dirty dishes 😳 Edith swooped in like the angel she is.....lovely to come home from a day at work to an immaculate home. Thank you soooooo much......2018-08-30
Jason PEverything looks fantastic!! Thanks!!2018-08-30
Brittany DYour amazing... only thing please DONT combine the dog food, you added puppy food to senior food.2018-08-30
Maria BGreat job Diane! Thank you.2018-08-30
Nathan LMaira is the best cleaner we've had. Thank you Maira!2018-08-30
Rachel LGreat job! Thank you!!2018-08-30
Brandon SGreat job! Thanks you!!!2018-08-30
Laura LShe was amazing! House looks fantastic!2018-08-30
Janice MShe was awesome! Thanks Louise!2018-08-30
bob sexcellent2018-08-30
ADRIANA CVery professional!2018-08-29
Nichole SThorough and trustworthy. Love coming home to mg clean house.2018-08-29
candy dLove linda!!!2018-08-29
Chris NPlease add dust & wipedown ceiling fan in the dinning room.2018-08-29
Dana VHenry did a nice job!2018-08-29
Britney JThank you!2018-08-29
Sheila LThanks Vilma, with what you conpleted you were very thorough.2018-08-29
Elizabeth PThe house looked great...thanks2018-08-29
Mary DThis is the second time Elizabeth has cleaned my residence. She is very kind and thorough in her work. Very pleased with her!2018-08-29
Srishti NShe is awesome!! Only will schedul with her2018-08-29
Christine BLetty did a great job, she even did some extras for me that weren't on the list! I was very happy with her cleaning and would happily use her again!2018-08-29
P AExcellent Thank you2018-08-29
Bitten SThanks Vanessa, you are awesome!!!2018-08-29
Julie ANelson did a great job! He went above and beyond to sweep out the garage (which was a huge help and timesaver for me).2018-08-29
Phillip HGreat housekeeper!!!! Loved her!!!2018-08-29
Eric HI've had several TIDY cleanings and this by far the best. Pier is fantastic2018-08-29
Genevieve SThank you so much for a job very well done! Very happy with everything :)2018-08-29
Peter BRogerio didan amazing job! Would love to have him back to clean our house!2018-08-29
Brooke MAnnel accomplished more in the alloted time than was done in my last two cleanings. It was a lot of work! Much appreciated.2018-08-29
Kelley JJulie did an incredible job. This was my first experience and am very pleased. I will be booking again in the future!2018-08-29
Annika BThank you so much for the beautiful job done!!2018-08-29
Madison RFirst time having Alishia clean and my apartment looks amazing! Thanks so much!!2018-08-29
Stephanie GVanessa did a great job again! She works very efficiently and everything looks great when she's done.2018-08-29
Jessica EOlga was friendly, efficient, and reliable2018-08-29
Sean LGerald is a focussed professional and I recommend him as detailed and efficient. Good job.2018-08-29
Chris HMayboll always does a very thorough job.2018-08-28
Kristi GCraig is very thorough and pays attention to detail. He rolls with the routine of the household, working around what is going on... Thank you!2018-08-28
john rAwesome job! How do i leave a tip?2018-08-28
Jeremiah PVanessa is prompt, professional and consistent. Highly recommended!2018-08-28
John RMaria did a great job! Would absolutely recommend her/hire her again.2018-08-28
Rebecca BLinda is prmpt and does an excellent job cleaning!!2018-08-28
farah nRichard did a great job on cleaning the apartment. Thank you so much2018-08-28
Judy POutstanding. She is incredible. Thank you@@2018-08-28
Patricia LI have no complaints. She does what she is asked to do and makes sure she gives me the alotted time promised.2018-08-28
Julie BThanj you Christina! You did a great iob!2018-08-28
Jamie SThank you so much. Wonderful job!2018-08-28
Crystal HDiana, was puntual, friendly and cleaned everything on my list to my satisfaction.2018-08-28
Prescilla cThank you great job and day!2018-08-28
Esther GAlishia was very kind and adapted to what we asked for help with. She communciated with questions and made us feel great about our decision to schedule with tidy. Our kitchen and bathrooms smell amazing.2018-08-28
Jeff CThank you. Well done!2018-08-28
Martha GVery efficient, pleasant person. Positive and kind. I appreciated his presence in my home.2018-08-28
Jennifer tErica was very nice and used cleaner that was natural and not too chemically. I enjoyed having her around and my house is shiny!2018-08-28
William HThank you Vanessa. It’s great having you back. We missed your pesonal touches.2018-08-28
Chanel WMaria is a good and positive cleaner2018-08-28
Shane QShe did a great job! The bathroom and fridge have never looked that clean!2018-08-28
Erick THe was very professional and I felt comfortable with him around my things.2018-08-27
Sallie GKayla did a great job cleaning my house. She started right away and needed very little direction. I needed a cleaning for the final walk-through before I sell my house and Kayla left the bathrooms and kitchen sparkling clean. Thanks you, Kayla!2018-08-27
Will BGreat job! Thanks for the hard work.2018-08-27
Stephanie EDiana was truly wonderful! She was so friendly, such a hard worker and our house was left spotless! Very thankful2018-08-27
Francesca dHe did a very thorough job. He did everything I asked.2018-08-27
Shannon MFriendly and fast!2018-08-27
Amy RAnneka did a great job! Everything was sparkling clean!2018-08-27
Emily RExcellent, thank you!2018-08-27
Sheryl HShe did a great job!2018-08-27
Laura SRosa does such a great job! I am completely satisfied with her work, she is on time and met all of my expectations. Thank you!!!2018-08-27
Mel SSuperb and thorough, as usual.2018-08-27
Anthony EPeter did a great job and was very polite and profesional.2018-08-27
Daniel MAlnesha was fantastic. Everything is super clean. Super organized. Loved how she redesigned the coffee table.2018-08-27
Emilie MGreat Job and took care of our most important issues first!2018-08-27
Rosilene TShe is an INCREDIBLE homekeeper! I love her attitude, respect and WORK! HIRE HER IMMEDIATELY because she will help your home be GREAT! :)2018-08-27
Nick RThanks Tisha, you did a great job and did a lot given the time! Nick2018-08-27
Rebecca DBest cleaning i have had with Tidy.2018-08-27
Brittany SAwesome job!2018-08-26
Anne CBasking in the awesome. Floors look great!2018-08-26
Justine TKatrina left our apartment in perfect shape! Would definitely recommend her.2018-08-26
Kendra BThanks Cameron, place looks great!2018-08-26
Gillian SShe was so fast and efficient and amazing. I really appreciated how considerate and kind she was. She did little extra touches here and there that were wondeful.2018-08-26
Laraine IThank you for all your hard work. I really appreciated the results.2018-08-26
Reich GThanks for taking care of this for us. Hope the allergies dont get to you too bad!2018-08-26
PJ ADrew was very polite and cool. Hard working dude2018-08-26
Mark RWade is very thoughtful &thorough, and always does a great job.2018-08-25
Kathy Agreat job, thank you!2018-08-25
Peter CExcellent as always2018-08-25
Trisha SItzel was amazing and did me a huge favor by coming to clean the horrible mess in my kitchen! Great job thank you!2018-08-25
Mark SStephanie is the best!2018-08-25
Lee ATiffiny was focused and very courteous. The apartment looks great!2018-08-25
Jane WMoosa did a fantastic job! On time, courteous and cleaned areas I didn't even know existed. Thanks Moosa!2018-08-25
Mike TGreat job and very friendly. Thank you!2018-08-25
abel gGreat experience , Carol is super nice and professional .2018-08-25
Connie WAlexander was fantastic! 5/5 stars!2018-08-25
Bill KJonathan was punctual, thorough, and really helpful. So happy with the great job he did. Thank you!2018-08-25
Sharon PMariah was the best house keeper since I started using Tidy several months ago. She paid attention to details that other housekeepers didn't even notice. I would definitely want her back again! A total professional!2018-08-25
Kalen LOscar did a fantastic job and we are so happy!2018-08-25
Charlotte VAnika does a great job! She is very thorough and hard working!2018-08-25
Sandra WGood work!2018-08-24
Guy BGreat job!2018-08-24
Kelly HWonderdul job as always! Thanks!2018-08-24
Lance BGeorgette did a wonderful job! We would like her every time.2018-08-24
Matthew GVery thorough!2018-08-24
Brian EExtremly nice and thorough.2018-08-24
Aaron GGreat job over all. The floor could have used a mopping though. Thank you for focusing on the cat hair.2018-08-24
Brooke DJosh did a great job and was nice to have in our home!2018-08-24
Natalie NThanks Latasha! Great job!2018-08-24
Jessica FI loved the way you arranged the living room decor! !! Very cute! Thank you!2018-08-24
Tom ROlga worked hard for the whole 2 1/2 hours and hit all the spots I asked. Tom2018-08-24
Krista WWe love Vanessa! She did a fantastic job as always.2018-08-24
Heidi LShe did a fantastic job! Very much appreciated coming home tonight to a freshly cleaned home after a very long stressful workweek.2018-08-24
Joanie BThank you for being so sweet to my cats, and making the guest room bed! You did a great job and i really appreciate it :)2018-08-24
Julianna GAppreciated her ability to fit us in last minute! She was efficient and did a lot in a short period of time.2018-08-23
Aleali MAmazing work!2018-08-23
chao lHe is good! thanks2018-08-23
Jana RSuper good guy. Loved his vibe and he did a great job of everything.2018-08-23
Martha CVery thorough and efficient.2018-08-23
Rich AWell done thank you!2018-08-23
Daniel CShe was great and accomodating2018-08-23
Cindy SThank you!!2018-08-23
Melanie LThank you Erica!2018-08-23
Mike GLuis was great!!! Very good, postitive attitude! Hard worker.2018-08-23
KAYLEN MCraig showed up right on time, & listened to my needs. He had a positive attitude & made our home shine. Thank you!2018-08-23
Ron KMaria was very thorough and efficient. Being satisfied with her work we let her leave early.2018-08-23
Ilisa GShe was a fast worker, has a great attitude and cleaned everything I needed thanks so much.2018-08-23
Catherine PYou did a great job. Thx for all your help2018-08-23
Kylie BHoly Moly, wonders were worked today! My house was a disaster after a road trip, hosting a birthday party, and the first days of school all within a few days... but you wouldn't know it now that Anna's been here! This is the best! 🙌🙌🙌 Thanks Anna!2018-08-23
Silvia Lpeter is the best!2018-08-23
Airry PMaria was on time for my cleaning appointment. She is attentive, pleasant. and communicative. I am happy with the cleaning result from Maria. Thank you TIDY for sending a great company representative. Warmly - Airri2018-08-23
Donna LRobert was prompt, friendly and extremely hard working. I would definitly request him again.2018-08-23
Behrooz PYes, she did a great job and was very professional.2018-08-23
Robyn VGreat job and thank you2018-08-23
Connie KWonderful as always. Here's to more auditions!2018-08-22
Jane MMy bathroom looks fantastic! Thank you so much! Great work2018-08-22
Pat ALooks great. Thank u2018-08-22
Bitten Sthanks again, Vanessa! The house looks great!2018-08-22
Joshua SA++ As uasual!2018-08-22
Rachel RFinally! I came home to a cleaning that I was super happy about! I like that Rashad left all of my items as close as possible to how they were before the cleaning. :) That makes us very pleased. Also, my husband said that our shower in our master bathroom was finally cleaned the way he likes! Thank you!!2018-08-22
Ashley CNicole was amazing!2018-08-22
Dawn PThank you. The house looks good. Hope everything was ok for you.2018-08-22
Tammy BGreat job!2018-08-22
Sue BFantastic job in stainless appliances in kitchen2018-08-22
Jeff Bfeedback was a very hard working team. 1st experience with Tidy and I'm very pleased2018-08-22
Mary VPrompt and thorough and such a joy to be around! 5 stars!2018-08-22
Tracy MTara is so sweet and she did a great job at our house!!! Thank you!2018-08-22
Cody MCarol did a great job the house smelled fresh and clean and looks great!2018-08-22
Josh KThank you so much! Used our little dust buster to vacuum the floor because we dont have a regular one.2018-08-22
Adam SPlace looks great!2018-08-22
Petra WThanks Sharon, great job!2018-08-22
Rachel BVery great! On time and also flexible. Polite and a great experience2018-08-22
Audrey STere did an excellent job. We have been very pleased with her work. She is professional, positive, and always a pleasure to work with.2018-08-22
Tina LMaureen was great and did a fabulous job!2018-08-22
Dave MGood job, more power and thanks again!2018-08-22
Leah KTruly the cleanest our house has ever been.2018-08-22
Kayla BMandy was so great and really listened to my priorities for what I wanted done. She was very efficient and my place looks great!2018-08-22
Laura EGreat work!2018-08-21
Jerry MThe stairs can be wiped or mopped with a damp cloth! Thank you for all you do!2018-08-21
Kate MMaira is the best Tidy cleaner I’ve had. Thorough, careful, and everything is practically sparkling!2018-08-21
Judith TAlma did a wonderful job. I appreciated that she didn't use any scented cleaners. Come again any time!2018-08-21
Susan CA wondeful, thorough job. In fact, Liliana worked so efficiently that she finished all tasks to our satisfaction in 3.5 hours, so we released her early, wven though she asked for more to do beyond her checklist! The house looks terrific.2018-08-21
k lGreat job. On time. Friendly. 👍2018-08-21
Kevin SA+2018-08-21
teresa fMoosa did a great job on what he was able to clean-outstanding actually. I am wondering if I need to change the service for more time to clean or 2 people to clean, as the 2nd bedroom and bathroom was not cleaned. Please advise.2018-08-21
Amy HMarcos is very kind and productive.2018-08-21
Richard HI am very happy with Linda. She got more done in an hour than I thought she would. Nice work, thanks2018-08-21
Melissa SThanks so much Vanessa, you did a fantastic job cleaning our home. Your attention to detail and efficient process allowed you to clean even more than our previous TIDY cleaners. Much appreciated!!2018-08-21
Dawn Marie SShe did a great job cleaning my house. I am really happy with her work!2018-08-21
Karen WThanks Marcos. Loved my TP oragami 😉2018-08-21
Elise LThanks Vanessa! You’re the best!2018-08-21
Eve DChanel did an AMAZING job!!! Not only was the work pretty much impeccable...she is super friendly and professional and cool all at once. I would totally have her come again. Thanks Chanel.2018-08-21
CHRIS WThank you for your excellent service. I'll be requesting you next cleaning. Best Chris Weiss2018-08-21
Paul ATara was on time, friendly, prepared, went above and beyond, and just overall awesome!2018-08-21
Peter GVery good. What a difference she made.2018-08-21
Allyson ENelson is fast and thorough.2018-08-21
Katherine YEverything is always well cleaned and looks great. Highly recommend Forest. :)2018-08-21
Joanne RHi Sharon, Everything was great except for the refrigerater shelves which you Forgot to wipe refrigerater shelves. They definitey needed wiping. Sharon, the refrigerater shelves were’nt wipted. Really needed it. Everything else was great.2018-08-21
Catherine BGreat job!2018-08-21
Jennifer tShe was very nice and accomodating!2018-08-21
Sheryl CMarcia did a great job. She is very detail oriented and hard working.2018-08-21
Anthony CGreat job, place looks and smells great! Thanks:)2018-08-21
Tiana M👏🏼👏🏼👏🏼2018-08-21
Sara BKandice does such an excellent job! Thank you so much for all your hard work.2018-08-20
Lisa PMey was pleasant and thorough. Would love to have her back.2018-08-20
Jeremy OGreat job cleaning and friendly via text! Good service for such a short clean!2018-08-20
Judy VAmanda did a fine job. I will not be using Tidy again at this time, as my regular house cleaner who was on vacation is back and I'm going to continue to use her. Thanks2018-08-20
Casey GLauren followed my to-dos to a tee! Very happy with the cleaning and will definitely schedule her again.2018-08-20
William KRamona is the best! Thanks!2018-08-20
Hanna LKayla had my home go from chaotic to spotless. Thank you so much and now I can have a peace of mind when I come home.2018-08-20
Deborah SThanks Jelescia for doing such a great job. We will see you again soon Deborah2018-08-20
Kyle CI was out of town asleep at a hotel when Gregory arrived. So i didn't respond to his text or call letting me know he was there. I wasn't sure if he was able to complete the cleaning, drove in from SD and walked into a beautifully clean home. I'm so happy. He really went above and beyond.2018-08-20
erica kShe did great work but def needed more time.2018-08-20
Tammie MI would be happy to have Itzel again :-)2018-08-20
Roberto CJohan was punctual and did an excellent job in the time allotted.2018-08-20
Tracy KThank you for making the place shine!2018-08-20
Lesley RJanet was thorough and detailed in her cleaning. She didn’t mind meeting my dogs which was nice.2018-08-20
Holly FVanessa was awesome!!! Loved her!2018-08-20
Heidi PReally thorough!2018-08-20
David MGreat good!2018-08-20
Meredith XLatasha did a great job! She really cleans over and above what normal cleaners would!2018-08-20
Kendra BLooks great, thanks Forest!2018-08-20
Sheryl HThank you for a great job!2018-08-20
Connie RI thiink Heather’s post for my house was mixed up with another, but loved the cleaning she did for us.2018-08-20
Mindy LAbove and beyond!2018-08-20
Agustin PGirard did a great job!!! And completed all tast timely. Highly recomend his hard work2018-08-20
Michael MLorena did a fine job - solid work for the time period i asked for. I will definitely ask for her assistance for the next cleaning. :)2018-08-20
Christy ASandra was excellent and worked quickly!! 😊2018-08-20
Katherine LThank you for all your hard work today.2018-08-20
Peggy MSusbeth was very quick, thorough and sweet!2018-08-20
Mel SHarriet was superb, as usual!2018-08-20
ELIZA MVery nice, professional, and thorough! Thank you!2018-08-20
Amy BVilma always does a great job so i only book when shes available :)2018-08-20
Sam Sshe did a great job. very impressed with Terrese. thank you!2018-08-20
Michael CHe does a great and very professional job. !2018-08-20
Lisa VDenise did an outstanding job!!! She arrived early and went above and beyond like always! She cleaned and organized an area under my stairs that my dogs have turned into there little sanctuary and hide all there toys and bones 😁 It is so refreshing to come home to a clean place. I would highly recommend Denise to anyone looking for someone to clean there home.2018-08-19
Dana PThe house is spotless and he did a great job!2018-08-19
Deepti SCrystal did an excellent job cleaning our home and was very accommodating to our special requests.2018-08-19
Matthew FThank u You did a great job2018-08-19
Jennifer TMaria put in a solid four hours of work to get everything done that I needed and then some. I am so happy with the results. I will be asking for her to come back the next time I need help from TIDY. Thank you, Maria!2018-08-19
Laura SAlnesha was incredibly kind and thourough. She was wonderful and i cant say enough good things!2018-08-19
Andrew DChanel is awesome. Great energy - great human - did a fantastic job.2018-08-19
Christine UMargaret tries to do something extra for me. He is a hard worker and foes a good job2018-08-19
Daniel CAlyssa was great. Very professional.2018-08-19
Gabby ZKandice was amazing! Cleaned every nook and cranny, brought great smelling products and was a joy to meet.2018-08-19
Zach KThank you for making it work.2018-08-19
James VAbsolutely wonderful and utilized the hour to make the bathroom spotless. Even was able to wipe down the kitchen a bit and made that look great, as well. Life saver!2018-08-19
King LGreat job. Im very happy with the work done.2018-08-19
Robert SNice job. Thanks.2018-08-18
Melissa MGreat job! Very pleasant2018-08-18
Jonathan FDid a great job, and was fast, so she accomplished significantly more than what I had captured, in my TODOs.2018-08-18
Hilary WMaira was absolutely fantastic, the best!! She did an amazing job, thank you!2018-08-18
Stephanie LGreat job!2018-08-18
Kenya AShe was very kind and approachable. Brought a very pleasant spirit into the home. I was extremely impressed and satisfied. She was thorough, quick and treated my place like it was her own home. Will book again very soon.2018-08-18
Antonia LFantastic job!!! Sparkling!! Thank you!2018-08-18
Jesse WLuis was awesome, even fixed my toilet which wasn't flushing. place is cleaner than it ever was before, and he was prompt and respectful.2018-08-18
Pamela PMy bathrooms really needed a lit of work as did my kitchen cabinets. Let me tell you, my master bath looks better than it has for a long, long time.2018-08-18
Corrynn BI was so hapoy with our experience with Anika today! After a bad experience last time we were hesitant to book again, but Anika did such an amazing job in every room she touched!!!!!!2018-08-18
Jonathan EAbbey is great!2018-08-18
Jason GDawn was exceptionally great this week. Thank you!2018-08-18
Katie LGreat work, everything looked great. Thank you!2018-08-18
Kelly SHe was great! Very efficient, and pays a lot if attention to detail!2018-08-18
Robert GShe was literally amazing!!! Im so glad i got her. Im not happy however about the mix up that assigned her to my house for only 2.5 hrs when i paid for 4hrs. I hope that gets adjusted quickly on my account2018-08-18
Jazze GClean like we like it2018-08-18
Ellen GRight on time, friendly, & the kitchen & baths are great! Please book her for me again.2018-08-18
Unique WExceeded my expectations. Did a very great job. Very thorough and detailed.2018-08-17
Robert Jvery happy2018-08-17
Cori SPlease move to my area so I can keep you. Great job.2018-08-17
Graciela KThank you Maria. We appreciate your help. The house looks beautiful2018-08-17
Brenda DThanks Ramona. It looks like you also had time for the mini blinds - thank you do much!2018-08-17
Caylinn AWe had to ask Craig to wrap upna little early because we had to leave the hiuse for an appointment. He accomplished alot in the teo hours he was here and he dis a very food job. We would love to have him back.2018-08-17
Kathryn KHi Nabelen, I was very happy with the way the house looked when I got home, especially the kitchen. Thanks for a good job!2018-08-17
Kathy SThanks so much!!!2018-08-17
Michael CI am thankful for Shamira! Everything looks great where she worked.2018-08-17
Sandra WAlways appreciate his work!2018-08-17
Maura MVery happy with Jonathan’s work! :)2018-08-17
Rama AMelissa did a good job.2018-08-17
Tanya LThank you place look beautiful!2018-08-17
Daniel LShe did a good job but if she says she didn't have enough time to finish all tasks, all the others finished all the tasks in the hour. Definitely willing to have her back.2018-08-17
Gretchen BWonderful!2018-08-17
Lana WHe is great. Arrived on time and a fantastic job in the short time he had2018-08-17
Rachel WVanessa is a God send! A wonderful housekeeper. I'm sure she is one of your most valued emoloyees. I will be having her back regularly!2018-08-17
Kathy CThank you again for your hard work!2018-08-17
Connie CMandy wad very thorough with the cleaning. Did a much better job than the previous homekeeper. Happy! Thank you!2018-08-17
David OThank you for the great cleaning Alma! I wish we could have you come back!!!2018-08-17
Kelly FThanks wade2018-08-17
Pam RThanks Linin! Great job as always!2018-08-17
Rhonda WTetyana did an excellent job and with a pleasant attitude.2018-08-17
Timur MItzel was very cordial and great.2018-08-17
Lisa HGreat job, Lupe! Much appreciated!2018-08-16
Kelsey AEverything looks great! Thank you!2018-08-16
Maude MAlbert has been the best Tidy employee we have had - we HIGHLY recommend him and only want him2018-08-16
Brian ULetty did an excellent job and I higherly recommend her.2018-08-16
Susan CSorry, i couldnt find the key. But my landlord got me in. I saw the key on the kitchen table. Thank you. You did a wonderful job!! I love it. Thank you.2018-08-16
Maria BGreat job!2018-08-16

Note: Reviews some reviews were removed that had personal information, such as phone numbers or payment information.