Why use software to manage rental properties?

By Paula Fiuza
February 25, 2022

If you have a rental property listed on Airbnb or, you have probably faced some challenges here and there. Maybe some guests are too demanding or your cleaner doesn’t show up, but overall, it’s manageable.

As it becomes a business and you start adding more properties to your portfolio, the issues start piling up. One day you catch yourself having to fix a leak or complete a turnover. The next, you are slammed answering messages on Airbnb. Suddenly it has become a 24/7 job: you make money, but you are always on call. 

Here’s where software comes in: you can treat your business as a business and use tools to help you manage it more efficiently and effectively. There are several options in the market today, but no one-size-fits-all; you need to pick and choose. Below are three reasons why you should use software to manage rental properties. 

1) Work smarter, not harder: save time

Software tools such as TIDY automate property management so you can use your time on what really matters: growing and expanding your business. That means that instead of playing phone tag with cleaners trying to find someone to complete a turnover, you can focus on adding properties to your portfolio, marketing your listings online, and focusing your efforts on actions with higher ROI.

Technology is available to help us and we must take advantage of it. So if you can automate things such as booking cleaning jobs, maintenance requests, ordering amenities for units, and payment, that means you will have that time left on your day to work on other tasks.

2) Big picture view of your portfolio

Working with a software tool to manage your rental properties gives you a birds-eye view of your business. Yes, dashboards, reports, analysis, and everything else a company has on their operations. 

That is extremely necessary to make better business decisions and choose the right focus at a specific point in time, for example. Other than that, you will also have all that information in one place. It doesn’t matter if you use all booking channels, for example, a PMS will collect that information and combine it on its dashboard, giving you access to all of it, at any time.

3) Freedom to run your business

Using a property management system means having the freedom to run your business. If you’re an owner, that means less dependency on a property manager. If you are a property manager, that means more time to focus on increasing revenue instead of running around attending to guests.

Most software tools in the market today even offer marketing solutions for property management. That means creating your own website with your portfolio, good design and content to attract the best customers. On top of that, all have some sort of accounting or finance side to it, provide you with communication automation with guests, and overall best in class service. 

There are several property management systems that can help you run your rental, including marketing it, and TIDY can help ensure your property is always clean. It syncs with Airbnb or property management tools, automatically requests your cleaners for the job, helps you track, inspect, and organize everything remotely. Need a new professional cleaner? We can help with that too. TIDY helps ensure that there is always someone on the way to take care of the cleaning before your guest's arrival.

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