How to use TIDY as your cleaning software

August 11, 2022

Vacation rental managers have a lot to do. Advertising their properties on Airbnb, and VRBO, taking care of maintenance, ensuring bills are paid and that guests are happy. It’s the same with property managers, their plate is full: dealing with tenants, owners and vendors.

Cleaning is another task on top of a never-ending pile. Well, it doesn’t have to be.

If you want to improve your cleaning and maintenance, TIDY can help.
If you want a better way to manage your cleaning Pros, TIDY can help.
If you want to save time and money, yes, TIDY can help.

See below for how to use TIDY as your cleaning management software.

All of your listings in one place

Creating your TIDY account is easy, and during that process, you will have to enter at least one address. Afterward, you have the option to either manually enter all your properties’ addresses or pull them from Airbnb, VRBO, or another booking channel using their unique iCal links.

If you already use a PMS, we offer direct integrations with several in the market, which makes the importing process quicker (just one link for all instead of one for each property).

Once that is completed, you will have your portfolio listed in TIDY. They show up on your dashboard under “Addresses”.

Understand your properties and specify what you want

Under each property, you can answer a few questions to give the information that our proprietary AI system needs to build a digital twin of your rental. That ensures you have a bird’s eye view of your property and that we can make informed recommendations so that you can make better decisions.

You can also create to-do lists per property with specific instructions for the cleaner. That ensures everything is always done according to your preferences and needs per rental.

Manage cleaning professionals

Cleaning professionals use TIDY free of charge. They have their own app, dashboard, and features and can apply for jobs within our marketplace. If you have a cleaning crew you already trust and are satisfied with, you can bring them to TIDY.

You can list them in priority order per property, send them job requests, communicate with them, and send them notifications, all using the app.

Book and track cleaning jobs

Once you have your Pros in priority order per property, you can send them job requests through TIDY. Our shared inbox allows you and your teammates to communicate to the Pros in one place and ensures jobs are tracked in real-time.

With automatic booking, you can go even one step further: allowing TIDY to automatically book a cleaning job, according to your Pro priority list, every time you have a reservation come through for a property.

Automation and tracking

Automating booking is the apple of our eye: our goal was to save you time and effort and ensure your properties get the best turnover cleanings between guests checking in and checking out. But that is just one possibility with automation with TIDY.

We can be integrated with Zapier, MS Teams, Slack, and many other platforms that can automate notifications, for example. You can link TIDY with many HRIS and accounting systems and ensure you set up triggers that cause a specific action in your daily processes.

Just as you can automate, you can track pretty much everything within TIDY: your assets, your jobs, maintenance requests and jobs, issues, supplies, etc.

Accounts payable and reports

You can view all booked jobs in one place, plus all proposals, invoices, and receipts for each property. You can view the amount owed per Pro and pay as you wish, including specific payment methods (e.g., credit card) per property.

Reports are available to be customized to your needs and exported in .csv or .pdf format, and you can set your insurance requirements, keep track of compliance status, and get alerts.

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