Migrating from Breezeway to TIDY: Differences and New Features

February 28, 2024

Migrating from Breezeway to TIDY: Differences and New Features

For property managers considering a migration from Breezeway to TIDY, understanding the key differences and new features available in TIDY is crucial. This overview will help highlight what changes to expect, focusing on features, task management, communication, and automation to ensure a seamless transition.

Similarities between Breezeway and TIDY

  • Property and Reservation Management: Both platforms use the same terminology for properties and manage guest reservations effectively, including support for long-term rentals.

Key Term Differences between Breezeway and TIDY

  • Tasks vs Jobs: Breezeway calls things Tasks while TIDY calls things Jobs or Issues. For Breezeway, a Task is a "thing to be done by someone". With TIDY, a Job is a thing to be done by a pro. Issues are a way to track jobs, groups of jobs, damage reports, and other things internally. These are mostly just language differences, but they are important to be aware of as you transition.
  • Templates vs To-Dos: Breezeway uses templates at the account level, requiring application across all properties. TIDY allows for more customization with property-specific lists and templates, facilitating tailored and reusable checklists.
  • Guest SMS Numbers: While TIDY does not offer guest messaging (we believe most people should use their PMS system for all guest related things and leave the cleaning and maintenance to us). But TIDY does allow you to generate a SMS hotline for guests and tenants to use to report issues, such as emergency maintenence. When they message in, it creates a message you can see. Then, you can apply workflows automatically to it. Including having it go through our human concierge.

New Features in TIDY

  • Assignment and Vendor Management: TIDY introduces flexibility in assigning work to outside vendors, unlike Breezeway's employee-centric model. With TIDY, property managers can send job requests and view vendor availability, supporting a more dynamic workflow.
  • Priority and Workflow Automation: TIDY enables property managers to set priority lists and automate workflows, offering a sophisticated system for managing tasks and vendor assignments.
  • Integrated Messaging Beyond Comments: Seamlessly talk with all your pros and vendors, even if they don't use the app! TIDY offers advanced messaging features in all plans. This includes the ability to message pros via SMS and colelct their responses, trigger workflows, and more.
  • Inventory Tracking: Track inventory of things like soaps, toilet paper, and more.
  • Maintenance Plans: Set up maintenance reminders and schedules in TIDY. This is great for preventative and recurring maintenance tasks. Generate issues from these as you see fit, or automate it. AI reminders and suggestions keep you on track.
  • Billing and Time Tracking: TIDY provides detailed billing and time tracking capabilities for jobs, aiding in accurate payment processing and payroll management.
  • Virtual Inspections: An exclusive feature in TIDY, enabling virtual or remote inspections with before and after photos or videos, a functionality not offered by Breezeway.
  • Concierge Service: TIDY's concierge service acts as an extension of the property manager's operations team, offering support and customization to meet specific needs.
  • Human-In-The-Loop Workflows: TIDY's concierge will do human tasks for you (such as review jobs, compile reports, triage issues, and more).
  • Automations and Advanced Workflows: TIDY surpasses Breezeway with its ability to create automated triggers and actions for various operational tasks, including concierge tasks that involve human oversight for more complex decisions.

Migration Made Easy

TIDY always makes it very easy to migrate. In fact, we will do it mostly for you. From converting templates to to dos, updating your property information, and training your pros. TIDY will do as much of it for you as we possibly can.


Migrating from Breezeway to TIDY presents property managers with a plethora of advanced features and customizable options designed to streamline operations, enhance communication, and automate workflows. The shift towards TIDY is particularly beneficial for those managing a mix of in-house staff and external vendors, offering flexibility, efficiency, and a more integrated property management experience.

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