Earn More by Offering Cleaning & Maintenance to Your Residents

TIDY makes it easy for your residents to book & manage cleaning/maintenance directly from your own applications. Control transactions to minimize risk & charge fees to increase revenue.

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How TIDY helps sync guest bookings.


Integrate TIDY into Your Applications
TIDY offers powerful tools and technical support to make it easy to offer cleanings and maintenance to your residents.

You Set Up Your Requirements
You specify your requirements for the pros you want to work with. Insurance requirements, training requirements, or even specified pros, we support it all. If you want 100% of your residents vendors to register, we can support that.


Our Concierge Handles It All
We go ahead and do all coordination with the resident on your behalf to ensure they book cleanings and maintenance sussuccessfully.

You Can Monetize
We are able to add in your own fees for the program, collect those from your residents in our normal course of business, and remit those to you. These can be either flat fees (e.g. $5 per job) or percentage of the job (e.g. 10% per job).


"TIDY's tools are super powerful and flexible, it is really cool what you can build on top of it."

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