6 Tips For Keeping Your Carpet Super Clean

July 31, 2018

Stains and messes can easily become a huge problem on carpet. As a result, you'll have to pay extra attention to ensure it stays in good shape. The good news is that there are plenty of tips you can use to help keep the carpet clean. Consequently, problems won't be able to build up and force a carpet replacement that could be costly and time consuming.


The most important tip to make use of is regular cleaning. This includes vacuuming and giving your carpet a good steam cleaning on a regular basis. You can consider this maintenance for your carpet, ensuring that dust and other bits of debris don't build up.

As a result, your carpet will be more durable and likely have a longer lifespan overall. While regular washing might seem like more work, it's still going to require a lot less effort than some other flooring options such as hardwood. If you are looking for an affordable machine, TheHouseWire provides an interesting review about the best carpet cleaner to use at home. If you love the softness and warmth of your carpet, then regular care is well worth it! If you are looking for


Accidents can happen, so it's important to know how to handle any spills that show up in your carpet. The first thing you'll want to remember is to avoid rubbing the stain. While it might seem like rubbing is the ideal way to scrub out a stain, it can actually make the problem worse.

What tends to happen with rubbing a stain is that the stain substance ends up getting spread to nearby fibers that it wasn't on before. In addition, it can be rough on the carpet and result in the fibers losing durability before they otherwise might. Try blotting instead!


From time to time, the messes on your carpet can include blood. Oftentimes, this can be due to a small (but messy) accident. Many worry about being able to get blood stains out of their carpet, but don't fear! There is a solution.

When it comes to blood stains, hydrogen peroxide is key to resolving the problem. Start by using a gentle cleaner to get the majority of the stain up. Then, add hydrogen peroxide to the remaining stain and it will work to dissolve germs and eat away at any remaining blood in the carpet.


If you're looking for a substance that can handle just about any carpet stain, try out shaving cream! This isn't an option many people think of, but it's a great choice for the vast majority of carpet stains that can occur.

For tricky stains, you can add some shaving cream to the blemish and then allow it to rest for about 30 minutes before blotting it up. This should work to remove the stain, but you can also try using a little bit of vinegar afterwards to make sure every bit of the problem is resolved.


When you're cleaning the carpet, it's a good idea to begin in the area farthest away from the door. You can also choose to work your way toward another room, so that you have somewhere to go while the carpet is drying where you won't have to step on the newly-cleaned carpet.

In addition, it's a good idea to make sure that you work in a straight line. That way, you'll be able to make sure that every inch of the carpet is covered. Furthermore, it's wise to take it slowly to do a thorough job rather than rushing through it.


Portable spot cleaners are an ideal way to handle the occasional stains that can show up. This little handheld tool adds the power of a motorized brush to ensure the entire stain gets lifted up quickly. You also won't need to worry about dragging a large carpet cleaner into the room for one little spot.

If you select a tool that avoids heat as a method for cleaning, then it will also be less likely to cause damage to your carpet. Whether it's a pet stain, coffee stain or something else, this type of small cleaner can be an ideal solution.


Overall, there are plenty of ways to keep your carpet clean and handle stains that can occur in your carpet. By following these tips, you'll have an easier time keeping a clean carpet and cleaning out any stains that do happen to occur.

Just remember that depending on the kind of carpet you own, you may need to tailor some of these tips to work better for your specific carpet. If you're getting a new carpet, or recently got a new carpet, you can also talk to the contractor or an employee from the company you purchased it from to get some tips.

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