Crisp Clean Winter Scents to Make Your Home Smell Good (That Aren't Candles!)

November 3, 2016
Crisp Clean Winter Scents to Make Your Home Smell Good (That Aren't Candles!)

Winter is a time to bundle up in front of the fire, throw on a sweater or relax under a soft blanket. One of the best ways to enjoy the warmth of home during this season is to fill your home with wonderful scents and smells. While there are many ways to find the perfect candle smell, consider creating your own home scents without the candle.


Winter and the holidays often go hand-in-hand, and the smells of this time of year can bring you back to old experiences and great memories. One excellent way to bring in some holiday cheer as you make new memories is to create your own potpourri. You can simmer a recipe in a pot on your stove throughout the day or use a small crockpot on your countertop. It is as simple as gathering the ingredients and adding them to simmering water. One classic holiday potpourri includes cinnamon, orange, nutmeg, cloves and vanilla. Some people also enjoy a recipe that incorporates apples, cinnamon, and cloves.


Cinnamon scented pine cones are often a hallmark of the winter months. For some, cinnamon is not the smell they are going for, but they love the idea of scented pine cones. You can easily collect your own from your backyard, find a favorite essential oil scent and spray the oil onto your pinecones. The bonus of this method is being able to choose the type of smell and the intensity of aroma by the amount you spray. It is a wintery take on the room diffuser.


If you love the smell of Christmas trees and miss it once the holidays are over, consider filling your home with that scent throughout the season. Choose a fresh cut Christmas tree that is a Fir tree (Balsam, Fraser or Canaan) these smell the best. Once the season is over and you are removing your tree, harvest the needles and dry them. Then you can sew them or tie them into a sachet and have that fresh tree scent all winter long. Crinkle the sachet in your hands to freshen up the smell every so often.


For a truly wintery wreath in your home, build a sage wreath with fresh leaves. The icy green color of the leaves is a beautiful addition to your decor with a lovely scent. Using a styrofoam wreath shape for its base, you can pin or tie an abundance of sage around the wreath. The leaves will shrink as they dry, so the more leaves, the better coverage. Top it all off by adding a bow and hanging it in your favorite spot.

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