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  Michael B. Los Angeles, CA

Michael B.
Los Angeles, CA

I very rarely write Yelp reviews, but I REALLY want to show my love and support for this company.  I had my first Tidy cleaning earlier today, and here are the key points:

(1) My homekeeper, Tali, was precisely on time and, despite the fact that I'm sure she was exhausted from the LA heat and having put in a hard day's work already, she was incredibly bubbly, warm and wonderful.  She brought her own equipment (even a vacuum!) and informed me that the cleaning products she was using were eco-friendly, which I love.

(2) I opted for the standard Tidy cleaning (a quick clean of 1 bed, 1 bath, kitchen, living room) to try out the service.  I was expecting really just a quick once over because this service was SO inexpensive, and the homekeeper is not allotted a ton of time.  I was WRONG - my "already pretty clean" home is absolutely sparkling!  If this is their version of a "quick clean" I am dying to know what a Tidy+ cleaning looks like!

(3) As a result of my really positive experience with Tali, I called their customer service department (they call it the "Front Desk") to upgrade my regularly scheduled service.  I spoke with a guy named Thomas at the Front Desk who was just as warm and wonderful as the homekeeper who visited my home.  Plus, he figured out a way to save me a little money each month, which he absolutely didn't have to do (he could have let me go on spending more than I needed to, but he didn't, which I REALLY respect).  Really solid customer service all around.

SUMMARY:  Staff and homekeepers are clearly well screened and trained.  That, coupled with the convenience of the service, and the seriously unbelievable prices make a weekly home cleaning a no-brainer.

Looking at some of the negative reviews here, it sounds like some people have had issues with the customer support. That has definitely not been my experience.  I am not sure how long Tidy's been around, but I am certainly sensitive to the difficulty of launching and managing the operations of a new company, so if I HAD experienced some of the snafus described in other reviews, while frustrating, I would likely take them with a grain of salt.

ONE SUGGESTION FOR TIDY:  The reminder email that you send out the day before a scheduled cleaning is super helpful (thanks!). You might consider also sending a confirmation email immediately upon booking, perhaps with a link to add the event to the customer's Google or iPhone calendar.  Not a super big deal, but just a thought. :)

  Jeannine M.   Redondo Beach, CA

Jeannine M.
Redondo Beach, CA

Clean Bathroom Review

Their marketing was impressive and being unable to contact our regular cleaner, decided to try them for our three bathrooms only.  It generally takes me 3 hours do do all three so they are super clean so I was a bit skeptical when they said they could do it in two and a half but I scheduled anyway.

Sabrina was our 'home keeper' and she may have been a couple minutes late but stayed more than a few minutes to make up for it.

She did a really good job on the one bathroom upstairs used by my three sons.  I try to keep it 'TIDY' but it really needed a deep clean and she did not disappoint.

However it did take almost an hour and a half but honestly I didn't care.  It was one less room I had to do.  I asked her to do the shower in the master bath one with clear glass doors and it looked fine.  Agree with a few other posts that there was a film left on the counters but in all honesty it was easier for me to wipe it up than to complain about what was otherwise a satisfactory job.  To her credit we had one breakage occur but she came out right away and let me know and cleaned it as best she could.  No big deal.

I'm hoping to have them come back but only for the hour service.  Just enough to do the sinks & commodes is enough for me.  It's a small place and I'm fine doing the rest myself.

4 for cleanliness, 3 for efficiency, 5 for me not having to do it.

Also I find email is the most responsive way of communicating. I've only had really positive experiences this far and have had to reschedule without any issue..

  Teri M.    Irvine, CA

Teri M.

Irvine, CA

TIDY has been cleaning our home for three months now and we are very satisfied with their services. We use the biweekly cleaning on Friday afternoons before we get home from work.  Coming home to a clean house for the weekend is a great feeling.  

Although we have not connected the name to the face of the cleaning person, we have been very content with their cleaning service. 

Yesterday (7/3/15) service was an example of another highly satisfied cleaning session.

Our 'regular' person (Bria) was not available so Jenny (help desk point person) informed me via email that she'd find another reliable person to fill in.

The cleaning turned out awesome! It seemed as if this 'sub' went above and beyond their work. We came home to find the entire house was spotless--ALL 3 bedrooms were cleaned with spotless mirrors and all furniture were dusted. Both bathrooms were spotless with shiny faucets. The kitchen counter was spot-shine, the floor was glossy shine!  

Overall, we will continue to use this cleaning service because it gives us back our quality time together.

  Marcus B. Newport Beach, CA

Marcus B.
Newport Beach, CA

While I rarely (and by rarely, I essentially mean never) write Yelp reviews... I felt compelled to write my first regarding the Home Cleaning Service called "TIDY". I'm typically a clean guy, but sometimes am just too busy to keep my place in tip-top shape. In an effort to ensure my place was always spotless at the beginning of each week, I hired TIDY for weekly cleanings. Let's just say, I've absolutely loved the service these last few months. 

Week in and week out, TIDY's cleaning professionals have been respectful, timely, thorough, and sweet (a complimentary Valentine cookie and bottle water recently left on my beside dresser).  While there are multiple service packages, I love doing the 60 min weekly cleanings, with a longer deeper cleaning (around 2hrs), every 4-5 weeks.  As someone who is always on the 'go', it's been an absolute joy to come home and the carpet is vacumed, stainless steel appliances are wiped down, countertops spotless, and TV screens polished. 

I've not only enjoyed the professionalism of the company, but of those that come into my home week-to-week. I definitely look forward to continuing the use of this service!!

  David K. Santa Monica, CA

David K.
Santa Monica, CA

I signed up for Tidy because I liked that they offered low cost, weekly cleanings. I have a new baby, so or house gets dirty fast. I get service on Fridays so I can start my weekend on a clean, fresh note rather than having to worry about spending my weekend cleaning. Our regular cleaner, Caitlyn, is amazing. She gets more done in an hour than I can in 4. She's awesome! 

I've only had food experiences with their customer service and I like their technological approach to house cleaning, like autopay, reminder emails, and online scheduling. 

I've recommended Tidy to family and they now use them. It's been a great service for our family.

  Amy M.   Glendale, CA

Amy M.
Glendale, CA

It's  my first time  using TIDY,  before  I  made the appointment,  I read a whole lot of,bad reviews,  I  was hesitant.  I  am  happy  today,  TIDY send Symphony T, she is  a  very  nice  person,  she did a good job, I  told my  husband,  she is  worth  every penny.   I immediately  called  Tidy, to make sure they have my next appointment  set up :)
I would  definitely  recommend  this  company. I  dont normally  get on Yelp  and praise  people,  but with all these negative  feedback. I  truely didnt have bad experience, Symphony  is on time and gets  the  job  done.

  Meghan M. San Diego, CA

Meghan M.
San Diego, CA

Norma S is awesome! She does a thorough and amazing job! She is always on time and helps with all sorts of cleaning tasks that I am working on. She is SUCH a time saver for me! Worth every penny!

  Michelle S. Sawtelle, CA

Michelle S.
Sawtelle, CA

I have been using Tidy for a couple months now. CAROL is fantastic. 
Very friendly and does a great job!! I will continue to use Tidy for my cleaning needs. 
She arrives with her arms full of supplies and a smile on her face. I'm definitely a fan!

  Sap G. Los Angeles, CA

Sap G.
Los Angeles, CA

I was very satisfied with my first service of Tidy. I ordered for the 45 dollar package. It does not say that 45 dollars is for one hour. So I was surprised at first when I got to know that it will be one hour service. My cleaner arrived promptly at 7:57 for the 8:00 am appt. Asked me what I needed. I told her and she worked super efficiently. I was amazed at her swiftness and level of cleanliness. I have requested Tidy to send her again.
I would definitely recommend that you try Tidy at least once.
See you again Stephanie !

  Terri A. Mission Viejo, CA

Terri A.
Mission Viejo, CA

I decided to try TIDY. I am glad I did! I started with the Tidy heavy-duty cleaning and had two wonderful women, Carmen and Bria (not sure if I'm spelling their names correctly). They did an amazing job together! I would have been happy to keep either of them, but they couldn't fit my schedule. FIT MY SCHEDULE...that's really important to me. With other cleaners, some of them really great, I found I was begging for service when I needed it and that for me, was an ongoing problem. Obviously, finding quality cleaners is not that simple. 
For the past couple of weeks, I have had the pleasure of Lina (sp) cleaning my home. Now I get the Tidy plus service, which is one person for 2 1/2 hours every week and I couldn't be happier.  Lina comes on time, with all the Tidy cleaners and tools in tow, and manages to clean our entire home in the time allotted. Our house is only a little under 1900 square feet, so it's not huge. But when you're getting your house cleaned weekly, it doesn't get so dirty and out of control and Lina is very skilled at what she is doing. To summarize why I love Tidy: 1) I pick the schedule, 2) the Tidy cleaners I've had are very skilled, 3) communication has NOT been a concern, 4) tidy supplies the "green" cleaning supplies and vacuums, mops, etc., 5) in my experience, the price is very reasonable, 6) the Tidy cleaners LIKE their company and are happy. All of the above makes ME happy! Yay!

  Gameela E. Los Angeles, CA

Gameela E.
Los Angeles, CA

I was enticed by their marketing and it actually turned out quite well!
Ive been using Tidy now for about two months and I have no complaints.
CARLA is amazing, she shows up on time (usually early) and gets right to it. Carla is super friendly and even loves my dog ++!

Ive found customer service to be very good and very on top of their sh*t. If I have to reschedule, its no problem, any concern is addressed immediately. 

I don't think TIDY is the service you want if you want a deep deep cleaning, but I have yet to try their other services. I have only used their $40/week 1 hour service and it does the trick if you're not an absolute slob! I have a dog and a yard so my floors are always dirty, Carla does a wonderful job with the major cleaning of the kitchen, floors, bathroom, dusting and bedroom - during the week I only have to sweep occasionally. 

For the money it is well well worth it. I have recommended Tidy to all of my friends with no complaints yet!

Keep up the good work

  Jessica M. Los Angeles, CA

Jessica M.
Los Angeles, CA

I really like the lady they sent out, Letty, she's professional, courteous, and does a great job. I firmly believe that at the heart of every organization is its people. If Tidy has more people like Letty I will be a fan forever.

  Mollie W. Los Angeles, CA

Mollie W.
Los Angeles, CA

We are very satisfied with our homekeeper.  In one hour she does the jobs that we do not want to do.  I wish that for this fee that she could do more, but one hour is all we have contracted for in the price point.  However, it's good to note, that if Stephanie didn't do the vacuuming, the floors and the bathrooms, that nobody else would volunteer around here to do it either.  So, I'd say we are happy with this service and their professionalism.

  Danielle T. Los Angeles, CA

Danielle T.
Los Angeles, CA

Tidy is so great at communicating with me about scheduling. Claudia is my new homekeeper and she's wonderful!! Our place looks and feels great after a visit from her this morning. So happy about it!

  Amber D. Santa Monica, CA

Amber D.
Santa Monica, CA

I tried Tidy because I really wanted some kind of cleaning service and their prices were so reasonable for the service I wanted.  Also the convenience of scheduling online, customer service via email, automatic payment etc. all sounded great to me.  I've been using Tidy for a few months now and I have to say I am so grateful to have it.  Every time I have had a customer service need (generally canceling or rescheduling due to my schedule needs) they have been great.  I haven't had any issues at all.  

Of course it's not an ultra deep cleaning but I went into this knowing that wasn't what I was ordering.  I find it such a relief to know that Zara will come every week and just take care of all those little maintenance tasks that I don't have time to deal with.  For the price you really can't beat Tidy.  I feel like it makes my home life so much nicer.  No more resentment about who is or isn't doing the chores.  My boyfriend and I just split the bill 50/50 and our place stays clean and harmonious.  It's a pretty sweet deal for that!

  Abby H. Los Angeles, CA

Abby H.
Los Angeles, CA

Tidy came in and cleaned my apartment in preparation for family coming into town. The housekeeper was on time, professional, polite, and most importantly, got right down to business.  She was very thorough. I am very pleased with her work and the way my apartment looked when she left! Go tidy!

  Susan L Huntington Beach, CA

Susan L
Huntington Beach, CA

I was not happy with my cleaning lady and was going to try and find a new person when I received a TIDY flyer on my door. I gave them a try and they were awesome! It was so easy to sign up on their website. I gave them all my info and instructions. I was even able to get the exact same schedule that I had with my previous cleaning lady. I signed up for the TIDY + and so it is every other week a 2.5 hour cleaning. When I got home my house was so clean!

 Jennifer H. Laguna Beach, CA

Jennifer H.
Laguna Beach, CA

Leslie does a wonderful job cleaning my house. I've had 4 cleanings so far, and I had one that was not so great (I'm not sure who was cleaning that day) -- but the other three have been really excellent. 

I haven't had all the customer service issues that people seem to be experiencing on here....In fact, I think it's been super. I've always gotten a quick response any time I've sent an email. 

It's so nice coming home to a clean house! And having someone come weekly really helps with the upkeep. I'm considering increasing my days because it's so affordable and well done. 

I would definitely recommend this service to my friends.

  Kelypop H. Los Angeles, CA

Kelypop H.
Los Angeles, CA

I have been using Tidy for weekly cleanings for three weeks now, and I'm very pleased with the service.  Honestly, almost anyone in a better house cleaner than me, but when my boyfriend (who is a professional chef) commented on how clean the kitchen has been I realized what a wonderful job they're doing. 

I have had only one housekeeper, Karla, for all three services and she has been on time every week.  Not only does Karla do a great job, she is so very personable with excellent communication skills.  This is really important to me since I work from home and am usually here during service.  

I would certainly recommend this service to my friends.

  Michelle M. Los Angeles, CA

Michelle M.
Los Angeles, CA

I never thought I could afford to have a housekeeper - until I found out about TIDY!
Now I have a standing appointment once a week at my convenience. Cindy was amazing, she showed up on time, looked very professional - neat and clean. And clean she did!I am so happy with the service that I have received. I live in the San Fernando Valley and TIDY goes everywhere. My personal house keeper Cindy, even lives in my area. Thank you thank you TIDY!

  Andri B. Fullerton, CA

Andri B.
Fullerton, CA

I have been using Tidy now for about 6 months, and honestly I could not be happier. They listen to what I consider important to clean, and focus on it. We have a large house, so we have them do half the house one week, and at the next appointment they do the other half of the house. That way the whole house is cleaned monthly even though we have them in every two weeks.
The price is great, and i am always happy with the results. I have a dust allergy, so having someone else do the dusting and clean the hardwood floors is amazing, and i have sneezed SO much less since they started cleaning for me.
My favorite cleaner by far is Alma Ibarra. She gets my bed and floors perfect each time, and my cats don't phase her. This woman is a whirlwind!

  Rick L. Redondo Beach, CA

Rick L.
Redondo Beach, CA

I have never signed up for a maid service because I'm super-picky about cleaning my home.  For my entire life I've just done it myself, as annoying and time-consuming as it is.  So when I got the mailer from Tidy with their simple pricing, promise of great service, and flexibility in scheduling I decided to give them a try.

I had some difficulty scheduling my first service, as the time I selected online turned out not to be available (they claimed technical difficulties with the web engine), and it got tough to find a time they had a cleaner available in my area that also worked for me.  Finally we found a time and I've now had that first service.

Lisa did a fantastic job!  She was professional, courteous, diligent, and efficient.  And while she didn't clean every nook and cranny like I do when I really get into it, she did a better-than-expected job of making the whole house sparkle.  She was also clear about what she could and could not do in the time frame of the service I selected, which I appreciated.  Now I can focus on the details, since she is taking care of the vast majority of the cleaning.

Based on that first service, I've now signed up for recurring service and am looking forward to my nice, clean house that I don't have to do myself!

  Eddie B. Dana Point, CA

Eddie B.
Dana Point, CA

Very impressed with Tidy's service from the front desk person who I spoke to before I signed up; to the web platform on signing up/scheduling service; to the person who came onsite (Brooke). I used another company in the past and decided to try something new - glad i did. Tidy is less expensive and way better service. Brooke did an awesome job cleaning my place. I would recommended them to anyone.