15 Best Question To Put on Your Guest Satisfaction Survey

February 5, 2024

Are you asking the right questions?

Every question in your customer satisfaction survey needs to have a purpose, whether it's to find improvement opportunities or encourage a certain action from your guests.

The questions below can help you improve your service delivery and build strong lasting relationships with guests.

1. How Would You Rate Your Overall Experience Staying at Our Property?

This question is in most guest satisfaction surveys because it is your barometer for happy guests. It encapsulates the entirety of a guest's stay and gives you a straightforward idea of customer satisfaction.

The rating from this question provides immediate insights into the success or shortcomings of various aspects, including accommodations, service quality, and overall ambiance.

Beyond a singular evaluation, this question establishes a foundational metric for ongoing assessments and facilitates benchmarking against industry standards.

2. On a Scale of 1-10, How Likely Are You To Recommend Our Property to Friends and Family?

Next, you want to know the likelihood of getting recommended by your guest. The reason is that people value other's recommendations. If someone they know recommends one of your properties, they are much more likely to book a stay.

By assigning a Net Promoter Score (NPS), you can get this valuable insight and see which guests have the potential to become advocates. You can look at high scores on this question as an opportunity to engage more with this guest to try and encourage an actual recommendation.

Beyond gauging immediate satisfaction, this question offers a forward-looking perspective on the property's market standing, its ability to attract new business through recommendations, and the cultivation of a loyal customer base.

3. Did Our Property Meet, Exceed, or Fall Short of Your Expectations?

The addition of qualitative elements to guest feedback allows you to better understand the alignment between guests' expectations and the actual experience provided. Positive feedback is indicative not just of satisfaction, but also of the potential to exceed expectations, paving the way for positive Airbnb reviews and repeat business.

Negative feedback highlights areas that require immediate attention to prevent guest dissatisfaction and adverse reviews. If your guests report unmet expectations, you should look again at your online listings and see that the images and descriptions match the reality of your properties.

Overly edited or old images can do more harm than you think. Transparency will always result in more positive reviews. So in your descriptions, set the expectations right and mention any issue present.

4. How Comfortable and Accommodating Did You Find the Property?

The responses to this question offer valuable cues for enhancing the overall guest experience. Everyone is looking for a comfortable place. So you should make your guests feel welcome and have appropriate furniture to rest.

A bad answer means you need to align the property more closely with guest expectations and maybe re-think your decoration. You can also start incorporating a welcome gift like a letter or a treat into your inventory checklist.

The end goal is that you can look at the causes of why someone would not be comfortable in your properties and fix it. Comfortable places get the best Airbnb guest reviews and recommendations.

5. How Would You Rate the Cleanliness of the Property Upon Your Arrival?

Cleanliness is clearly a top concern for guests. A lack of cleanliness will turn off most guests and encourage them to leave a bad review. A messy property can turn passive guests into vocal people since this aspect is critical.

This feedback will help you understand if the current level of cleanliness meets guest expectations. Make sure that your properties are just as clean as in your listing pictures.

And if you receive negative feedback on this area, it is best if you start hiring property cleaning services. A trusted provider of these services can handle cleaning and housekeeping for all your properties so no guest is left with a bad experience.

6. Were You Satisfied With the Amenities Provided at Our Property?

Airbnb amenities play a crucial role in enhancing the guest experience, ranging from practical necessities to luxurious offerings. Guest satisfaction with amenities is a direct indicator of how well the property aligns with the diverse needs and preferences of its guests.  

Understanding which amenities resonate positively allows property managers to make informed decisions on investments and improvements, ensuring that the offerings meet or exceed guest expectations. So, if for example, a pool is mentioned many times in positive reviews, it can mean that you should invest in properties with this amenity.

But also, you can see this as an opportunity to promote these amenities more on your listings to attract new visitors.

If people are not very happy with the amenities, try not to promote them too in your listings much since it can lead to unfulfilled expectations. If your property doesn't have amenities, you can consider offering other extra services like guided tours or activity guides to compensate for the lack of amenities.

7. Did You Encounter Any Issues With Maintenance or Upkeep During Your Stay?

Issues related to your Airbnb maintenance or upkeep can significantly impact a guest's experience, influencing their satisfaction and perception of the property.

By asking this question, you gain direct feedback into any challenges guests may have faced during their stay, be it a malfunctioning appliance, a plumbing issue, or any other maintenance concern. Timely resolution of such issues is very important to ensuring a seamless and positive guest experience.

People can be understanding of these types of situations, while others do not so much. So the minute you receive feedback about these problems, you should fix them. Or if for some reason you don't have the time and it's not an essential thing, you should at least inform guests of this. Otherwise, the surprise will have a very negative impression on them.

8. How Would You Rate Your Communication With the Host?

Effective communication with the host is instrumental in shaping the overall impression of a stay, as it influences the guest's sense of comfort, trust, and satisfaction.

If the guests have a question or issue, you should be available to manage their concerns. Whenever you look at reviews for other Airbnbs, host responsiveness is mentioned in most of them. And that's because communication is essential for people going into someone else's property on a location they have most likely never been to. You or your Airbnb manager should be there for your guests.

This question gives you a look into the responsiveness, clarity, and helpfulness of you or your property manager. So keep a clear mind about who's staying in your properties so you can be alert of any incoming messages.

9. How Smooth and Efficient Was the Check-In/Check-Out Process?

The check-in will be the first impression that your guests have of your properties. And first impressions are extremely important. Imagine arriving from the airport after a long flight and having to deal with a confusing check-in process and an unresponsive host. This would be a very negative experience for anyone. To some, it could even ruin their mood for the rest of the day.

The same goes for the check-out process. People have flights to catch, and checking out should take them too much of their time because that could ruin their schedule.

Try being mindful of these aspects and offer the best and quickest check-in and check-out. Whether you give guests the keys directly or you offer self-check-in, a fast process is best.

10. Do You Feel That Your Stay Provided Good Value for the Price

Whenever a guest visits an Airbnb, they will mentally assess if their investment was worth it. If they think that the price is appropriate for the accommodations, then they will more likely visit again and even recommend your properties. Within this notion of quality, people consider how comfortable the place is, the available amenities, location, and service. So, a small place with amenities and a great location can make it a worthy of a high price.

If you get negative feedback consistently on this question, you need to look at your costs. For this purpose, check out other properties in the same area as your Airbnb and compare prices as well as accommodations. This way you can have an idea of what people are expecting from places in that area. Maybe you need to lower prices or just offer a better service.

11. How Satisfied Were You With the Location and Accessibility of Our Property?

Location and accessibility directly influence the overall convenience and appeal of the stay. Many people prefer location over any other factor. So, since it's such a big deal for guests, you should ask about it.

Obviously, you can't change the location of your property, but this feedback can inform you how to promote and price your Airbnb. Maybe you even discover that a lot of people visit your Airbnb due to a proximity to a certain place or event. You can use those opportunities to grow your audience and even increase your profit.

12. Did You Feel Safe and Secure During Your Stay at Our Property?

Perceptions of safety directly impact overall satisfaction and influence repeat business. And in the case of security, it's all about perception. Negative aspects of a property can make people believe that the area is not safe, when the reality is different.

Some of the things you can do to transmit safety are having working locks in doors and windows, curtains to have more privacy, having a security system installed, and more.

If you invest in having a secure property, then people will feel safe even in not great areas. So make sure you have these offerings for your guests.

13. Did You Use Any Additional Services? (Laundry, Food Delivery, Etc.), How Satisfied Were You With Them?

Additional services can make or break a guest's experience. Since these services are a plus, property managers can forget about checking on their functionality and convenience. Ideally, you shouldn't promote services that don't work. As we have mentioned before, falling short of expectations is not good for business. So, for example, if you're promoting a washing machine on the Airbnb, make sure it works.

If any service is unavailable, you can be transparent and inform users about it. This question can also give you insights into other additional services that your guests will appreciate, increasing the value of your property.

14. How Likely Are You To Stay at Our Property Again in the Future?

A great guest experience will make your property the first option for them whenever they visit the destination again. Why? Because it's a safe option where they know they'll have a good experience. Finding a place that surpasses expectations in a foreign place is difficult and daunting, so naturally, people will go back to where they're comfortable.

If guests express hesitancy about returning, it means that you should take a hard look at all other reasons why this might be the case. With all the other questions in this survey, you should have a clear idea of the problems.

15. Do You Have Any Other Comments, Suggestions, or Feedback You Would Like To Share About Your Stay?

Closed questions alone don't allow people to express the entirety of their thoughts. This is why you need to provide a place where they can tell you all about their experience. This may uncover hidden opportunities for improvement or highlight exceptional experiences.

Closely look at all responses to this question because happy guests will make sure you know what you're doing right. And the opposite is also true. There might be some small detail that leaves a negative impression on people that you might have not thought about.

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