TIDY Concierge for Advanced Workflows

Cleaning & maintenance are too complex for software alone. The TIDY Concierge is a built in feature of TIDY, allowing you to build "human-in-the-loop" workflows to solve any task. This is how we truly save you time.

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How TIDY Concierge works.


Set up Triggers or Start Manually
Use many possible triggers to initiate a Concierge request. E.g. "When a job is completed ask the concierge to review before/after photos."

Our Team of Humans Complete
We actually get the task done, pretty much anything related to cleaning and maintenance that can be done remotely.


Watch Your Sytem Update
You can see updates in realtime. E.g. "When a pro messages me, update my system to reflect the changes."

Track Everything
Concierge Tasks are tracked as an integrated part of the TIDY product, so you can see everything that is going on.


"I don't have to call to get turnovers done anymore...TIDY just contacts them for me and keeps me posted. :)"

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