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If you don't have pros you use for a job, let TIDY help find you one! We help thousands of cleaning & maintenance pros manage their business, so we can help you look for a good fit instantly and transparently in your account.

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How TIDY finds you help when you need it.


Pick The Job & the Times You Need
Set the times you are available for the job, and any other criteria you need.

Search 1000s of pros from our network
We help many home service pros manage their business, so there should be a person for you.


Instantly On Your Schedule
If they match your criteria, they will be instantly added to your schedule.

Or Book Instantly
If you prefer to review available times with pros first, no problem, just see available times for instant booking.


"My normal person who cleans for me got sick. TIDY followed my preferences and notified my backup who came without me having to lift a finger. It saved me from a 1-star review."

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