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TIDY vs TurnoverBnb

Update: Turnoverbnb is now Turno, go to our Turno Comparison page for more information, this page may no longer be accurate. We always recommend trying both to see the differences in products. TIDY has a ton of software features. TIDY also has a human concierge team who helps you to get jobs done. TIDY also has AI features to predict or resolve critical issues faced by AirBnB hosts, like callouts or no-shows. TIDY's concierge team and AI-driven software get the job done for you. If reliability is important to you, give TIDY a try!

About TIDY

Before we compare, TIDY's highlights are:

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and TIDY are both great platforms for home service professionals, but which one is right for you? In this video, we’ll compare the two and give you the info you need to decide. We won't judge, if TIDY isn't right for you, then we want to help you figure that out quickly.

While every product has pros and cons, you will find that TIDY offers many unique and powerful features that no competitor offers. TIDY's product is based on years of work crafting and honing our product with feedback from thousands of property managers. TIDY has analyzed the problems people face managing short-term rentals and found solutions to many of the fundamentally hard challenges. As one of our users said, "It's managing your home like SimCity." We like that analogy.

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Manage Existing Pros

Manage all your existing pros.


Get Pros For You

Instantly find you someone who matches your criteria.

Search Marketplace

Smart Standbys

Predict issues with AI, and leverage pooled groups of standbys to make jobs reliable.


Job Links

Send links to your jobs, so pros work without downloads or login.


Complex Job Request Workflows

Complex workflows involve job requests many pros, contingent on other actions, sending requests to groups, and other complex actions.


Number of Integrations

Property management systems, channels (like AirBnb), Communication Tools (like Slack), and more.



Automatic Booking

Automatically book jobs based on integrations or workflows.


Handle Accounts Payable & Pay By Credit Card

Manage agreements, invoices, payments, & receipts.

Credit Card Only

Asset Tracking

Track the large appliances or physical assets and their mainteannce.


Home Maps

Map your home to make it easier for service providers (and more fun for you).


Smart Maintenance Suggestions

Based on your tracked assets, get manufacturer recommendations for your exact items.


Digital To-Do Lists

Show exactly what you want to be done with a digital list.

Yes (but look at the difference)

Before & After Videos & Photos

Document what guests did to your property, and ensure jobs get done right.

Photo Only

Manage Vendor Compliance

Specify any insurance or documents requirements, and we help track compliance.


Open API

Manage cleanings & maintenance programatically with an API.


Inventory Management

Track the quantity level of items in your properties, and send low stock alerts.



Use a shared inbox to communicate between your team members and pros.


TIDY is the most complete software solution I've seen and the concierge is great, and have helped my team a lot!

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- Andy P

Update: As Turnoverbnb is now Turno, go to the Turno comparison site for the latest information.

TIDY: The Alternative to TurnoverBnb (now Turno)

Generally speaking, we recommend you try TIDY and TurnoverBnb both if you want to see the differences in features, human assistance, and automation when looking to get cleaning, maintenance, or turnovers done. TIDY should be a low-cost option for most customers to automate your cleaning and maintenance.

TIDY Helps You Get Jobs Done

TIDY helps to get jobs done using software, AI and human assistance. We aim to be your partner to get turnovers, cleaning, and maintenance done. This affects all we do, and why we are much more helpful in actually getting jobs done. TIDY lets you tell us (in the app or through our concierge) what you want done. We coordinate with our network of vendors to get it done. Getting bids, comparing vendors, and negotiating back and forth is unnecessary. TIDY can do this on your behalf.

With TIDY, you can specify what you want done and our team will work to get someone out for you at the price you specify. You don't need to post a job and compare quotes; we will get it done for you.

If you want to use your own pros, you can use TIDY for no additional fees beyond your subscription (and payment processing if you choose to send payments). 

TIDY - A Low Cost Alternative

TIDY is often a low-cost alternative to other solutions, including using your own in-house operations team. When comparing costs its important to include all costs, including how much time any given solution will save you. TIDY's goal is to combine human help, AI help, and software help to allow your operations team to significantly reduce the amount of time and cost your operations team spends on managing cleaning and maintenance.

To see TIDY's pricing, go to All pricing is transparent. Any jobs you want to book via TIDY, are listed 100% transparently without additional fees.

To see Turno's pricing, we recommend reviewing their pricing page and help center to ensure you understand all their relevant fees. At the time of writing, Turno charges parties 10% on all jobs with pros you find on the Turno marketplace. 

TIDY - Many Features

TIDY has many features! Many of these features are very powerful and customizable. Here are some key differences:

  • TIDY allows you to set up advanced billing rules, for example creating billing groups for sets of properties so that they can be billed through a specific credit card. 
  • TIDY uses machine learning to predict many things and share information about how to make smarter decisions. For example, when you make a job request, TIDY predicts the probability of it being accepted. This is hard to do! Managing the tradeoffs of each request is hard, and knowing whether your pros are likely to accept helps you plan better.
  • TIDY allows you to set up advanced automation for almost any task. Want an invoice in a specific format emailed after each job is complete to your accounting team? No problem.
  • TIDY allows you to set up sophisticated rules for working with many pros. You can have many pros for each property and service type. Turno only allows you 1 primary and one backup. 

In addition, TIDY's enhanced To-Do Lists are powerful. TIDY offers versatile to-do lists that allow you to take full control of your property management tasks. With our comprehensive lists, you can:

  • Add photos to provide visual guidance and clarity for specific tasks.
  • Prioritize tasks, ensuring that the most important jobs are always addressed first.
  • Receive smart time estimates, helping you plan your cleaning and maintenance schedules more effectively.
  • Request before-and-after photos, providing you with tangible evidence of the work completed.
  • Customize your lists to suit your unique property requirements.
  • Add an intro video to play prior to your job, so pros can know what you want or how your brand works.

TIDY - Standbys to Improve with Reliability

The average pro cancels or reschedules 25% of jobs. This is just the way the industry works. To get to 98% reliability for a specific timeslot, you would need at least 3 vendors lined up, ready to go on short notice. Finding more reliable pros can help, but it will never get you to where you need at scale. With TIDY, you create advanced workflows to make that happen. Or, tap into our network of pros as an extra layer to help you get there more easily for less. TIDY uses machine learning to predict issues before they occur, have people ready to go, and make sure the job gets done. TurnoverBnb does not offer this feature.

TIDY - Concierge Support that Does Work For You

TIDY offers concierge support to help you get things done. You can request that we do recurring or one-time tasks, such as arranging jobs for you, loading data, contacting your pros on your behalf, and more. This lets your operations team get more done with less staff. Customers with multiple properties get access to a dedicated account manager, who will track your account over time. TurnoverBnb does not offer this feature.

TIDY - Your Data Analyst for Cleaning, Maintenance, and Turnovers

Included with every TIDY subscription is access to the TIDY data team, who can get analytics on things like acceptance rates, reliability rates, quality scores, and more. Turno does not offer this.

TIDY - Helps with the Hard Stuff

If getting cleaning and maintenance done was as easy as just assigning a job, then your life would be easy. In practice, pros are unreliable, hard to manage, and provide inconsistent results. You need a system that goes beyond trying to find 1 good vendor. TIDY has developed its AI/Software tools over 1M jobs to make things better, and we share them with you.

TIDY recognizes that the real challenge often lies in dealing with cancellations or no-shows, which can cause headaches and disrupt your operations. That's why we've developed a range of advanced features designed to minimize these risks, including:

a. Machine learning to anticipate issues before they arise, allowing you to stay one step ahead.

b. Access to a pool of standby cleaners for last-minute emergencies, ensuring that you always have a backup plan in place.

c. Support for complex workflows that enable you to address issues effectively and efficiently.

d. Concierge assistance available whenever required, providing an additional layer of support.

TIDY - Easy for Pros to Use

Pros don't need to use apps at all; you can just share links to a job or to-do list. If you have your own cleaning professionals, TIDY makes it simple for them to use our platform. We've designed our system with ease of use in mind, ensuring that accounts and logins are optional and that professionals can access the platform without any unnecessary hurdles. This hassle-free experience encourages better engagement and improved communication between you and your cleaning team.

TIDY Helps with More Services

TIDY helps you manage many more service types than TurnoverBnb, with 15 for TIDY versus 5 for TurnoverBnb. Almost any cleaning or maintenance-related job type TIDY can help with.

TIDY Comprehensively Solves Your Needs

We encourage you to try both TurnoverBnb and TIDY. It will be obvious what works better for your needs. Upgrade your property management experience with TIDY and take advantage of our comprehensive suite of tools and support services. Make the switch today and see the difference TIDY can make in streamlining your rental property cleaning and maintenance processes.

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