TIDY and Hostaway announce direct integration and partnership

By Paula Fiuza
April 5, 2022

TIDY and Hostaway both offer services so that vacation rental professionals can have peace of mind and manage their business efficiently while growing revenue. Now, with the direct integration available, our clients can move up to the next level: do all that and never have to worry about a turnover between guests. 

We’re thrilled to bring this out to the world and make our clients’ lives even easier. Our goal, as always, is to partner with companies that share our values and goals, and that can offer amazing products and services to our existing clients. Partnerships such as this one with Hostaway contribute to our ultimate goal: full cleaning automation. 

Hostaway is a household name in the property management industry: their powerful software allows users to manage sales, marketing, communication with guests, accounting, and reporting in one place. They have achieved record-breaking growth over and over, and have a platform that empowers their clients to achieve their goals and grow their businesses. 

Why does this matter?

With the direct API integration, Hostaway clients will be able to sync their properties’ information with TIDY with a click of two buttons. Selecting “automatic booking” will allow TIDY to book cleaning jobs (according to settings previously selected by the user) whenever there is a check-out or a check-in at a property.

Users can upload to-do lists, prioritized according to their preferences, select preferred pros they’d like to hire, determine the length of a cleaning job and control all of it through the app. The different integrations we offer even enable the client to never have to set foot in the property between guests. 

If you’re a Hostaway client and have any questions, TIDY concierge is always here to help. If you’re not and want to explore, please contact us. An expert is always available to chat. 

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