5 Ways to Get Good Airbnb Reviews

By Paula Fiuza
January 25, 2022

Getting good reviews is essential to your success as an Airbnb host. Your business depends on your guests, so if they are not satisfied -- and worse, are making it public -- your business will suffer. Fortunately, getting positive guest feedback is quite simple: in this article, we give you five ways to get good Airbnb reviews. 

Getting good Airbnb reviews 101 

Maintaining a good reputation is crucial to any and every business, and for Airbnb hosts that is done through positive guest reviews. Every potential future guest will certainly look at those before making the final decision to book your property, so you have to ensure you get good reviews always. Below are five simple topics you should pay attention to. 

Provide excellent customer service

It all begins with service. We all want a fantastic experience wherever we go, and it is no different with your guests. Go beyond the bare minimum to differentiate yourself from other hosts, offer amenities, maintain good, clear communication and ensure they can count on you to have a pleasant stay. 

Offer amenities 

Gone are the days that only five-star hotels offered nice, luxury toiletries and had top-notch service. You can -- and should -- add luxury touches to your rental to ensure your guests’ experience is remarkable and comes with a five-star review! 

From the basics, such as ensuring bathrooms and kitchen are stocked with the essentials (paper towels, toilet paper, dishwashing soap, hand soap, and at least two sets of towels); to the wow factor: bathrobes, toiletries, extra blankets, change of bedding, comfortable furniture and mattresses, blackout curtains, scented candles, flowers, a welcome basket, etc. 

And, of course: good quality wi-fi. Ensure it is reliable and can support working from home. Having a smart TV with Netflix and a coffee machine won’t hurt, either. 

Be the local guide they want 

Some guests don’t want or ask for any help or tips from hosts, while others hope they can have a personal tour guide. The trick here is to adapt to them. Communicate clearly regarding your availability and be friendly: any minor help you provide could make a huge difference in their experience, and win you a five-star review. 

A good idea is to make a simple guide and leave it at the property: this could be a straightforward “welcome” note on the fridge with other useful information, a list of good restaurants, shops, and sightseeing spots around the property, or even takeout menus from your favorite places. 

Seamless check-in and check-out processes

Arriving exhausted from a flight or a drive is the common denominator among guests. So make the check-in as easy and seamless as possible. If you are able to welcome them and give a quick orientation, great. If not, make sure the instructions are simple to follow. 

Be clear about access, keys, and any codes. If there is a front desk or a doorman, ensure they are aware of the guests’ arrival and departure schedule, to avoid any inconvenience. If you can, always offer two sets of keys if you are hosting two or more people.

Checking out should be just as easy: clear instructions, a clear timeline, no hassle. 

Communication is key

Communicating well and effectively with your guests is paramount, and a great part of providing excellent customer service. Make sure to respond promptly to messages and to address any concerns they might have. Nobody expects you to be available 24/7, but you should respond as quickly as you possibly can.

It is also a good idea to provide the guests with an emergency number in case something occurs when you are unavailable. This could be the building, office, or maintenance number to the property, for example; or even a co-host or neighbor you have a relationship with. 

Ensure you have check-in and check-out messages drafted that cover all the basics your guests will need and that also thank them for the booking. Every so often, especially for longer stays, check up on them: is there anything they need or that you could help them with? 

Always be friendly and welcoming. Remember, you are the host

Provide an accurate description of your property

Many people might think that not mentioning a loud street or neighborhood dogs on their listing is the smart way to go -- don’t do it. No guest wants bad surprises. Plus, many won’t mind a busier neighborhood, in fact, some actually want it!

Your listing should provide an accurate description of your rental and the area it is located in. Mention as much detail as you can: for example, do you have a walk-in shower or a bathtub? This might seem irrelevant, but for guests with mobility issues, it is crucial to know. 

Do you have a stocked kitchen? Including the basics for cooking? That is an important question for long-term guests who stay over a week and plan to cook, for example. Being clear and accurate ensures that the guests know upfront the conditions they will live in and avoids any negative reviews saying that the rental doesn’t match the description. 

Cleaning is the most important battle

The number one complaint from travelers is always caused by dirty accommodation. It can be a simple, no luxury, no-frills place, but it must be clean. It might be a one-night stay gone bad: if that particular guest found a dirty bathroom, unkempt house, or suspicious-looking bedsheets, a bad review is certainly on the way. 

Keeping your rental clean and organized is a challenge: between finding reliable and professional cleaners, ensuring they are available when you need them and that the turnovers between guests are completed according to your needs and expectations you might end up with a dirty rental with guests arriving within the hour. 

That's where we come in. TIDY is the ultimate way to automate the cleanings of your rental property. It syncs with Airbnb or property management tools, automatically requests your cleaners for the job, helps you track, inspect, and organize everything remotely. Need a new professional cleaner? We can help with that too. TIDY helps ensure that there is always someone on the way to take care of the cleaning before your guest's arrival.

Always reply to public reviews

You must always reply to public reviews. Whether good or bad, you have to communicate with the guest, address their concerns and complaints, or thank them for their time and compliments. 

This might sound counterintuitive to some, but it is relationship and reputation building 101: you show everyone you care more about the guests and their experiences than about your ego. Remember: your reputation is built on good reviews. You need to address the bad ones and ensure the good ones are praised. 

Learn more about TIDY: book a Perfect Turnover Call with one of our experts. 

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