5 Airbnb Management Software Tools To Consider

By Paula Fiuza
February 16, 2022

Why should you consider an Airbnb Management Software? Well, it can make hosting more accessible, increase your profits and save you time. The property management industry is worth billions only in the US, and with that much money involved, many companies have come about. 

As an Airbnb host, you need to choose one that makes sense for your business and attends to your specific needs. Among the many features possible, most Airbnb management software usually offers: 

  • Automate guest communication
  • Cleaning reminders
  • Control and automate pricing 
  • Marketing for your properties 
  • Track your finances 

Are any of those interesting to you? So here is our list of five Airbnb management software to consider. 

1. Hostaway 

Hostaway is an Airbnb management software with more features than we can list in this article. They go from operations to communication and everywhere in between, including reporting and analytics. The PMS also offers a series of automations and integrations (like TIDY!) to ensure hosts can manage their portfolios from anywhere. 

Founded in 2015, its proprietary channel manager is the core of the platform, allowing hosts to connect every booking channel out there to their accounts. That means Airbnb, Vrbo,, Agoda, and many, many others. 

Unfortunately, there are no free trials with Hostaway, but a paid one is available for managers with over 200 properties. Their plans start at $100 a month, and they claim to work with each customer to find the best solution for their business. 

2. Guesty

Guesty is another option of Airbnb management software to consider. It offers two main options: one for those who manage three listings or less and another for hosts with over four properties in their portfolio. 

In the first scenario, Guesty offers a 14-day free trial, after which it charges based on the number of listings. Features include automated messages, channel manager, cleaning management, financial reports, and a website builder. 

The last one is the highlight of the platform. Allowing hosts to create their own branded website and charging zero fees on payment processing gives its clients the ability to take bookings without any of the usual platform fees. 

3. Hostify

Hostify may not have such a massive presence as the first two Airbnb management software listed. Still, it is an excellent option to help big and small rental businesses with a straightforward goal: to save time and money through automation. 

This all-in-one solution has the features you need to grow your business, ranging from property management and payment processing to automation and your very own booking website — for free. Just like Guesty, it allows you to bypass any fees from booking channels. 

Hostify also offers plenty of support, deployment, and training options to benefit from. The pricing depends on the portfolio size and can go from $10-20 per unit per month. If you have more units, you pay less per each. 

4. Lodgify

Lodgify was designed to help you skyrocket your vacation rental business and can create a custom plan catered to your needs. The company offers a free plan for those with occasional bookings and goes up to an “ultimate plan” to escalate businesses that have advanced requirements. 

This Airbnb management software also provides the tools to build a captivating website, accept online bookings, and manage reservations within one place. It integrates with, Vrbo, Airbnb, and many others, and it works anywhere in the world. 

5. Smoobu

Smoobu is another Airbnb management software tool that you should consider. It is basically a combination of a channel manager, PMS, booking engine, guest guide, online check-in, and guest communication in one dashboard. 

Smoobu allows you to sync booking portals automatically. It offers superior support six days a week through multiple channels. It can also be integrated with Stripe and PayPal, for example, and other tools such as TIDY. 

With so much software taking over the vacation rental industry, these represent just the beginning. Automation is the path to ensure you are scaling your business, saving time, and increasing profits. 

Cleaning automation is next, and TIDY is the leading company in the US: a powerful platform designed to put your Airbnb portfolio on autopilot. We do that with powerful AI that works for your specific needs. Plus, we work well with all these systems in this article and sync with all booking platforms. 

Over 10,000 Airbnb hosts and property managers are already using TIDY as part of their tech stack to book turnover cleanings. Whether you want to receive notifications on low stock levels, automate bookings, digitize to-do lists, or find the best available cleaners, TIDY can do it all.

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