6 Airbnb Bathroom Essentials Often Forgotten by Hosts

July 22, 2018
6 Airbnb Bathroom Essentials Often Forgotten by Hosts

(This blog post is targeting customers looking for rental/airbnb cleanings).

Although extremely rewarding, running Airbnb businesses is a time-consuming job. If you want to be a successful Airbnb host, there are certain tasks such as setting the right price that will require considerable time and careful consideration. Luckily there are other tasks such as getting the bathroom of your Airbnb listing ready that requires less time. That being said, furnishing your bathroom with all the right essentials can be just as important in determining the success of your Airbnb business.

Even though your guests might not be spending that much time in the bathroom, it is still a sacred space after all that Airbnb hosts should give the necessary thought too. The bathroom should boast all the essential items that guests will need during their stay. If you do not know what you need to add to your bathroom to make sure that all your guests have a truly comfy stay, here are the top six Airbnb bathroom essentials that are often overlooked by Airbnb hosts.

Get hooked on hooks and shelves

There are certain things in life that you can never have enough of - hooks and shelves fit this category. Enough shelves and hooks are for sure a must-have fixture for any bathroom.

Make sure that there is a hook next to the shower so that your guests will be able to get their towel after they have enjoyed a refreshing shower. Also, be sure to add a hook behind the bathroom door as your guests will want a place to place their wet towel and clothing.

Shelves are just as important! Your guests will need a place where they can place their personal items such as a loofah, facial cream or facecloth.

Foot towel

One great (and inexpensive) way to sweep your guests off their feet is by including a foot towel in your bathroom. Apart from the great impression it creates, it will make sure that your guests' stay is even more comfortable.

One of the most unpleasant experiences is to be greeted by a cold tile floor after you have enjoyed a warm shower... When that happens, your guests will definitely notice that you failed to pay enough attention to the finer details. Also, when you remember to add a foot towel, guests will not grab the closest towel to dry their feet. So, it is really a win-win for both guest and host!

A small trash bin

Hosts many times forget to include a small trash bin in the bathroom. It might be small (and for sure not a focal point), but it makes it a lot more convenient for your guests. Your trash bin should definitely have some type of liner to make it easier for your guests to take out the trash if your house rules require that they do. Ideally it should also have a lid to offer the necessary discretion.

A disposable toothbrush and small tube of toothpaste

So, your guests are all dressed and ready to hit the sheets only to discover that they have forgotten their toothbrushes and toothpaste at home. Let us be honest, it has happened to everyone at least once.

Not all your guests will use the toothpaste and disposable toothbrush that you have placed in the bathroom, but it is still a very easy way to make a great impression. After all, when it comes to being a professional Airbnb host, it is all about the finer details and extra attention.

First-aid kit

All the sightseeing and walking that your guests will be doing might just lead to a headache or a blister or two. So, your guests will be extremely grateful to discover that you too have walked the extra mile by providing them with a first-aid kit. After all, you will only be too grateful that a guest grabbed a Band-Aid instead of your new white luxurious Egyptian cotton towels.

Air freshener

Another bathroom essential that will come to the rescue of your clients is an air freshener. One easy way to make sure that a romantic weekend remains romantic is to include a can of air freshener in the bathroom. Many times guests are traveling with a loved one and the last thing that any guest wants to discover is that there is no air freshener at hand when it is already too late…

Lastly, always double-check that you have communicated to your Airbnb guests that these bathroom essentials are in fact there for them to use. There is nothing worse than a guest thinking that the toothbrush which you have placed there for them to use is instead a used one that your cleaners forgot to throw away. Luckily, with the help of Airbnb vacation rental software like AirGMS, you can automate your guest communication so that a specific message about these bathroom essentials gets send to your guests after they have checked in. So, there is no real reason why any misunderstandings should occur.

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