TIDY’s Smart Phone features to Coordinate all Cleaning & Maintenance Communication

April 5, 2024

TIDY has made it easier than ever to get messages from all your pros into the TIDY app. And now, we have a new ability to get guest or tenant messaging into the app as well. This allows you to coordinate all your cleaning and maintenance-related communication in one spot.

Here's how it works:

You can generate a "smart number" for either your guests, your pros, or both. Creating a smart number is easy - just go to the "Messages" section of your app and click the "Smart Number" button. This number is unique to you and your set of properties.

When someone texts this number, the messages will come through into Tidy's "Messages" section. From there, you can take action - schedule maintenance, schedule cleaning, coordinate with your pros, etc.

This feature is particularly powerful for guest or tenant emergency maintenance handling. You can set up workflows where our concierge can handle these incoming texts from your guests or tenants and coordinate the cleaning and maintenance with your pros according to your custom rule set.

For pros who may be less inclined to use the software, the smart number allows them to communicate with you via their preferred channel - text messaging. As messages come in, you can set up workflows to have our concierge help manage them.

In the near future, we will have AI tools to help automatically suggest tasks based on these incoming messages. Our hope is that over time, you'll be able to train agents to communicate on your behalf, always following your rules and priorities.

TIDY’s smart numbers now enable you to more effectively handle emergency maintenance situations with guests or tenants and communicate with pros who are less prone to using the software.

TIDY is the ultimate tool to help you coordinate your cleaning and maintenance with your entire team. Try TIDY today.

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