Automate Turnover Cleanings

TIDY helps thousands of property managers automate their turnover cleanings. With TIDY, you set exactly what you want done, and who you would like to do it, and we will go get it done for you. We work with your existing pros, or can help you fine new ones.

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How TIDY helps automate cleanings.


Integrate AirBnb or Other Software
Integrating lets us automatically pull in the reservations for your guests, so we know when turnovers are needed.

Automatic Booking
If you set up automatic booking, we will send job requests to your pros in the order you specify. We keep working to help get the job done.


Pros Get Notificatied or Share a Link
Pros get notifications by email, sms, or in app message. Or you can always share a link with them, no log in required. We make it easy and free for your pros to use.

Track Everything
It's easy to track everything that needs to be done, and make manual adjustments as needed. Control your properties like a video game, its that easy.


"I don't have to call to get turnovers done anymore...TIDY just contacts them for me and keeps me posted. :)"

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