Concierge Now Available In-App

May 15, 2021

The Concierge team is now available easily from inside your TIDY app now. It's one of the main buttons on the app; talk with us anytime with a tap of your bottom navigation bar. This change is important because it makes TIDY one of the most accessible companies.

Our goal is to provide easy to access, world-class support whenever you need it, at low cost. It is a delicate balance and something we keep iterating on to get right. Many of our features are free to users, but we still want to help everyone use things effectively.

Helping people since 2013, we have learned a lot that forms the core of our philosophy:

  • Text-based communication is almost always more efficient, so we try to make that fantastic.
  • You should never wonder if we got your question or what the next steps are.
  • We should strive to give you fast answers whenever possible, and you should know roughly the timeline for responses.
  • You should never be stuck talking to a bot. If a bot can provide suggestions, that is ok. But ultimately, you should be able to speak with a knowledgeable human expert. 

The new Concierge system delivers on all these basics. We won't always get things perfectly right for you, but we have a system to improve every day, both our technology to provide support and our human ability to do so.

Try out the new concierge section today.

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