Switching from Breezeway Should be a "No Brainer"

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TIDY vs Breezeway

TIDY & Breezeway are the two most feature-rich options for property managers to handle cleaning & maintenance. The main difference? TIDY uses AI and the TIDY Concierge to perform tasks that software alone can't do, meaning you can automate more workflows than using software alone. TIDY also has a network of pros, so they can instantly and automatically book you jobs as needed.

About TIDY

Before we compare, TIDY's highlights are:

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and TIDY are both great platforms for home service professionals, but which one is right for you? In this video, we’ll compare the two and give you the info you need to decide. We won't judge, if TIDY isn't right for you, then we want to help you figure that out quickly.

While every product has pros and cons, you will find that TIDY offers many unique and powerful features that no competitor offers. TIDY's product is based on years of work crafting and honing our product with feedback from thousands of property managers. TIDY has analyzed the problems people face managing short-term rentals and found solutions to many of the fundamentally hard challenges. As one of our users said, "It's managing your home like SimCity." We like that analogy.

Compare Features



Manage Existing Pros

Manage all your existing pros.


Get Pros For You

Instantly find you someone who matches your criteria.


Smart Standbys

Predict issues with AI, and leverage pooled groups of standbys to make jobs reliable.


Job Links

Send links to your jobs, so pros work without downloads or login.


Complex Job Request Workflows

Complex workflows involve job requests many pros, contingent on other actions, sending requests to groups, and other complex actions.

Yes (But not those requiring human/ai input)

Number of Integrations

Property management systems, channels (like AirBnb), Communication Tools (like Slack), and more.



Automatic Booking

Automatically book jobs based on integrations or workflows.


Handle Accounts Payable & Pay By Credit Card

Manage agreements, invoices, payments, & receipts.


Asset Tracking

Track the large appliances or physical assets and their mainteannce.


Home Maps

Map your home to make it easier for service providers (and more fun for you).


Smart Maintenance Suggestions

Based on your tracked assets, get manufacturer recommendations for your exact items.


Digital To-Do Lists

Show exactly what you want to be done with a digital list.


Before & After Videos & Photos

Document what guests did to your property, and ensure jobs get done right.

Photo Only

Manage Vendor Compliance

Specify any insurance or documents requirements, and we help track compliance.


Open API

Manage cleanings & maintenance programatically with an API.


Inventory Management

Track the quantity level of items in your properties, and send low stock alerts.



Use a shared inbox to communicate between your team members and pros.


I couldn't get pricing out of Breezeway so I went with TIDY. Ultimately, I liked TIDY because the concierge helped me find pros for my properties, which is super helpful sometimes.

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Mark P.

TIDY: The Breezeway Alternative

So Breezeway does have several features that TIDY does not. Lets list them in the interest of full disclosure:

  • Guest texting - If your existing PMS does not have guest texting, Breezeway can fill this gap for you.
  • Gap night revenue - If your existing pms does not provide gap night workflows, this may fill a gap for you.
  • Guest website - If your existing PMS does not offer this, and want to share with guests a website to report issues or take action, Breezeway can fill this gap for you.

Philosophically, these features are those we typically see offered by Guest-focused PMS systems. TIDY focuses squarely on inspections, cleaning, and maintenance of properties, and not guest focused things. At a high level, Breezeway we feel is focused on helping operations teams replace excel and systems with one unified systems. TIDY is focused on the actual workflows that property managers do for cleaning and maintenance operations, and tries to automate those workflows as much as possible.

TIDY's highlights include:

  1. TIDY allows "Human-in-the-loop workflows" - We are more than software, our concierge team picks up the phone and calls people when needed to make things happen. Home services requires more than just software to get things done.
  2. TIDY helps prevent call outs. - We know booking a pro is not always the hard part. The problem is what happens if they cancel or don't show up. This is where TIDY has many more features than Breezeway. This includes:
    - Using machine learning to predict issues in advance.
    - Giving you access to a group of standby cleaners to handle last minute issues.
    - We support complex workflows on how you want to respond to issues.
    - You can have our Concierge help when needed.
  3. TIDY offers instant pricing for help. With TIDY, you insert your preferences and we get it done for you.
  4. TIDY does not require an app. - Many pros do not like to use apps, so by using links to jobs or to-do lists, you can improve adoption of the app, and make it easier to get your pros doing what you want.
  5. TIDY has powerful, visual to-do lists. You can add photos, mark what is important, get smart time estimates, request before and after photos, and more.
  6. TIDY has a flexible workflow engine allowing you to automate almost any workflow involving cleaning or maintenance.
  7. Advanced Messaging Tools
  8. Advanced Bill Pay
  9. Inventory Tracking
  10. Pro (vendor and employee) prioritization and advanced workflows

Migrating from Breezeway to TIDY is easy

We make it easy to migrate from Breezeway to TIDY. Check out our blogMigrating from Breezeway to TIDY: Differences and New Features

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