Product Update: Improved Calendar for Schedule View

October 13, 2023

New Scheduling Features to Optimize Your Job Management on Tidy!

We’re pleased to announce several key updates to the Tidy platform that revolve around enhancing your scheduling capabilities. We've focused on offering more flexibility and control over how you manage your jobs, properties, and professionals within the platform.

What's New?

All Properties View

We've introduced an "All Properties" view that offers a comprehensive overview of your properties, jobs, and job requests. This bird's-eye view simplifies managing your various tasks and assets.

Advanced Filters

Our new filtering options allow for a more granular control over viewing your schedule:

  • Filter by Date: See jobs based on when they are scheduled.
  • Filter by Job Status: Sort jobs by their current status (in progress, completed, etc.)
  • Filter by Service Type: Narrow down jobs by categories like cleaning, handyman, and inspection.
  • Filter by Property: Focus on jobs related to specific properties.
  • Filter by Pro: View jobs assigned to particular professionals.

Improved Actions

You can now select any address to see all related jobs. From there, you can add new jobs, cancel existing ones, or perform other actions specific to that address.


  • Efficiency: Save time with the bird's-eye view and advanced filters.
  • Control: New filters and actions put you in the driver's seat.
  • Visibility: Get a complete overview of your properties and jobs, all in one place.

How To Get Started

These updates are available now and can be accessed directly from your Tidy dashboard. For a more detailed walkthrough, you can refer to our help center article: Tidy Scheduling Help Center


We believe these new scheduling features will significantly aid you in managing your tasks and properties more effectively. As we continue to enhance the Tidy platform, your feedback is crucial for us to deliver what you need. Feel free to share your thoughts or questions.

Thank you for being a Tidy user!

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