5 Effective House-Cleaning Hacks from Professional Hotel Housekeepers

November 29, 2017

Who doesn’t want to keep their home clean and tidy? But, in the process of doing all the cleaning stuff often people end up wasting a lot of time and energy but still not getting the desired results.

Isn’t it? Well, if you are a house-owner then you must be certainly agreeing with me on this fact. Right? Yes! If you don’t know the right things to do while cleaning a house then your home won’t turn out to be as polished as you want.

But, the people who are being professionally trained in this work can definitely do all such cleaning works without much of a hassle. For example, if you remember your last vacation in which you stayed in a hotel and the way those housekeepers used to a make your room crystal clear in just fifteen or twenty minutes then you would certainly concur with me. Want to get some tips from such experts?

Then, here I am with a list of the same from some experienced housekeeping managers from the premium hotels around the world.

Just take a glance over!

1.      Soak up the wine spills in salt water

If by mistake, some wine spills over your rug or cushion then it doesn’t mean that a death knell for it has arrived. Usually, what people would do in such a scenario is panicking over the matter and rubbing the things with soap and water. But, do you know salt can be a boon for you then?

HomeZada cofounder Elizabeth Dodson says that if you just simply sprinkle some salt over the spotted area and then go back, listen to some music, or have a chat with your friends, then after sometime you would see that the salt has soaked up the wine.

5 Effective House-Cleaning Hacks from Professional Hotel Housekeepers

2.      Keep parchment papers on your refrigerator shelves

The housekeeper of the famous hotel-brand ‘Go Cleaners London’ who is none but Harriet Jones says that when something like, say, tomato ketchup drips out of the bottle inside your fridge then it becomes a mess. But, you can be prepared for all such sudden small accidents while lining up your shelves with parchment papers. On doing so, you would take a really significant step towards keeping your refrigerator clean. If the things get messy then all that you have to do is to replace the liners with the new ones. That’s it!

3.      Don’t scrub the toilets

You don’t have to waste some of your valuable time always while scrubbing the toilet seats and pans in order to keep them clean. Instead, Molly Maid Meg Roberts said that if you just spend a few of your bucks on denture cleansing tablets such as the fizzing ones then you can keep your toilets clean very easily. Just drop one tablet and let it do its work! After it’s done, just flush off.

However, although to buy such cleansing products won’t be a too expensive episode for you but still you can browse through the websites like Dealslands and grab a lucrative coupon from any house furnishing store before making a purchase. On doing so, you could save some your precious bucks!!  

5 Effective House-Cleaning Hacks from Professional Hotel Housekeepers

4.      Wear off your shoes in the entrance

The certified professional organizer Amy Trager believes that if you just keep a tray or mat at the front door of your house to prompt your guests so that they enter the house after taking the shoes off then it would be a great idea to keep your house clean. Yes! It is an undeniable fact that shoes bring a lot of dirt inside homes.

5.      Make a good use of the tea-remnants

Well, if you have a habit of starting your day with a cup of black tea then don’t enjoy it until the last sip. Instead, if you just save the last one or two tablespoons then you can use that to clean your bathroom mirror. Yes! Black tea and the tannin-acid in it can act as your best friend when it comes to cleaning your bathroom mirror, says Harriet Jones from Go Cleaners London again.

Final Thoughts

So, what are you waiting for? If house-cleaning seems to be a task which is no less than a nightmare for you then just change your mindset, and opt for these simple yet effective tips. I am sure you would be able to make your abode the cleanest, and coziest place to live in!!

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