Why should property managers care about compliance?

October 15, 2022

Property managers are hired to take care of a property's daily operations. That includes maintenance, bookings, cleanings, marketing, and even accounting. So why should property managers care about compliance?

Because it is part of the job description to ensure all rules, laws, and guidelines associated with real estate ownership are followed: are the properties up to code? Do they follow the basic compliance rules established by the FHAA?

This directly impacts the owner's legal standing and the owner-property manager relationship, as the first deposits their trust in the second to take care of their assets and ensure everything is done correctly.

Why should property managers care about compliance: FHAA rules

The Fair Housing Amendment Act (FHAA) has seven rules that all and any real estate property must follow. They are:

  1. An accessible building entrance on an accessible route. Covered multifamily dwellings must have at least one building entrance on an accessible route unless it is impractical to do so because of terrain or unusual characteristics of the site.
  2. Accessible to common and public use areas. Such areas could include but are not limited to clubhouses, front offices, playgrounds and other recreational areas, laundry rooms, postal drop areas, and other recreational areas.
  3. Usable doors (usable by a person in a wheelchair). All doors designed to allow passage into and within all premises must be sufficiently wide to allow passage by persons in wheelchairs.
  4. Accessible route into and through the dwelling unit. There must be an accessible route into and through the dwelling units, providing access for people with disabilities throughout the unit.
  5. Light switches, electrical outlets, thermostats and other environmental controls in accessible locations.
  6. Reinforced walls in bathrooms for later installation of grab bars. All premises within dwelling units must contain reinforcements in bathroom walls to allow later installation of grab bars around toilet, tub, shower stall, and shower seat, where such facilities are provided. Showers and tubs should also have a seat.
  7. Usable kitchens and bathrooms. Dwelling units must contain usable kitchens and bathrooms such that an individual who uses a wheelchair can maneuver about the space.

Simplifying compliance for property managers

Beyond the basics determined by FHAA, there are many other topics related to long-term rentals, such as lease agreements, tax payments, and tenant screenings. On top of those are other items, such as:

  • Water quality
  • Functioning smoke detectors
  • Abiding by electrical system codes and regulations
  • Abiding by silence rules
  • Insurance needs and requirements

Besides those, all properties have their own specific needs, as well as their property managers. Some might manage a personalized background check process for all vendors, while others may require a specific process for document signing. This might be overwhelming.

Well, not if you have software to help.

TIDY and compliance for property managers

One of our goals at TIDY is to make your life easier. So of course we have ways for you to keep track of compliance. They include:

  • Insurance requirements
  • Certification/training requirements
  • Background check requirements
  • Document signing requirements
  • And more...

This means that you can personalize the app to your compliance needs. For example, if you require a minimum insurance requirement from service pros, TIDY can track that. We can collect the insurance certificates and ensure they qualify.

You can also ensure that all service pros have the minimum training to work with you through the app. Even though we don't provide the training directly, we recommend several certifications and ratings and help you track them.

On top of all that, we also offer background checks compliance, document signing, and multiple safety options. If you want to implement this, talk to us. We're here to help.

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