Automate Payments to Your Pros

It's hard to track who got paid for jobs. TIDY makes it easy to track jobs, track invoices, and pay them (including via credit card). You can even set rules for automatic payments.

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How TIDY helps automate payments.


Track all Jobs & Invoices
Know exactly what was done on each property you manage. The invoices for each property are in your account.

Pay Outstanding Invoices Online
Pay for any invoice online, including by credit card. When you do so, your pro tracks it too, so everyone is on the same page.


Set Auto-Pay Rules
You can decide what vendors can automatically collect payments. You still have the full transaction history and can set up rules to flag transactions.

"I used TIDY for about a year, then at tax time I realized how awesome it was to have all invoices/payments in 1 place. It helped me with a lot of write-offs."

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