Product Update: Shared Inbox

June 2, 2022

We're excited to announce and launch our new feature: the shared inbox. One of the most requested from customers in the past year, now available for all TIDY users so property managers can do what they do best and not worry about bouncing back and forth between apps to track communication history.

Communication can be tricky

We have heard from many customers about the pain of managing communication with cleaners and maintenance teams on their properties. The challenges mentioned include:

  • It is hard for multiple team members to view what is going on or communicate with the Pro as needed
  • It is tricky to identify exactly what conversations related to what jobs
  • Pros want to communicate mostly in one way: through SMS
  • Property managers want notifications in their existing tools (e.g. Slack, Teams, Email, and more)

Many customers have tried things like shared WhatsApp or Slack channels, but these are unwieldy and not exactly meant for this.

Shared Inbox Makes Communication Easier

TIDY's new Shared Inbox feature centralizes all communication in jobs into TIDY. So when you message a Pro or a Pro sends a message, it's all logged in TIDY by job, for your review.

  • The messages are all well organized and tagged on the job itself. So if you want to know what happened on a specific job, you can easily get a complete picture
  • Anyone on your team can now view and message Pros inside the app
  • Your Pros get notifications in their app and by SMS
  • You get notifications in your app and by SMS

To use this feature, just tap any job and you will see the option to message the Pro. Any user on your account who can see that job can view messages and send them. If you need further details, our Help Docs have a thorough explanation.

Notification Integrations Coming Soon

We know this doesn't take care of all communication needs, so we are happy to announce that we are launching Notification Integrations in Q3 of 2022. We wanted to give you a preview now so you can know how this will work when it exits our beta program.

Your team can set up notification channels to get vendor communication wherever you like. Slack has been the most popular channel, but we are going to support Teams, Hubspot, Salesforce,, Asana, Zapier, and more at launch. Our goal is to support all project management tools, all CRMs, and all communication channels that you might use.

The same will be available for Pros: even though they tend to prefer SMS, they'll be able to set up their notification settings however they like.

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