Tips For Using A Robot Vacuum To Keep Your Home Extra Clean

November 1, 2018
Tips For Using A Robot Vacuum To Keep Your Home Extra Clean

As technology marches forward, we find ourselves with more and more new ways to clean our home. Take robot vacuum cleaners, for instance, They are one of the latest high-tech devices that are designed to make our lives easier. And while they aren't perfect, and won't replace your upright completely, if used properly, they can keep your home cleaner and ease your workload.

Use this technology to your advantage and up your cleaning game like a pro. Here are a few tips to use your robot vacuum cleaner and get the most out of it.


Before you buy a little robot friend, take a good look at your home. Check out all of the nooks and crannies. Think about your home from the robot's point of view. If your sofa has a low clearance on the bottom, you'll need a thinner robot to get under there? Does dust collect in the corner of your room? If so, you may want a model that is designed to get into corners and clean them. These models usually have one right-angled edge. Can it fit between chair legs?

Is your home very large? Then you'll want a robot vacuum cleaner with a larger battery capacity so it doesn't run out of steam in the middle of the job. Smaller homes will be compatible with a smaller battery capacity. Are your floors mostly hardwood or carpet? You'll want a robot that specializes in your floor type. Some are good for both, while others excel at one or the other. There are even models that can clean and mop like these from Gadgetreview. As you can see, it pays to know your home before you buy.


As I said, these robots haven't completely eliminated cleaning for us entirely. Not yet. So they work best with a floor that is cleared of the obstacles that our family tends to throw around. Clothes, bags, and other obstacles should be cleaned up so that your little worker bee can roam freely and do its job.


Keep your robot in tip-top shape by giving it a thorough cleaning every so often to make sure that dust sensors and other electronics are clear and everything is working properly. This will make sure that it serves you in your home for a long time.


Empty your robot's dust bin often so that it can always pick up more. Because as you know there is always more to suck up. If you let it run with a full container of dirt, it is just moving around and doing nothing.


You'll want to place the charging dock in a flat and easily accessible area, preferably somewhere in the area that requires the most cleaning so that it can always get to it and charge up. And keep the charging dock clean and free of dust.


If you can, get a model that is AAFA certified or otherwise helps remove allergens. This will life life very nice if you are an allergy sufferer.


Sometimes it might seem like it is not hitting the area that you want it to clean the most, but just relax, it will get there. There is a method to the way it roams about your home. It really does know what it is doing.

Sure, your robot vacuum cleaner doesn't do all of the work in your home but take advantage of the job that it does do and make sure that you find some time to kick back and chill as you watch it do it's duty nearby. You’ll love it and may even find that it has a personality.

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