TIDY’s Improved Task Management Tools Make it Easier to Manage Maintenance

April 4, 2024

Tidy's new task management tools make it easier than ever to manage the cleaning and maintenance of your properties. Tasks have been upgraded in Tidy for a more visual interface. Now you can use this Kanban-style board to organize all of your tasks.

When a pro reports an issue or a guest reports an issue, these can be automatically and instantly loaded into the "Reported" section of your task tab. Then, as you approve them for a work order, you can move them to the "Approved" category.

Once a task has been approved, you can assign it to somebody on your team or assign it to our concierge to handle. When you assign it to the concierge, our team can see that task and work to get it done. There are plans to add more transparency and clarity about how this works in the near future.

You can see the status of all the tasks, as well as the statuses of all the jobs associated with the tasks and other relevant information.

The key difference between tasks and jobs is that tasks are things for the property management team themselves to do most of the time, while jobs are typically something you'd have a pro do, whether that be an employee or a vendor that's working on site.

The goal of the new tasks system is to make it very visually easy to see everything that's going on, whether the concierge is helping you out or you're doing it yourself, and to make it easier to handle more complex tasks. For example, you can have a turnover task that consists of an inspection, followed by handyman work depending on the results of the inspection, as well as cleaning before the guest or tenant is finally able to arrive.

All of these powerful solutions are available via the TIDY app.

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